Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Sweet Little Coffee Break

After a busy day of tidying up,
(How can 2 people, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bird make such a mess?!)
I took a well-deserved break to treat myself. 

My new polka-dot coffee mug was calling my name :)

Isn't it cute? There was only one in that color, 
but I brought it home anyway. 

A little gift, just for me. 

Of course, I had to have something to go with my cuppa! 

These are sugar cookies that I baked for my Ramblin' Man. 
(His favorite - but then again, he says that
about everything I bake! I think it's a ploy...:) 

I took two....

I just found this pretty vintage plate. 
Again- there was only one,
but I thought it was so pretty. 

My Dear Mum taught me that it was important
to reward yourself with a little treat for those endlessly
thankless chores a woman does every day. 

It keeps us from going on strike. 

Fresh flowers are another little treat. 
These bright red carnations cost 
less than a Starbucks! 

They also have no calories, unlike a double mocha latte!

The galvanized bucket and stone birds
were my souvenier's from the 
Northwest Flower and Garden show. 

I sewed some sweet mug mats to go with my new cup. 

One for me, and some extra for guests. 

I find that guests don't use the coasters I set out, 
so I am hoping these might be more enticing. 

I made them out of vintage fabric and rick-rack, 
with thin cotton batting inside.
 I sprayed them with fabric protector, 
and they can also be thrown in the wash. 

I have been changing the decor in my kitchen 
a bit - from blues and greens to red and white. 

I have been finding inexpensive white 
dishware at my local home-goods store,
a piece at a time. 

I have fallen in love with this new color 

I painted this urn to hold my new angel. 

It was originally bronze. 

Just a light coat of  'cream' craft paint,
letting some of the bronze show through, 
gave it a whole new look. 

I tucked some moss around the base of the angel. 

*Sweetness and light*

While I take my break, I like to look through
magazines or books.

Whenever I went to visit my Dear Mum,
(who lived just down the lane from me for 30 years),
we would do this very same thing.

We built our homes 'together' on land
carved out of wilderness.

We would spend endless hours pouring
over decorating books, cookbooks,
and magazines.....dreaming.

She always made me feel welcome
and it was a sweet break from the hardships
of our lives.

We especially loved vintage cookbooks,
and we each had a small collection.

She was an excellent cook, and could
whip up a meal using whatever she had on hand,
without even using a recipe.

Her talent was passed down from her Mother,
Beatrice Euphemie, who raised 8 children
(seven daughters and finally, one son :)
during the depression and WWII.

These are three of my favorites,

I love hand illustrated cookbooks.

This one is especially charming.

'Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens',
a year 'round guide to growing and using
herbs and vegetables.
by Mary Mason Campbell,
pictures by Tasha Tudor.

Published in 1971. My Ramblin' Man
and I were dating then.

Oh, the years fly by, don't they?

Look what I found.....
one of his little notes tucked in the pages. <3

Another charming cookbook with sweet illustrations,
'Just a Matter of Thyme'
from the 'Among Friends' collection.
by Shelly Reeves-Smith and Roxie Kelley.
Published 1992

It just makes cooking such a delightful experience!

And of course, the iconic cookbooks
by Susan Branch are always a delight.

This one was published in 1986.

I found these cute paper clips which are perfect
for marking pages.

Oh, yum, these cookies are good!
My grandmother, Bea's recipe.

You can find the recipe Here.

Coffee break is over...time to get back to work.

Hmmmm - what shall I cook for dinner?

Wishing you a lovely week, Dear Friends!
Don't forget to treat yourself!


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  1. You are so right about treating yourself! I'm so glad that you did as I love your new mug! And those vintage coasters you sewed are beautiful Karen! As is your new color scheme in your home! You nailed it with your urn filled with moss and your angel! And yes the years just fly by....I love when you talk about your mom. Such outstanding love and warmth when you recall memories from those times! And those cookbooks are so dreamy!! I will have to pop over to check out that cookie recipe! Thank you so much for sharing that one! Here is to breaks to just soak it all in! Nicole xoxo

  2. What a wonderful post. I love the urn with the angel. What a sweet piece that makes. Yes- the years do fly by. I have the Kitchen Garden one but my own is softcover It looks like yours is a hardcover.
    How wonderful to have had such a great relationship with your Mom. xo Diana

  3. Oh lovely! Today I wrote about colors on my blog and your post makes me so happy...the polka dot cup (love it!) and everything else, so beautiful and charming. By the way, YES the mess every morning... and it´s just me, my husband and a cat, strange!
    Have a happy week, take care,

  4. Υour home is always filled with so much warmth and coziness. I think I can smell the scent of your beautiful red carnation and taste those scrumptious cookies! You deserve all the best things dear Karen because you accomplish all tasks with your soul.Treat yourself as well you can! I was touched to hear the story of your mum, grandma, unknown heroines...

  5. you are as dear as your mother sounds when she was a live - since I had never met your mother -- nor you but your writings in your blog and your sweet comments and emails -- I am sure you are a lot like her and I feel honored to be getting to know you more.. LOVE those books and that plate you got while at the garden show. Oh and another thing - yummy cookies!

  6. I like your home with the red/white - it's really cozy! You speak with such fondness of your coffee breaks with your mom :) I had to travel to see my mom, but I would pop over to see her once a week, and would usually take a lunch, or dessert and we (and Dad) would have a meal together. Afterwards, we'd sit over coffee too, Since my dad only liked tea, it was a special treat for my mom to get her percolator going and enjoy a few cups together when I visited. I think I miss those days as much as you miss them with your mom. Sometimes it hurts to much to go back in time though. Your cookies look delicious, and I'm going to follow the link to the recipe now ;) Enjoy your week!

  7. I wish that I could come by for a cup of tea! LOL! Wouldn't that be fun? Your house looks so cozy and sweet. Love the new colors. And what great cookbooks. I thought that one looked like Tasha Tudor. Have a great rest of the week!

  8. Hi, I'm popping over from The Enchanting Rose. I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your cozy home. The cookies look scrumptious, I love anything with a glaze. I started following and look forward to reading your posts. Heather

  9. Lovely as always to look through your photos and read your post. What a treasured time you had with your Mum. Mine did not collect cookbooks but I remember pouring through the old books my grandmother had when I was a child, and oh how I wish I had one of them now. Thank you for your grandmother's recipe. I shall enjoy making those for my family.

  10. i'd have joined you for a mug of something warm, but we'd have needed quite a few more cookies! :)

  11. It was wonderful to take a tea break with you!! You have such a beautiful home and arrange things so nicely, it feels as though you could sit and have tea and chat for hours!! xx

  12. Karen, I finally found out why you named your blog Beatrice Euphemie, after your dear grandmother. I love RED in the kitchen, and had it for the longest time, until I switched to WHITE. Your red polka dot cup is delightful, and those sugar cookies look so good. You know, I LOVE carnations, and my husband used to buy them for me when we were dating. They smell so nice and last for a long time. Your red ones made me smile. It sounds like you and your mom were so close and spent a lot of time together. I sure miss my mom, and I saw her a lot because she lived in the same town.

    Enjoy your breaks, Karen. It's nice to treat ourselves once in awhile. My treat is Starbucks a couple times a week.

    love, ~Sheri

  13. Dear Karen,
    thank you for this wonderful and so lovelypost!
    The Mug with your name is wonderful, yes, wometimes, we do need a treat for ourselfs ;O)
    I love those vintage Cookbooks, and your Cookies look so delicious!
    Thank you for this lovely break, you hared with us!
    Wishing you a wonderful week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings!
    Claudia xo

  14. A truly wonderful post!
    Wise thoughts, beautiful photos of so many beautiful dishes, flowers, and books...
    And those cookies!
    Altogether, there's a lovely atmosphere and one feels happy reading this post. :)

  15. This post has made my heart glad. The cheerful red mug, the "new' color scheme, the cook-books, and most especially, you're reminisces of your mother. You're so blessed to have such a mom. Really !

  16. How lovely that your blog is named after your grandmother! Wow, 7 daughters and a son! He must have grown up with an amazing understanding of women!!!

    It's just my husband and me now, boys are all on their own, and I often am amazed by how it takes me an entire day to clean! But am blessed to be able to be here at home in our cozy little nest to do all those things I love:) Your home is so welcoming and wow, what a view you have to enjoy while you have your cuppa! Love your little coasters and new dishes too:)

  17. I love your new colour scheme Karen, it is so bright and airy, but cosy too. Those biscuits look very inviting, and the mug is just gorgeous! How lovely to find a little note from hubby, I wonder how long ago he did that? I will have to look out for Susan Branch's cook books as I do follow her blog. Have a wonderful day xx

  18. Hi Karen,
    I love your Mom's advice that you shared! Yes, it's good to treat ourselves. Your sweet vintage plate and your new mug make for a cheerful break time. I have one of your same cookbooks...Just a Matter of Thyme. I have two others by Shelley Reeves-Smith. I think I was drawn to them because of their illustrations...so sweet! Your coasters turned out so pretty and I hope your guests use them.

  19. Your coffee break was indeed sweet, my friend :) And guess what.... I was drinking coffee while I read your post so I guess that means I enjoyed coffee with you!

    Your coasters are so pretty with the pink ric rac and cintage fabric - they look perfect for Spring. And your vintage plate is just beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration - I truly appreciate you linking up. Hugs!

  20. Thanks, Karen, for that lovely little break I had with you... the cup of tea, those yummy cookies, skimming through the cookbooks and chatting about your Mum. Now, I need to get back to work myself. Hugs.

  21. Hi dear Karen !! Que bonito rincpn de te !! Su casa es llena de luz y encantó

  22. Hello my dear sweet Karen! You take my kind of relaxation break. Those cookies look delicious! I love pouring over cookbooks too, and gobble them up like I'm reading a novel.

    I love the red & white (red is one of my fave colors in the whole world!). There's such a warmth to red and then when you add white it just seems clean and crisp and says "cozy kitchen".

    I love the fabric coasters you made as well. Very clever and I bet will be better used. But I especially love the fresh flowers. This time of year they're my favorite treat and what keep me sane through the last bits of winter.

    Blessings to you. xoxo

  23. Hello Karen, I enjoyed this break with you! What a lovely post and beautiful memories of your mom..The cookies look delicious, wish I could try one now.. I will check out the recipe link.. Thanks for sharing.. Have a great day!

  24. Such a nice coffee break, sharing your recipe books with us! I love the new red and white decor.

  25. Beautiful memories of your mother Karen! You were right to buy yourself that polka dot mug. It's lovely! Somehow polka dots always cheer me up :-)

    Your cookies look delicious!

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  26. Dearest Karen,
    That was a lovely and very happy visit! Oh, the vintage plate you show us your two cookies on looks like a DREAM! You're lucky that I have not been in that store... they tug our hearts; don't they?!
    And dreaming over a good magazine or book is such a bliss especially one with drawings from Tasha Tudor. She lived her dream of life in a garden to the fullest!
    Sending you hugs,

  27. I love your new red & white theme, so vibrant! What a lovely coffee break with delicious sugar cookies and that new pretty polka dot mug. I like the fabric coasters you made, so creative. A delightful post, Karen! :)

  28. I love your new red & white theme, so vibrant! What a lovely coffee break with delicious sugar cookies and that new pretty polka dot mug. I like the fabric coasters you made, so creative. A delightful post, Karen! :)

  29. I sure enjoyed this coffee break with you,dearest Karen.
    So beautiful is your red and white polka dot mug, and the plate, lovely!
    Your coasters are darling, who wouldn't want to use those.

    It was nice to visit, Karen, I've missed your posts.


  30. I would love to have a coffee there with my blogging friend!

  31. What a lovely coffe break! You deserved it after all the cleaning. Oh, I know - only one single dog makes a mess for two! Love your angel and the book is a sweet little treasure!!! So lovely!!!
    Happy spring

  32. I loved sharing tea with you, so pretty. Love the plate and those pretty cookies, and the adorable coasters. Your new stone birds are lovely. Love your red and white; it's so refreshing to change things up once in a while.
    Those cookbooks are charming. What a nice memory of you and your mom. xo Deborah

  33. Your drink coasters are so pretty, the cookbooks are so neat, I haven't seen illustrated ones like that before!

  34. This post made my heart happy. It was full of so much sweetness. The note from your hubby in your cookbook was the best.


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