Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Irish Spring

Hello, Dear Friends, welcome to my
cottage kitchen for some Irish Spring
Decorating and an Irish Supper!

I am part Irish, as is my Ramblin' Man.
Both or our Grandfather's came from
County Cork, Ireland.

I have replaced the touches of red for
my winter decorating,
with hints of green for spring.

I have had open shelving long before
it became fashionable :)

My sweet Ramblin' Man built our home
from scratch and I wanted a country kitchen,
with natural wood to reflect our wilderness

Can you see Whitey in his favorite spot
when I am cooking?

You know, just in case I drop something....:)

The framed morning glory cross stitch says,
'Glory in each morning'
and greets us as we brew coffee
to start the day.

I painted the frame green.

The 'Kitchen Queen' anchors the kitchen
and stores all of my baking supplies

This beautiful cupboard once belonged
to my Mum.

I change my display often,
and for early spring I have
filled it with clear glass
and a hint of green.

I crocheted the shamrock garland last year.

The green jars are new
'limited edition' Ball canning jars.

I found the beautiful embroidered
napkins at a vintage shop last year.

This pressed glass egg plate was my Mum's -
 a gift on her wedding day.

I have several of her pressed glass
 pieces displayed here.

Ramblin' Man manages distribution
 for 'Erin's Popcorn'
(among many other snack products)

My 1961 Hotpoint stove is in perfect working order.

I've created a little shadow box
to dress it up.

The tiny wood handled kitchen utensils
were a gift from my Sis in New Hampshire.

As soon as I saw them, I knew they would
be perfect in a shadow box.

I just found the tiny tea kettle timer
last weekend.

I used scrapbook paper that looks like
weathered boards to line a small wooden crate.

When I found the tiny tea kettle,
I knew it would be perfect!

I might add to it as I find more tiny items.

A vintage potholder adds another
touch of green.

But it wouldn't be an Irish Spring
without the fairies, now, would it?

My little Pansy Fairy just got some new furniture!

It's still a bit too cold to put her out in the garden,
so I will try and keep her happy inside for a while.

This little fellow is staying happy guarding
his pot of gold. He doesn't realize
that the 'gold' is actually chocolate coins.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day,
 I have a hearty 'Irish Stew'
bubbling on the stove.

And some 'Irish Brown Bread' in the oven.

I've set the table with my hand painted
 green and cream pottery.

For a little treat, a splash of Baileys Irish Cream
for our coffee.

An Irish celebration for two.

We take turns reading.....Ramblin' Man
in a hilariously accurate brogue.

Here are some examples:

It's better to own a little than to want a lot.

Long loneliness is better than bad company.

The smaller the cabin the wider the door.

It is better to be born lucky than rich.

Be kind to those that you meet as you rise,
you may pass them again as you fall.

All happy endings are beginnings as well.

For our happy ending we have green
 Pistachio pudding!

Wishing you Happy Endings today,
my Dear Friends,



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  1. Karen, I love your country kitchen and the pretty touches of green! You put such wonderful details in your home. And that meal looks delish! (Especially the Baileys. It's a favorite of mine, but I only allow myself a bottle at Christmas:)

  2. Hi Karen, I love your beautiful kitchen. The cabinets, shelves, stove, vintage dishes etc. make it so cozy and interesting. Your Irish supper looks delicious, especially the dessert. Yum. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! Hugs. Pam

  3. Hi Karen! May the Blessing of Saint Patrick be upon you and your entire family!
    I wore a green fleece scarf. Josephine wore a green collar. We had sandwiches for dinner. They were good. Still recovering from that concussion. Relearning to do some things. Like type. Tiring. But It could have been so much worse. So here's to another year of the wearin' of the green. My father's mother was born in Ireland. Maybe we're related!
    :) o'm & o'jb

  4. Oh, Karen, Can I come over? Please? Please? I want to see it all in person. Your home is a wonderful example of true craftsmanship...built with love and to accommodate the things that are important to you...like the Hooiser cabinet for your baking..and that wonderful old Hotpoint stove. AND you give a nod to whimsical things-like faeries and wee things. What a happy homefront you present there.
    My grandmother was also straightway from Ireland and married a non-Catholic--and both families disowned them...lol...back then those things really mattered.
    I loved this post!!! xo Diana

  5. You really made this holiday special. I love seeing your beautiful home....it looks so inviting. And what a cute crochet garland. I've never seen one with shamrocks, how clever! Enjoy your evening sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. I love your mama's cupboard! It is just stunning Karen...as is your garland you made for it! I enjoyed every piece of this post and would really like to try to make that stew as well as getting some coins for the beans for next year! Such a cute idea!! Your kitchen is beautiful Karen! Happy St. Paddy's Day to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  7. HAPPY St Pat's day.
    You have a beautiful house.

  8. Dear Karen, my friend,
    this looks like a wonderful and so delicious S.Patrick's Day!
    Your kitchen is such a warm and lovely place!
    Have a great and blessed week,
    sending Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  9. Hi Karen. I so enjoyed reading this post. Your kitchen is beautiful; I love the wood which gives it such a warm feeling. My Mom had the exact same egg dish and I think I have one of those crocheted pot holders in my drawer. It looks like you celebrated St. Patrick's day in style. The pistachio pudding looks so yummy :)

  10. Dear Karen,

    Looks like you had a lovely St Patricks day and loved seeing all our wonderful photos. Your stove is lovely and love your Mothers cupboard. My Fathers family was from Ireland also.
    Enjoy the week

  11. Your Irish dinner looks delicious! I love Bailey's, it's one of my Christmas day treats:) Your kitchen is so cozy, warm and inviting...your stove is to die for! Would love an old one like that someday:) Ramblin' Man must love coming home to the cozy oasis you've created everyday!

  12. You set a pretty table and your meal looks yummy. I'd like to try your bread recipe, it looks good and hearty. Your home looks welcoming and inviting. Wishing you a blessed day, Heather

  13. Oh Karen your Kitchen is so lovely, I love your scrabble words welcoming to the kitchen and your crocheted shamrocks are so pretty in the wonderful cupboard, how wonderful to have so many lovely things of your mom's. You found the perfect paper for your shadow box, I was sure that was real wood. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Love love love everything about this! Your kitchen is cozy and beautiful and it looks like the perfect space to share a cup of coffee. And "Don't piss off the fairies..." giggle. I need me one of those signs!

  15. Dear Karen
    Thanks for a lovely and veyr cosy post.
    Love your home and ideas!


  16. Oh Karen, it is tooooo funny, but I served the exact same meal last night, except I made a pistachio layered dessert! We think alike, my friend!
    Your home looks so warm and cozy all decked out with a touch of green and some whimsy added for fun. I know you and your Ramblin' Man had a Happy St. Paddy's Day! 🍀

  17. Oh my, I am drooling here. What a beautiful home!

  18. Thank you for inviting us into your cozy kitchen and for sharing all your sweet treasures. Love your open shelving!! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration PartyKaren.

  19. Love the post and your kitchen. It looks so inviting and cozy. How nice to have the cupboard from your mum.

  20. Dearest Karen, how I would love to spend a day with you in your sweet and cozy home. You have created such a warm and loving atmosphere and it can be felt ever through the computer :)

    Your green Mason jars among the white dishes look stunning! And the touches of green elsewhere are so lovely for St. Patrick's Day and for Spring.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with Roses of Inspiration. I always love having you link up. Hugs!

  21. Dearest Karen,
    Sounds like you too had a lovely Saint Patrick's Day together! Even more meaningful because of your blood lineage. Your Mum's pressed glass egg plate is so precious.
    As you mentioned the good working order of your 1961 Hotpoint stove, talking about 'old' stoves, my Mom's 1965 Neff (German brand) electric cooking stove & oven is still working well. I was 14 at the time she finally got it. Before she managed to cook on a wood stove (not so in summer of course!) and on a two burner gas top. She also had a separate electric plug in cake baker... How they had to struggle back than for putting some delicious food on the table! But it was all made with LOVE and from fresh ingredients. I always admire your continued simple lifestyle, as I also love it best! Nothing special, nothing fancy just plain good.

  22. I'm a bit green myself having caught sight of your kitchen! And I adore the little leprechaun.

  23. I missed the actual day, but warm wishes anyways! Pass the pistachio pudding, please..my favorite! Your kitchen is so adorable..I love all the little details, and I can tell you love country!

  24. Oh, what a delightful post, Karen. First of all, I have that same glass egg plate. We downsized from a huge house to a smaller one, and I ended up giving things away, including the egg plate, and now I wish I had kept it. How special that your husband built your home, it's wonderful. The green canning jars are so cool and perfect for St. Paddy's Day. The little tea pot is just right for a cup of tea for you during the day. I really like that vintage pot holder, it looks like an antique. And I love love the fairy sign hehehe. I'm not sure you know how much I love fairies. The Irish stew looks delicious. Nel makes that also from time to time. I think my favorite thing on here today was the "glory in each morning" cross stitch because that says so much in just a few words.

    Your post today tells me that all is right with the world.

    love, ~Sheri

  25. I just love your kitchen Karen! It's where I would want to hang out - besides your outside (when the coyotes aren't around anymore). ;0)

    Your touches of green are perfect for Spring and St. Patty's Day. I loved it all - but especially your fairy corner, and that shamrock garland & linens, and that shadow box is genius with the scrapbook paper!! Love love love!!

    Your sayings at the end made me laugh and in my head they were all read with an Irish accent. Lol

    Thanks for sharing wee Lass! xoxo

  26. Oh Karen, you always have the best ideas! Your food for St Paddy's Day was inspired. I could imagine myself curled up in your kitchen and happily living there :-) As for your stove... 1961! My goodness, they were built to last, and in such good condition! Thank you so much for inviting us into your home xx

  27. Och...I enjoyed me wee visit here with all your St. Paddy's celebrations pics. Lovely indeed.

    I like reading An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor aloud to my hubby. It's such fun to read aloud, especially if I practice the brogue.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  28. ove karen, your kitchen is beautiful !!! I love the open shelving, I would like to have in my kitchen !!! and I love the green glass and the sweet crocheted garland !!!
    the old kitchen cabinet is beautiful !!!
    the scrapbook looks like real wood !!!
    the little dwarf is so cute !!!
    The soup looks delicious !!! also the bread-I would like to try a piece of it !!!
    and also from pistachio-dessert !!!
    have a nice week !!! love greetings from angie

  29. Your home is so cozy, Karen...I love all of your beautiful green and St. Patrick's Day decorations. That little leprechaun is too cute and I love the morning glory cross stitch. You have everything decorated so wonderfully...and your meal sounds delicious!

  30. Hi Karen,
    Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day! It looks like you and your husband had a nice meal. I love your touches of green in your kitchen. The stew, bread and pudding all look delicious! Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend.
    Hugs, Julie

  31. I love your kitchen and the cosy serene atmosphere you created there. Whitey has the best place...


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