Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show - Part III

As we continue the tour of the
 Northwest Flower and Garden Show
at the Seattle Convention Center, 
the first garden we will explore 
is called the 'Steampunk' Garden. 

You can find an explantion 
of the term 'Steampunk', 

This is a growing movement 
in Seattle (and elsewhere) and has evolved into
a sort of retro-futuristic style
of what the industrial era might 
have envisioned for the future,
using steam powered engines! 

I know......strange......, although
I am sure you have seen this style
in home decorating trends. 

I call it 'Back to the Future'! 

Right away we notice the garden shed
with submarine style portholes in the roof. 

The lighting was tinted, which distorts things
a bit, but we see a flowering viburnum and 
some narissus in the foreground. 

I like the diamond paned windows, 
the arched double doors, 
and the hayrack window planter. 

The scalloped roofing, porthole
windows, and telescoping pergola
add a nautical feel. 

I can see this in a garden by the sea. 

A recycled grinding stone 
adds interest to the retaining wall. 

I like the pink tulips with
the purple hyacinths. 

One of the main features of this garden, 
was the fantastical water fountain. 

This fountain was made of a large musical
instrument (a tuba?), copper tubing, 
and salvaged, miscellaneous junk,
along with many gears, 
wheels and moveable parts,
propelled by the water's path. 

Later, when perusing the vendor booths, 
we found these for sale in many different
configurations and sizes.

The other main feature of this garden was the large
clock, also made with many gears
 and salvaged industrial parts. 

The bright, colorful plantings added 
to the imaginative setting. 

Large slabs of stone anchor this garden 
to the site. 

Of course we can't forget to provide for the fairies! 

The next garden we will explore is  what I call the 'Recycled Garden'. 

Right away we notice the tall spires of crates
that form recycled garden sculpture for housing bees! 

This garden uses lovely shades of rose, lavender, gray and blue
in an informal setting. 

A small rock-lined water feature sits to the left. 

Colorful birdhouses, pots and a reclaimed wood shed
 give this garden charm. 

Nature collages (insect hotels) add artistic creativity
 to the crate bee towers
and front of building. 

There are many delightful details, such as the stone birdhouse, 
the heart on the door, and the informal stone path. 

This garden shed looks very inexpensive to build
and would add character to a country setting. 

A side view showing the pretty gardens
and interesting nature collages (insect and bee hotels). 
We found these for sale at one of the vendor booths. 

Recycled windows provide a backdrop to a bird bath 
nestled among tulips, heather, and lily of the valley. 

Tulips everywhere! So pretty with the grape hyacinth. 

The large ceramic pots and colorful watering cans 
are so bright and cheerful. 

A large driftwood bench nestles among lush plantings. 

Notice the colorful water bottles? 
They are 'keeping it real'. 

The liberal use of dwarf evergreens 
 guarantees this garden would look 
nice year round. 

Having the large stacks of crates would be wonderful 
for spring planting. :) 
Or bee-keeping! 

The last garden we will view today won 'Best in Show' 
for its amazing lunar lighting feature. 

It was difficult to photograph the lunar details, 
but it looked just like the face of the moon
with an owl in flight. 

A rather wild landscape frames this garden with red barberry, evergreens, 
 white birch and woodland plantings, along with rose and white flowers.  

The main feature of this garden was this Scandinavian
garden house. 

The backside of the building was framed with
lovely white flowers. 

I love the traditional Scandinavian detail. 

I hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful gardens with me! 


In the next installment, we will take a look at 
a Shabby Chic Garden, a Picnic Garden, 
and a Woodland Gazebo Garden. 


I hope you will join me! 


  1. I prefer the Scandanavian, but the Steampunk works very well in the desert, because the pieces can withstand the heat, and it is eccentric. Reminds me of Tim Burton movies. Wonderful photos. What a great show! Have a wonderful week.

  2. I love the Scandinavian garden house and the owl and the moon. I don't care for Steampunk jewelry but all those gadgets work really well in the garden and it just looks like a fun place to be.

  3. Oh I just love that there's more and more Karen!
    I can't get enough of all the different styles and ideas. I love something from all of them!! The cool vintage feel of the funky steampunk style. The fairies speak to my soul (as you know). The rustic romantic feel of the recycled garden, and the beauty of the Scandinavian lines of that gazebo!

    Thanks for taking me along for the ride and so happy you have more to share!! xo

  4. Dear Karen,
    this Garden Show is awesome! Thank you for more wonderfu pictures from this place!
    Wishing you a wonderful new week, my dear friend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  5. Hello Karen,
    This looks so wonderful. Great the little houses in these gardens.
    You've made wonderful shots!!

    Kind regards,

  6. Oh I think I needed this I am so toasty warm and enjoying the fragrance in my own kitchen. Thanks for sharing the hopes of spring. Hug B

  7. Looks like my comment didn't go. Anyway, loved the post, needed a look at Spring.
    Maine is giving me second thoughts, maybe I should move south. yvonne

  8. Wonderful images from the garden show, I love the music sculpture/fountain. And the bee housing looks neat too. So many great ideas.. Have a happy day!

  9. That fairy house is so sweet, like the clock and Gazebo. Wondering if this weather gave me my first nose bleed at 78. We went from 6 below to 40 above this morning. I have a runny nose, sore throat and bone aches. I was talking to a friend in California and my nose ran , Oh the blood was coming out fast and heavy. It freaked me out. So far so good. Need Spring.
    thanks for the beautiful post. yvonne

  10. So many lovely details (and some strange ones too :) I bet you got lots of ideas to use in your gardens. Have a great week and thanks for sharing!

  11. What a gorgeous flower show and thanks so much for sharing all the pretty photos of everything. Have a wonderful week.

  12. Hi Karen, I'm sorry but I seem to have deleted that link you gave me for the new book blog and party that you are contributing too. Can you please send me the link again and sorry about that. Thanks so much. Have a nice day.

    1. Here is the link, Julie and the blog is also on my side bar! xo Karen

    2. Wow, that was weird how the message left such large spaces! .......Crazy!

  13. Wow, Karen, I can't believe how elaborate all the set ups are there. Just absolutely gorgeous. I love all the outbuildings but would probably leave the "knob/portholes" off the first domed roof. I bet it was easy to just get "lost" in dreamy gardens there. Love it- xo Diana

  14. the themes are interesting, but i'd tire of them very quickly and would have to tear them down if they were in my yard. :)

  15. I love a lot of streampunk stuff, but not all. What fun these gardens were!

  16. Wow what wonderful pictures, I have never been to a garden show, they really go all out don't they, that steam punk looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

  17. I love how unique each garden is! The Steampunk Garden is quite lovely :) You are such a sweetheart to share all of these photos with us. Hugs to you!

  18. The flower show looks impressive Karen. It must have been a joy to have visited!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  19. Interesting place, lots of good ideas for the garden.

  20. The first "garden" is a little too "thought" for me. The second one looks more random (even if I know it's a lie) and is much more to my taste!

  21. Dearest Karen,
    Well, I too would have voted for the 'Lest Best' a Dutch saying for the Last one is Best! The steam punk looks like a science fiction and I don't like it at all.
    The planting of those forced tulips and all is incredible; a work of art!
    You both for sure did enjoy yourselves and glad we get to see it this way as well.

  22. That fairy house is outstanding! As is that fountain made from that Tuba!! How cool is that!!!! Your post just goes to show that you should have fun in the garden and take risks! And that recycled garden is so amazing! I would have loved to work on that one! Thank you for passing on the inspiration Karen! Have a wonderful week! Nicole xo

  23. I was at a garden show in France two years ago and there was a very large display of Scandinavian conservatories - I loved them all! The one you've shown is so very pretty - the perfect scale!

  24. The fairyscape is more my cup of tea though the steampunk theme was quite interesting! I love the idea of providing housing for bees in the garden

  25. Dear Karen,

    Your recent posts are pieces of your great ability to create mythological instances with your photos.
    My students will love this post.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  26. I love the recycled garden, especially all the different sorts of bug houses that they had. I really need to do better with bug houses in our garden. The Scandinavian garden house is beautiful isn't it!! xx

  27. More garden magic! Love the millstone! And that moon and owl!

  28. wow -- just read the story of your house referenced in your last post. What an amazing story of perseverance and faith!
    And the gardens are beautiful, nice to see some flowers on this gray day here in Michigan!

  29. WOW - this must have been awe-inspiring to see in person, Karen! :)

  30. I love to visit Flower and Garden shows! I find so much inspiration in your pictures and now I really want to start in the garden, lovely!
    Thank´s for taking us with you on this beautiful show...
    Warm hug,

  31. Karen, this garden show must have been a sight for you. The tulips caught my eye, as they are one of my favorite flowers - so pretty, yet sturdy. The fairy garden is sweet, and I just love fairies. Such an interesting place to visit, and I've always thought that flowers are the magic in our lives.


  32. I read all your Garden Show posts with amazement - how did they manage to create all that on the 3rd floor? The building's floors must have quite incredible strength. I've always wanted to go to a garden show here in Britain but haven't yet had the chance. I like watching the tv coverage of them. There is an hour every evening for a four or five days, covering the Chelsea Garden Show! But all the gardens people create in these shows are outside on the ground and in the open. Thanks for your in-depth coverage. What a sweet Scandinavian summerhouse.

  33. Oh my goodness what a show -- I would have LOVE being there.. so many neat ideas it is indeed worth going to and since I could not go -- you cover it SO well - thanks for sharing.. Your photos are great!!

  34. Hi Karen,
    What an enchanting place! I came to think about Alice in Wonderland, when seeing your lovely photos from this Garden. The recycle-idea is also great :)

  35. What elaborate displays! They are all so amazing, but the recycled one is my favorite. My garden is kind of similar using recycled items, although not quite as beautiful. Wonderful shots! Such a magical place.

  36. Gostei muito de ter passado por aqui. Vou ficar.


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