Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show - Part 1

Over the weekend, my Mr. and I attended
the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. 

We took the hour long drive from our foothills home,
to the beautiful city of Seattle, to attend. 

It was a lovely, warm day, with parting clouds
that gave way to full sunshine, as we arrived
at the gorgeous Washington State Convention Center 
where the event was held. 

After parking in the Convention Center garage,
we took the escalator to level 3
 with much anticipation, to attend the show. 

The Northwest Flower and Garden Show
is billed as the 2nd largest in the country. 

We have attended this show many times
over the years, but have missed it
the last few. 

Right away we were captivated by the heavenly scent
of flowers. The lobby was filled with display gardens
of spring flowers, including the highly scented

While my Mr. bought our tickets, I admired the 
juried arrangements along the walls. 
This one caught my eye. 

As we entered the show, 
this beautiful gateway attracted
our attention. 

Let's take a closer look........

This beautiful gate opens to a primrose lined path....

The show consisted of amazing display gardens, 
each set up to reveal the possibilities for individual
home gardens. 

This is the first one, and my favorite. 

Let's see what lies beyond the gate.....

Along the flagstone path, this antique cart
was surrounded by tulips. 

Low growing grasses and primroses 
nestle in the foreground.

A tall, stone waterfall splashed behind.   

Red twig dogwood and dwarf evergreens provide
a contrasting background. 

A mossy stone bench peeks out from behind. 

Here's a better view of the stone bench. 
Built right into a small mound of mossy turf, 
this looks like a wonderful place to sit
 and contemplate the beauty.

A full view of the gate and path.

Where does the path lead? 

Well,  to this, of course! 

An open ended 'gazebo' made with recycled windows! 

This little structure just caught my fancy! 

So simple and sweet. 

The lighting was bright and tinted, 
which distorted the colors, 
so I will tell you the woodwork was
a lovely soft blue with whitewash, 
and the windows a deeper blue, also whitewashed. 
It had a lovely, faded, sun-bleached effect. 

Masses of purple tulips anchored with flowering clematis
bordered the lattice-work base. 

Let's take a look inside, shall we? 

We see the sweetest little table
set for two. 

Large blue pots separate a backdrop of flowering trees. 

I love the little details - the lantern, the pot of hydrangea, 
the pretty chairs, the globe lights. 
(Twig globes with strands of white twinkle lights inside)

The candelabra stand is also a very nice touch.

I think that I need one of these.....:)

Notice what the mugs say......

"Mr. Right"
"Mrs. Always Right"! 


Heart shaped plant labels for Valentine's Day. 

This was the first display garden of many that I will 
show you over several posts. 

We had so much fun and were very inspired! 

I hope you enjoyed the first view of the gardens
at the Northwest Flower and Garden show, 
and that you will follow along as I continue 
the tour, Dear Friends.

A bit of spring in a terrible winter for many of you! 

I wish you all could have come along!
Wouldn't we have had fun together?  


  1. Hi Karen !! Que belleza de flores !! Espero que tengas un buen día

  2. Karen, That is one of the best home & garden shows I have seen. We don't get anything like that here. I think I would slip a sleeping bag in there and live there for the duration of the show. I have such Spring fever that I can't stand it. xo Diana

  3. some very sweet displays. the open gazebo made of old windows is a neat idea!

  4. I would love to attend this. The scent of flowers, especially at this time of year, would just be overwhelming!

  5. The beautiful colors of the flowers just made my day since we are knee deep in snow....What a fun day to spend with your hubby.....

  6. That Number 7 photo image -- captured my eye too because I could imagine that to be a entry into a secret garden.. Beautiful flowers = melt my heart -- lovely photos..

  7. Just loved your photos and tour of this amazing looking home and garden show. Every one of these just amazing and makes you think spring is coming soon! What a wonderful outing Karen, and thanks so much for sharing this!

  8. My husband and I would love to go there! I have often thought of going to the show in Cincinnati, but never have. I look forward to seeing more of your show.

  9. WOW!!! I would have loved to go there to take in all of this inspiration!!!! So many stunning vignettes Karen! How lucky were you both to take this all in! My favorite is for sure that moss bench....it is amazing!!! Wouldn't it be neat to put these scenes together! So beautiful! I can't wait to see more you!! Wishing you an outstanding week!! Nicole xo

  10. Dearest Karen,
    You almost did make me think I was back home in The Netherlands! Such shows are always so nice to go to; time well spent! With over 300 exhibitors that is fabulous!
    Driving one hour is not bad at all; that is relatively close. Today I made the drive again for my therapy, 120.4 miles round trip so that's about the same timing.
    Hugs and blessings to you,

  11. My dear Karen,
    thank you so much for thos wonderful pictures from this Garden- and Flowershow! I would love to come arround and see all this so colourful and lovely arrangements!
    Looking forward to see more ;O)
    Wishing you a wonderful and happy rest of the week and sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  12. What a great escape Karen and so unsual for my parts a spectacle like this! Absolutely wonderful to see this looking home area surrounded by a gorgeous yard and balcony! I would be so curious to experience all this alive! Lucky you!
    Hope there is more to follow...

  13. What a fun day! They have so many great idea at the flower & garden show.. I love the gate and the open gazebo. Wonderful flowers and arrangements. Thanks for sharing your visit. Have a happy day!

  14. What a fun way to spend the day with your Mr. I could just about smell all the wonderful scents strolling along with you. The gazebo really was fun to check out. How clever and inspirational it was! I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

  15. So many beautiful flowers and plants and displays!! What a wonderful sight, especially at this time of year! I love the gazebo with the windows - as I think most people have said! Glad for you that you got to go and have such a good time! xx

  16. It was wonderful to see someone else's perspective on my hometown. Lovely show. I don't live there anymore but visit yearly.

  17. I'd like to go to this show one of these years. There are so many great ideas on outdoor garden living to be seen! I hope you took a few photos of the 'best of show' winner ~ it was the one with the owl and the moon rising if I am not mistaken. I just read about it yesterday in our paper and the show looked amazing ~ glad you got to go!

  18. Oh my, look at all the beautiful flowers! What a nice day you had at the garden show. The table with the purple pot and flowers and Mr. and Mrs. cup I really loved, as Purple is my favorite color. The small gate is so charming when entering inside. I can't wait to plant some pretty flowers this spring at our new home. There is a lot of inspiration on here today.

    So glad that you had a special day out with your husband, Karen.


  19. Oh how I wish I were there to gaze with you dear Friend! I hung on every photo - just soaking in all of those lovely blooms and garden inspiration. The next best thing is getting to enjoy what you share, so thanks for that very much! Just what I needed.

    **that mossy bench was the coolest and I LOVED those mugs. ;)

  20. What a wonderful way to spend the day! Just to see all those gorgeous blossoms instead of a totally white landscape. So beautiful, and so happy you got to see it in person! All that cheer in one place. Lovely!

  21. What a lovely flowershow! Wow! Love every picture....
    Have a happy weekend and take care,

  22. Such beautiful displays! I can almost smell the flowers from here! :) We have never been to this show but live just 30 minutes away! Maybe one of these years we'll catch it! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty... ~julie

  23. So many gorgeous flowers. It was wonderful to take this little tour of your photos from the flower show.

  24. Oh how fun, my friend! I have never been to a flower and garden show before, but it looks increidbly beautiful. And I'll bet it smells heavenly :)

    Thanks for sharing with us - I felt like I was right there with you. Enjoy the remainder of your week, sweet Karen, Hugs!

  25. We went up to the Pacific Northwest last weekend. We saw many wonderful towns: Aberdeen, Quinault, Port Townsend, Mt. Vernon. By the time we got to Seattle we didn't have enough time to see the Flower Show. I'm putting it on my list for next year. Thanks for sharing your photos!!

  26. Some lovely displays. I think I need the "Mrs Always Right" mug!

  27. I love the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, but won't be able to go this year (scheduling problems with too many other commitments) so I appreciated the photos.

  28. Wow what a gorgeous flower show and it really makes me wish it was spring. It's so cold here!

  29. Thank you, thank you for that! We had planned to be there this year, but I was in Edmonton with my son's family. The Seattle show is my favourite - just think, we might have met! Thank you for posting the wonderful photos - I could imagine myself right there at the entrance. The cart and tulips are lovely, but the open gazebo with the windows caught my heart. I will be showing these photos to The Great Dane!

  30. Wow! This show had to take an enormous amount of hard work and money to put together! What a beautiful thing for February, giving the attendees those heavenly scents and sights to whet their appetites for spring...and for creating their own beautiful gardens! Too bad the lighting was not more natural so the photos would show true colors, but that's so often the case with big venues. Wow, those colorful flowers are gorgeous!

  31. I absolutely adore garden shows. Your photos are fantastic! This garden show looks like the creme de la creme of shows. I have attended the flower show in Philadelphia which I have enjoyed immensely, but have not been to it in a few years now. These wonderful photos have made me want to return.


Thank you for stopping by! Your comments are important to me and are very much appreciated. xx Karen

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