Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday - Spring is Here!

Hello, Dear Friends! 

Is there any season that is more anticipated
than spring? 

I know that is particularly true for 
many of you this year! 

Today I am participating in a new 
meme, called Five on Friday
from Amy's blog, 'Love Made My Home'. 

I am so glad that spring is here, 
and I have been busy. 

Here are five things I have been working on. 

To begin, I have added some spring touches to my mantel. 
I still have to unpack my Easter decorations, 
so that is on my agenda this week. 

Another thing on my agenda is planting 
a kitchen garden! 

Mine will be tiny in galvanized tubs, 
but it is a start! 

I have radish, lettuce, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, 
and sweet peas. 

Every kitchen garden needs sweet peas, 
don't you think? 

I have been crocheting, too. 
This will be a tiny sweater for my 
first baby grandson, due in May. 

The yarn is Paton's Beehive Baby Sport, 
and is unbelievably soft. 

I crocheted the basket out of vintage calico strips

I am hosting Easter dinner this year, 
so I am browsing my cookbooks 
for recipes.
(Vineyard Seasons, by Susan Branch
The Beatrix Potter Country Cookery Book
by Margaret Lane) 

I am also looking through my vintage linens
to use in my spring decorating. 

Last, but not least, 
I am planning a little getaway 
for my Ramblin' Man and me. 

Maybe just a day-trip, but someplace 
pretty and interesting to break up 
the routine. 

Maybe a picnic if the weather is nice! 

So that is my Five on Friday
what do you have going on? 

Won't you join in? 



  1. What a wonderful five things Karen!!!! I love love love that Beatrix Potter cookbook!! I would love to see more of it someday if you get the chance to share as I love all things Potter! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  2. I to am intrigued by the Beatrix Potter Cook book, I have never come across that before. Congratulations, a new baby soon to be in the family exciting times.

  3. Hosting Easter sounds lovely. We don't celebrate Easter so much but I do like a good dinner. How exiting, a grandson! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. It is snowing here in Maryland. It was snowing at 5 AM and it is still snowing at 5 PM. Wet, heavy, sleety snow. That is my Five on Friday!

  5. the kitchen garden sounds neat. if i could keep my dogs out of the pots, that might be something i could try sometime. :)

  6. Yes, Spring is the best season among all :)

  7. A day trip sounds wonderful to me. Nothing like getting away for a day or two.

  8. Hi Karen, I love your 5 on Friday. The cookbooks are so nice and I love the crochet basket & the sweater will be nice. A getaway sounds like fun! Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Julie xo

  9. TGIF.

    I am looking forward to Friday, as Saturday comes after this.

    Spring is never over here.

  10. All outstanding Karen! I can't wait to see your Easter decorations! I have to pull all of mine out too! And that still my heart! I did not know the baby is a boy!!! How awesome and wonderful is that! I can't wait to see the sweater when it's done! And good luck planting your veggies and planning that trip! Life is good!!! Nicole xoxo

  11. Dearest Karen,
    Great ideas and you with your fertile soil can grow anything and also in pots because of the climate. Enjoy doing so.
    Lovely knitting for the little baby and May is around the corner... time is passing so fast.
    Enjoy the little getaway together.

  12. Today is friday and I did some cleaning out of sacks with things I've purchased lately. Sometimes I drop them there then take care of it later....well it was time to do it today. So a bit of spring cleaning. Shopped. Talked to my girlfriend a bit where she works. Looked at buy or not buy. Made sloppy joes for dinner. Washed my new towels I bought yesterday as well. They feel wonderful! Love all that you shared! I liked the Beatrix Potter cook book....I bet that is fun! Have a good weekend!

  13. Nice things, most the Beatrix Potters Cooking book (never seen before, probably it's not in German) and a kitchen garden is always a great thing. Good luck with it!
    My Easter decoration is still in the box too, will let it free in next week...
    Have a quiet spring weekend

  14. You have some wonderful planning going on, especially with the grandchild on the way. I need to plan our Easter lunch, its surprising how quickly this is coming up. Today will be an easy day with just some pottering going on and some final touches to a new blog - well, that's if the kids let me get on with it :-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  15. a grandbaby on the way. How exciting! And, the wee one will be all cuddly wrapped up in grandmother/nana/?'s sweater. I don't know what I will be doing for Easter but I won't be cooking. Cooking for a large meal is out of my comfort zone these days. But, I love seeing your planning going on. Keep us posted on what you decide on.

  16. Five lovely things, I have just bought some sweet pea seeds today but it's still much too cold for me to do anything in the garden yet. I have a feeling I will be hosting Easter lunch too. I loved the pictures in your previous post, thank you for sharing. :) x

  17. What a cute idea for a post. Beautiful crochet, I have missed that this winter...must get something going again. Congrats on the first are going to have a blast...there is nothing like it. I have four, 3 grandboys, 1 grandgirl and 1 great grand boy, all from the ages of 24-2. Lucky me!

  18. Fabulous initiative...I will visit the page. I like the garden idea. Every year a start my little garden. Love herbs as I dry them and use it during the winter.

    Nice blog.

  19. What lovely images Karen! I love the first picture, and that lovely embroidery under the cookbooks. You have been busy! I'm afraid the cold weather has made me a bit of a sloth! But the warmer temps are perking me up. I love your basket, and what a joy to be knitting for an anticipated grandbaby! xo Deborah

  20. Good morning. You have such a lovely style of decorating. I so enjoyed looking at the photos you posted. Congrats on your upcoming grandson. The little sweater looks so cute and cuddly for the little one. Happy spring.

  21. Hello Karen, I sure enjoyed hearing what you have going on. I especially loved that you are planning a time away with your Rambling man, enjoy!
    For the last four days I have been deep/spring cleaning my home. With having been away so much it was in dire need, so I started early this year. Now I will be free to play outside, one of my favorite things to do! :-)
    Our snow is going quickly since our winter was a bit dry, so outside play will come earlier for me.

    Thank you Karen for you're sweet visit and pleasant words of encouragement.
    You are a blessing!
    Much love, Debbie

  22. Hi Karen,
    The tiny little sweater will be a lovely gift for your grandson ... Please post a photo of it, before you wrap it :)
    I am also sewing some Easter decorations ... and finding others from the cellar.
    And the Get Away for your two sounds lovely ...
    Enjoy the moments in the garden,
    Love from Nina

  23. Karen, it sounds like you are starting to enjoy this wonderful season of spring. I think it's great that you want to take a small trip with your husband, even if it's only for a day or so. I will be doing the same in May for about three days. I can't help but notice your pink paper roses again on your mantel. They look so real to me. Will you be planting your kitchen garden indoors or outdoors? Husband just started planting seeds today, and he bought some raspberries, so I hope they will grow nicely. I can't wait to see the sweater you are crocheting for your grandson - what a talent it is to crochet. Your Beatrix Potter cook book is delightful.

    Have a wonderful time this spring, Karen, doing all the things you love.


    1. Hi Sheri,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting! To answer you question - I will be planting my seeds outside on the deck, safely away from hungry critters, I hope! We have had a tiny Douglas squirrel visiting the deck and uprooting my bulbs.... Raspberries are such a nice thing to grow - good luck! Hugs to you xo

  24. Fabulous five things Karen. I love your crochet basket!

  25. Lovely, Karen! I have the Kitchen Gardens book, too...LOVE Tasha Tudor. Hope you getaway is fun!

  26. Your crocheted basket and baby sweater are wonderful! And I look forward to reading about your getaway, once you've gotten away.

  27. I love the way you do a Friday my Dear!

    Yay for more spring decoration! And I LOVE that sweater yarn, I could almost feel it through the screen. I wish you were closer as I would figure some trade we could make so you could teach me how to knit (& I would do your dishes? cook a meal?) - well we'd agree on something.

    I plan to have sweet peas in my first ever garden soon! Lord I pray I can keep everything alive! Lol

    A getaway is a wonderful idea!! It always recharges the batteries and can make for wonderful quality time together.

    Happy week to you! xoxo

  28. Dear Karen, I love your idea of starting a kitchen garden! I think you will have so much fun with it.
    I haven't decorated the house in a particular way for spring other than putting all brown and dark winter and autumn accessories away, but I would love to get some Easter decoration out. Thanks for reminding me :-).
    Going on a short getaway is always great. Wishing you and your man a nice trip!
    Warm regards,

  29. Love your Friday Five! That sweater for the coming grandson looks so incredibly sweet...he's going to look great in it! Love your little touches, and the anticipation of garden planting and a trip with your hubby. I too am succumbing to the desire to have a few things in a garden again (I do this every spring! I( can't help it) then the heat gets everything! :-) We'll see how it goes.

  30. Lovely projects and crafts making Karen! Hope you have fun during your getaway.
    Until next

  31. Such a pretty little sweater! You'll have so much fun with your kitchen garden and sweet peas sound wonderful! We have a little bit of a wait for Spring - but I think it will be here pretty soon...

  32. Can't wait to watch your garden grow..and also looking forward to see the completed sweater for your grand baby.. Here in Joseph there are touches of spring around and I am loving it! Share what you finally choose to fix for your Easter dinner.. i bet it will be yummy for the tummy - WINK!

  33. Happy Spring, Karen! No signs of Spring in NY yet ~ it's been a rough winter. I love your crochet basket and congratulations on your first grandson to be ~ what a cute sweater. I've been crocheting, too, scarves and blankets, finishing up another one now. Have fun with your kitchen garden and keep those coyotes away! :)


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