Monday, July 11, 2011

Beautiful Bridal Shower

My son 'G' is getting married this summer! On Saturday, we attended a Bridal Shower for his Lovely Bride to Be, 'E'. It was held at a beautiful home overlooking a lake by a long time family friend of E's. They live 3 hours away, and I made the journey with my two lovely Daughters and the equally lovely girlfriend of my youngest Son.

It was a perfect day, bright and sunny. When we arrived we were greeted warmly and introduced, and led out to the most enchanting garden overlooking a lake. Tables were set with brightly colored flowered tablecloths. There were Sunflower centerpieces in polka dot pots, place settings with polka dot napkins, each one a different color, and delightful jars of homemade strawberry jam as favors.

Each table had it's own surprises and unique color combinations.

The setting was lovely, with beautiful gardens surrounding us, the lake glittering in the afternoon sunshine.

The main table was set beneath a beautiful grape arbor. Paper lanterns in colorful hues hung everywhere. The chandelier was decorated with fresh sunflowers.

No Detail was overlooked. I love the slices of fruit floating in the beautiful glass decanters.

A cool shady spot. Everywhere you looked, there were interesting little vignettes. This little stone rabbit was hiding next to some pretty potted flowers at the base of the arbor.

These colorful chairs awaited us after the meal.

The meal was delicious! We were served a light and tasty potato salad, an Asian style chicken salad, and a garden corn salad topped with a grilled slice of whole grain buttered and seasoned bread.

After the meal, we were divided into teams, according to the color of the ribbon on our champagne glasses. There were 5 teams, each designated a different theme to dress our 'toilet paper bride'. There was the 'Flapper Bride', the 'Flower Child Bride', the 'Sexy Bride', the 'Alluring Bride' and this is my daughter 'J' as the 'Sophisticated Bride'. We were each given a bag of materials to work with, including ribbons, silk flowers, paper towels, toilet paper, charms and beads, and of course tape and scissors. We had 20 minutes to complete our design and then the girls had a fashion show and the Bride to Be chose the winner. I was on the 'Flapper Bride' team and we won! The prize was one of the beautiful centerpieces.

The Bride to Be was showered with many lovely gifts.

It was a happy day spent with wonderful new friends and family. We are so blessed to have a new member join our family, a delightful young lady and a joy to spend time with.  A big thank you to the hostess for inviting us to this beautiful bridal shower. It was truly magical. I can't wait to see everyone once again at the big event!  


  1. You took some amazing pictures! I love them all.

  2. Thank you Jennifer. The pictures don't do justice, it was so beautiful!


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