Thursday, March 5, 2015

Early Spring Drive with Good Fences

Spring has come to my little corner of the world
and the first flowering trees are already in bloom. 

Come along with me as we take a little drive
to visit daughter Heather on a beautiful spring day.

Days like this just make me smile, as we travel 
along familiar country roads. 

Every home seems to have at least one beautiful 
flowering tree! 

This beauty is a flowering plum. 

A little blue cottage shyly peeks out. 

Pink and white behind a handsome fence. 

Drama in the skies. 
Can you see Mt. Rainier? 
(Behind the trees on the left)

Tall trees. 

And old barns. 

A frothy group of wild plum make me slow down
for a closer look. 

Sometimes I see a herd of cows sheltering here in the heat
of the summer. 

The house is abandoned now and the barns falling down, 
but there are young cows in the remaining barn. 

Not long ago this farm was truly loved. 

And this is why......
the view of 
beautiful Mt. Rainier. 

My heart skips a beat when I see this view. 
I can imagine the farmer and his wife waking up
every morning, aching and weary, but gaining 
strength and resolve from the privilege of tending
this land. 

I can remember a very old man tending to the cows here 
for many years, and then he was gone, the house 
boarded up and part of the land slowly sold off
to development. 

But I can feel his gentle presence whenever I turn the corner
and see this amazing sight.  I can only pray that there are others 
with more influence than I, who see the value of preserving
this land. 

I've seen great herds of elk here, and flocks of snow geese, 
and on my way home from this drive, a barn owl lifting
from the fence line in the beam of my headlights. 
Surely these things are more precious than another 
housing development.....

Meadows bordered by loveliness. 

One last glimpse before we turn away. 

Ancient trees along a fence line. 

A well-tended farmhouse. 

Isn't spring wonderful? 

One last scene before we arrive at my daughter's

She is not quite ready for me to give you a tour yet - 
clocks need hanging and there are boxes still to unpack, 
but look at the delicious offerings she shared! 

We have gathered (Aunties, Best Friend, and Grandmother) to help plan a baby shower
for my new grandchild due in May! (Son Gabe and
wife Erica)  

Spring is full of lovely beginnings! 

Wishing you lovely beginnings, also, 
Dear Friends. I know it has been a difficult 
winter for many of you this year. I am sending
you hopeful encouragement as you wait for those
beautiful signs of spring. 


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  1. I love it when you take your camera along with you!! What a beautiful area you live in, and I'm with you wholeheartedly on that picturesque abandoned farm. I've seen a lot of farms flattened in our area to make way for more and more housing north of Toronto, and it just depresses me so much. Your views of mountains and blossom trees have been a treat for my winter weary eyes this year! We kind of forget what colour abounds in Spring when we're still locked in a monochromatic world.

  2. Thank you for these beautiful pictures! I am looking out my window at 5 inches of snow. But warmer weather is on the way, our forecaster says. Can't wait!

  3. Such pretty spring photos filled with hope for spring yet to bloom in Ohio. We got more snow overnight, but I know our trees will be in bloom before too long. Have a great day, Heather

  4. Oh Wow to see flowering trees already is amazing, we still have snow on the ground although not as much as the east coast was hammered with. What a gorgeous country side to take a drive through. How exciting to be awaiting a new baby!!

  5. It is so beautiful in your area!! Nice to see all of that color!

  6. What gorgeous photos! You could fill an album with countryside fences. I so need to get out and about with my camera. I've been stuck inside TOO long! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  7. Wow! Already in bloom. Lucky you! :)
    So glad you enjoyed your day.

  8. A clear blue sky, flowering trees, and pretty green grass...yes, Spring is on its way :) Your photos are lovely, my friend.

    Thank you for taking us on a beautiful drive. Enjoy your Thursday! Hugs!

  9. Oh Karen - a feast for the eyes and food for my soul!! I SO wish I was there to gobble up that view in person. Drink in lots of those flowering trees for me. I know I just have to be a little more patient here and we'll get there.

    And I still just gasp when I see that mountain view. I could never get enough of the majesty of it. Such beautiful sacred ground - God sure makes good stuff.

    And maybe I'm just so excited for you and have baby on the brain now, but if you look at the 5th photo down I swear I see a newborn baby face in that cloud. Please take a look and tell me if you see it too?? Again, maybe I'm just loony with excitement for you all too. Lol

    Such beautiful blessings to be for obviously such a beautiful family. Thanks SO much for sharing your Spring with those of us who really need it. ;)


    1. Oh my goodness, Carrie - I see the baby face! Amazing! Thanks for pointing that out and thank you for your sweet visit! Hugs xo Karen

  10. you have the springtime we should be having! we got another round of sleet and snow in texas last night. ah, well. thanks for sharing yours! and linking when you have time!

  11. These are such lovely photos. Springtime in the northwest is beautiful.

  12. You do live in a beautiful place! The views of the mountains are gorgeous. And the blossoms on the trees are lovely. Wonderful series of photos, enjoy your day!

  13. Dear Karen
    Thanks for the drive.....
    Wonderful photos of spring...
    I love the pink tree so much!

    Have a nice evening!


  14. Here is one big wet smack on your cheaks!
    Thank you for all these beautiful spring pictures! :))
    What a relief after seeing so many snow pictures ;)
    Have a beautiful day

  15. In a little over two months this will be us! yay! (minus the mountain, of course!) Love flowering trees in the spring. And yes, let's pray that that beautiful land is preserved.

  16. How fortunate you are to be surrounded by so much beauty.

  17. Hi Karen, wow it's so beautiful and does look like spring has arrived where you live. I really enjoyed looking at all those pretty photos. We still have so much snow and cold weather here. We are so looking forward to spring. Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  18. Wonderful pictures looks like spring is waking up your countryside.

  19. How wonderful that you have spring blossoms on the trees already!!! I am so looking forward to that here. I hope that you had a fun time baby shower planning - very exciting indeed!!! xx

  20. What a fabulous spring drive. Our trees on this side of the state are just beginning to bud and have not yet bloomed but everyday we are seeing more and more signs of spring.
    Loved all your wonderful photos. You truly do live in a gorgeous area. I hope someone buys that old farm. That was quite the spread of yummy food your daughter prepared.

  21. Simply beautiful! I have enjoyed looking over all your photos. I am longing for Springtime but you have given me hope it should be here shortly. Have a great evening and enjoy the weekend.

  22. Dear Karen, my sweet friend, thank you for this wonderful post about Springtime in your is wonderful, the flowering trees let me smile, the blue sky....I just love tour drives really live in a beautiful region!
    Thanks again for taking us along and showing us more of this Beauty!
    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed weekend,
    enjoy Springtime ,
    sending Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  23. I am living vicariously through you buddy!!!! The signs of spring that are all around you are amazing!!! Those shots from the farmers property are out of this world!! I sure hope they don't turn that into a housing development. I can not get over how gorgeous your photos are Karen!! And how fantastic is that table of food that your daughter put together!! A wonderful reason to get together! Planning a shower for your new little sweetie! I am so excited for your family!! Thank you for inspiring me tonight and a happy weekend to you!! Nicole xoxo

  24. Thank you for taking us along with you on this drive. Your scenery is stunning and the snow capped mountain is fabulous. I do hope no one builds there to destroy the view.

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed that drive Karen, spring is truly the most beautiful time of the year. Those berries, yum.

  26. Beautiful sights of Spring -- yes it's a time of new beginnings and a fresh start.. All your photos are eye catching.. but OH MY your daughter's offering had my mouth watering over the fruit bowl.. Have a wonderful weekend..

  27. Here in Oregon I am amazed at all the blooming going on! We have a horticulture dept on the campus where I work in Oregon City and we have so many things to see which are in bloom!

  28. Lovely springtime! Beautiful pictures...we have had some beautiful days here on the island!
    Have a happy weekend and take care,

  29. Lovely drive. I always enjoy your posts of Mt Rainier sis lives in Yelm now and she sees that mt every day. I need to go there soon. we have had warm winter here too and even azaleas are in bloom now! Too early! The tulip festival starts in a couple weeks ....spring is around the corner! Exciting that a grandbaby is coming soon for you! It is fun being a grandparent...enjoy!! Hugs!

  30. Thank you for the beautiful drive! How nice to see the green grass and all the flowering trees! It did my heart good. One thing about today here is the bright sunshine. I almost need sunglasses on to look out a the snow as it's blinding. :) Enjoy your spring weather.

  31. I've noticed this week while driving to work that the trees are flowering. It just makes me feel lighter, somehow. Your pictures are beautiful... Fowers with a perfect sky background!

  32. Que Deus te dê um esplendoroso dia, com raios luminosos que te possam clarear os olhos para ver o quanto és importante. Deus Pai te fez assim: mulher importante e figura do próprio amor. Ele te moldou como uma rosa: forte e justa como os espinhos, linda e suave como as pétalas. (fonte:aqui)

    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  33. Going along on this drive with you is like a breathe of fresh air; your world is beautiful. Congratulations on the baby news and your daughter's move. Spring is going to be an exciting time for your family.....

  34. Dearest Karen,
    What a sweet surprise to see your area has spring already.
    Our Japanese magnolia is finally blooming and usually it blooms on Mom's birthday, February 12... Yesterday we had 70s here in Dublin, GA but where we went in Atlanta it was windy and only 40°F. Today it was very cool here as well and down to 32 tonight.
    So much about global warming!
    But you sure live in a lovely area and it helps with the grass remaining green through winter, like back in The Netherlands. Here it turns brown and that makes things look so dreary.
    Sending you hugs and blessings for the new family member soon to be born.

  35. gorgeous scenery and fences. hard to believe you have trees flowering already. not here.

  36. I, too, saw the face in the clouds but then wondered if it was a reflection from inside the window. But then that explanation didn't seem to make sense either, unless you had a very young person in the car? Very cool! Your spring is further ahead than ours - such beautiful blossoms! Oh I can't wait...

  37. Oh Spring has certainly come to your area, green grass and blooming trees and bushes. I can hardly wait. And congratulations on the new addition to your family, how exciting!!

  38. Lovely post as always dear Karen. You are so blessed living in an enchanting neighbourhood. I can feel the sadness and nostalgia while looking at your images of the farm that was once tended with love. Thank you dear for sharing this piece of your side of the world. And congratulations on the arrival of your new grand baby. Exciting times for the whole family.
    Enjoy your week.

  39. Beautiful scenery! I love those blooming fruit trees. Congratulations on the anticipation of your new grandchild.

  40. Loving these beautiful scenes of Spring, Karen. Enjoy the season! A tad jealous as we're heading into Autumn here in Australia

  41. Karen, I have a thing for the clouds, so right away I noticed a face in the first cloud picture, and then again, an angel with wings in the second. They are so lovely. Spring is definitely in your area now. And I am enjoying the warm weather here and all the blossom trees as they start to show their flowers. What a nice spread your daughter put together for you. The berries look yummy.

    Enjoy the spring days while they last, Karen.



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