Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outdoor Vintage

We are in full blown spring here in Washington State, 
even here in the foothills, which is about 3 weeks
later than those living in the valleys.

Even so, we are a full month earlier than usual. 

Yesterday was so warm, 
that I was out in just my shirt-sleeves! 

I spent the afternoon tidying up the deck,
sweeping and washing. 

My vintage Baker's Rack and Flower Stand
have some new flowers. 

Some of the pansies
 on my Vintage Flower Stand,
wintered over, (Glacier Pansies)
but I had to replenish a few.

Weenie Baby investigates. 

I chose these: Viola, 'Midnight Glow',
from  Hart's Nursery.
I didn't actually go there....:)
I bought them at my local homegoods store.
They immediately caught my eye.

The Baker's Rack was gifted with
 new primroses. 
They are sweetly scented, and from
the same nursery.
I do try to find scented varieties
when I can.
There is something so old fashioned and
wonderful about stepping outside
and catching the scent in a breeze. 

My small collection of glass insulators live here.
The little blue truck was one of my son's toys.
I found it digging in the garden a couple of years ago.
Every once in a while we find some remnant of
childhood on the property.

So bittersweet. xo

A perfectly shaped 'egg' rock that my youngest
son, Dustin found when he was 4.

It was around Easter time, and he ran inside
with it cupped in his chubby little hands,
and said, 'Mommy, I found a bunny egg!'

So precious.

He's now 32. Where does the time go?

I planted some bulbs in a vintage enamel pot
and put it on my broken garden globe stand.

The globe was a gift from my Mum, and
when it broke in a storm, I kept the stand.

I think these are crocus, but I can't remember.
I like surprises...:)

I lined it with a plastic garbage bag before filling
with soil, and because it has no drainage,
I keep it under the eaves and water

Miss Peanut, my daughter's mini-dachshund
(I am pet-sitting her and sister, Weenie Baby)
poses in front of more bulbs planted in a tool tote
that my daughter made in woodshop many years ago.

I used the same treatment of lining it with a plastic bag
 and keep it dry under the shelf.

Mini Roses winter over in the basket she is investigating.

Love that beautiful sunshine! Very unusual for here.
Usually we are drenched in rain, hail and cold.

I planted more primroses in pots for the tables.

These are a different variety of primrose,
'Candlelabra' - on tall stems, also scented.

You can see how clear the skies are.
A wild plum blooms in the foreground.

Peanut poses by the Vintage Bird Cage.

The Azalea topiary will bloom
later in the spring.

The tiny Lemon Cypress
will be planted into larger
pots and replaced with flowers.

I've placed it so I can see it through
the window <3

I love Vintage Birdcages. This one
stands alongside the garden path....
a gift from my son.

Against the house, under the eaves,
I have two Vintage Wire Store Displays
where I overwinter my succulents
and other tender plants.

Rock Cress blooming in a pot. I've tried growing this plant
in the ground, but it prefers my deck where it is warm
and sunny.

Succulents enjoy this dry and sheltered space.

A sitting area
with Vintage Window and Angels,
that I can see from my bedroom.

Weenie Baby enjoying the sunshine,
but the shadows are getting long,
and she is anxious to go inside for dinner.

Pink puffy clouds reflect the setting sun.

We are expecting rain tonight.

It's been a strange winter here -
the mildest on record. My red Camellia
is blooming for the first time since our
devastating 2012 ice storm which
damaged it heavily.

I know that this mild weather is just the opposite for 
many of you, but with this seeming blessing
comes dire warnings of water shortgages, 
higher electricity rates,
 (we rely mostly on hydro-electric power here),
drought and raging forest fires come summer.

The snowpack in the mountains is virtually non-existent,
which supplies our drinking water, electricity,
and protects against wildfire.

So while we enjoy this mild weather now,
there is always a price to pay when
nature is out of balance.


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  1. Beautiful pictures Karen...the yard looks fab xxxx

  2. you are in full-fledged spring mode! and planting mode! :)

  3. Looks awesome, very colorful. Thanks for sharing...

  4. Hi dear Karen!, que bonitas flores y hermoso rincón llenas de plantas , un espacio muy vintage ,, Que tengas un buen día

  5. I like what you've done with the bird cage...adding the angel. And your flowers are very pretty. I bought a small pot of violas yesterday. LOVE your view of the mountain too. What a beautiful time of year! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Oh such beautiful scenes of Spring on your porch. Those pansies are so beautiful, one of my favorites.

  7. What beautiful photos. I love your pansies. They too are one of my favorite flowers.

  8. Oh my Karen....where do I start! Your bakers rack is gorgeous! I just love how layered your vignette looks with all of your beautiful blooms already!! What a feast for the eyes!!! And I started to cry when you talked about the blue truck. I watched my beans dance in the mud today and all I could think about was how I never want them to grow up. Bittersweet indeed. Your collection of succulents is stunning as well. And I noticed your new pretty garden blooming with hellebores by your bench! Heaven on earth I tell you! Now I hope that the weather is kind to you all this spring and summer. Nature is unfortunately out of balance...my hope is that our world does better by it soon. Have a great week friend! Loved strolling your garden with you today! Nicole xoxo

  9. I love seeing all of your beautiful flowers and I could just hang out on that beautiful deck all day. But I especially love how so many things have a story to tell. Reminds me of scrapbooking actually. You can have an object (or a photo) and a person can definitely enjoy its beauty, but when it tells a story it is utterly precious.

    I pray we are able to heal this world and get our nature back in balance soon! It's frightening to think of the legacy left to our kiddos and grandkiddos if something doesn't change, isn't it?

    I love this beautiful fragile world and seeing beautiful photos of your corner of it. ;)

  10. Thank you for sharing your beautiful deck in bloom. Everything looks so fresh and ready to thrive after the long winter.

  11. Oh what a lovely place to sit with a cup of tea! The flowers, the view...I love everything there.
    Yes, it´s been a strange winter, I guess it´s been snowing just once, well now we are looking forward to a lovely springtime instead!
    Have a day, take care...

  12. It is so lovely to see all that you have been up to, but I hope that the early spring doesn't cause you any problems. The pots of pansies are my favourite, they are so cheery and happy aren't they!! xx

  13. Looks like spring is springing in your neck of the woods :)

  14. Such a pretty springtime tour. Your deck looks beautiful and what a lovely view! We've had a lot of snow late in our season, but hopefully spring isn't too far off in my "neck of the woods". Take care and have a great day, Heather

  15. What a view! I love the outdoor decor and especially those cheering frogs!!!!

  16. My spring is coming...but first we have to get rid of all this white stuff on the ground.

  17. Your deck is so pretty, and all ready for you to sit in the spring sunshine with a cup of tea to survey your hard work.
    I know what you mean about the mixed blessing of a mild winter. This will be our first summer not living in the woods. I don't think anyone can understand the concern about forest fire like someone who has lived under the trees. There's still time for rain, so I hope you get enough in the next months to be of benefit. In the meantime, enjoy that pretty setting you've created on the deck!

  18. Your terrace looks absolutely beautiful Karen. Love the flowers you have on the vintage bakers rack and in the stand. Such pretty colours! What a delight it is to have spring so early this year. We had our first sunny days in The Netherlands too. I spent a lovely day in the garden, putting compost on the raised bed and enjoying the sun :-)

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  19. Dear karen
    So much inspiration... It is nice to make it cosy outdoor.
    I love to do it myself,
    Love the turkis shelter.


  20. Ooh Karen, there's so much to enjoy in this post! I love your baker's rack and the vintage flower stand. Your vintage bird cages are so wonderful. I love the one with the Angel and the cypress where you can see it from inside the house, as well. However, your mountain view just gets to me every time I see it! I'll bet you never tire of seeing it and how lucky for you to have such a view. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Hi Karen, your deck looks great. How lucky you were to have a mild winter! The dog is so cute! Love the photo with the mountain too. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  22. Karen,
    Your flowers look so pretty on the bakers rack, and your deck looks very nice and clean. I smiled when you mentioned the 'egg' rock. So precious of your son to run in and tell you what he found with excitement. I love those little dachshunds. I remember mine when I was little - her name was Cinnamon. wow, I can't believe your red camellia is just starting to bloom after three years.

    Always a pleasure to see the beautiful outdoors where you live. What a view of Mt. Rainier.


  23. Dearest Karen,
    So happy to see you are so busy with 'living' things like the mini Dachshunds and with plants!
    Happy times when spring is coming our way; I'm all smile these days...
    Love your new plants and especially the bird cages you collected! Precious childhood memories from your 'babies'.
    My bet is you planted Hyacinths inside that vintage chamber pot! Wait and see what comes up!
    Sending you sunny greetings from a summer-like Georgia.

  24. Super beautiful photos -- cute cute story of the found 'egg' rock.. I really like how you have dressed up the Vintage Bird Cage - (clever uses). Always on the look out for a bird cage - this gives me a added idea .. Thanks for sharing -- now I find myself SO in the mood to have spring flowers..

  25. Your plants look an absolute picture - and what beautiful views. It's a cold and grey day in Yorkshire, England; I'd put money on there being little risk of drought here! Fascinating comments about your Quaker links on my blog - thank you!

  26. Your plants look an absolute picture - and what beautiful views. It's a cold and grey day in Yorkshire, England; I'd put money on there being little risk of drought here! Fascinating comments about your Quaker links on my blog - thank you!

  27. If I had words to say how beautiful and unique your outside decor is, I would use them. I could so love to be there in person to enjoy it!

  28. Oh my your porch is so lovely. The pansies and primroses are so colorful. I could sit on your porch for hours and look at all that beauty.

  29. You have done some lovely landscaping, love the bird cages too, I have a couple I have picked up too. Hope you won't have to pay for this beautiful early weather you're getting.

  30. Your deck is such a nice place. I love how bright the primroses and pansies are. And very wise words at the end. My grand-mother lives in a place where there are wood fires in summer and I know she worries if there isn't enough snow in winter.

  31. Such beautiful spring photos, Karen. I have been looking for primroses...they always say spring to me. It was a cold winter here, but we had hardly any snow. I am concerned about drought and low lakes here, too. It is already in the 60s with no snow...very early here, too. I am loving it, though!

  32. Awww... a bunny egg! How cute, my friend :) Your blossoms are so lovely and they have me yearning for the days when I can plant flowers. We usually have to wait until the end of May here in the mountains :)

    I must apologize for just now getting around to visit your lovely blog. I have been dealing with computer issues for the last 4 days. Thankfully everything seems to be back to normal....whatever "normal" is with computers :)

    Thank you so much, dear Karen, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  33. I enjoyed your spring patio shots so much! What a beautiful post with all the lovely fresh new flowers, bulbs pushing through the soil, and all the vintage shelves and other touches! And Mt. Rainier rosy in spring fashion as well. So glad you have been visiting my quilting blog too recently and making some nice comments. I should have some projects I have been working on to post soon as well as the three recent quilt shows! It's always great to get comments.

  34. Your deck looks lovely. We've had a mild winter too, but I must admit I still haven't started on getting the garden and the terrace ready for Spring. You inspired me though! Thanks for linking up at the VIP party!

  35. O My Stars!! How beautiful!! Spring is not quite in site here in NEPA and we have snow predicted on Friday!!
    Loved seeing all your beautiful blooming plants and garden!
    I especially am thrilled with seeing what you did with your baker's rack as I will soon be getting one which looks almost identical to yours from a dear neighbor.
    Did you paint it yourself? I will probably paint mine because it will be going out on our back patio....
    Thanks for the inspiration!!



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