Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Sunday

My eldest son, Gabe and sweet wife, Erica, hosted Superbowl Sunday. 

Their house sported the blue and green Seahawk's colors,

with the '12th Man' banner showing fan loyalty.

Seahawk's fans are legendary for their loyalty.
Their cheers have been recorded
on the University of Washington's seismographs!

Our front door welcome.....

Gabe greets his guests.

Daughter in Law, Jenn showing her team spirit.

My two son's, Dustin and Gabe at a recent game.

 These two die-hard fans have season tickets.

Daughter, Heather and hubby, Eric brought along
Seahawk's donuts!

Daughter-in law, Jenn, baked football and jersey cookies.

Of course it wouldn't be a Seahawk's party
without Skittles!

Or appropriately colored refreshments!

A little pre-game warm-up, tossing the football.

Daughter Heather, Jenn and Dustin.

Seahawk's memorabilia.

The mantel.

Bobble-head dolls.

The 'Fan Cave' ready for pre-game fun.

My favorite Seahawk's fans.

 From left to right, Erica, Ramblin' Man, Heather,
Jenn, Dustin, Gabe,
 and Eric front and center.

Daughter, Jennie had yet to arrive.

Sporting her Seahawk's manicure.

The game begins!

Everyone must touch Dustin's lucky Seahawk's stone!

The amazing half-time show!

'Trash Talking' via Skype with adorable cousin Ashley
 and husband Rob
back in New England during half-time.

(We went to their wedding in October)

It was an exciting game, but in the end,
we had to concede that the Patriots
won the game.

So with spirits dashed,
we made the long way home.....

There's always next year!

It was a good run.

You made the 12th man proud, Seahawks!

Thank you, Gabe and Erica for hosting a fun night!
This year's game was the most watched Superbowl in history
with nearly 50% of all television viewers
tuning in!

Did you watch the Superbowl? 


  1. Looks like a fun superbowl party. You have a lovely family.. I was sad that the Seahawks lost, I was rooting for them..

  2. Aw I'm sorry your team lost the championship. It looks like you all had a fun time though. You are really serious fans! We don't follow any sports but I did have the game on last evening and watched the half time show and the last half hour of the game, which was pretty exciting. Being from the east coast and all I was cheering for the other team. :) You have a beautiful family.

  3. no, not really. good for you for showing your true colors. :)

  4. Hi Karen, it looks like you had such a fun party last night. It's always fun to be around family watching the game. I watched a little bit & then watch Downton Abbey. I hope all is well with you and have a nice week!

  5. Looks to me as if a great time was had by all! Your kids all look great and know this was a very fun event! Sorry about the loss , but it was a great game!

  6. My husband watched the game and I watched the ads! Boy, you guys are really into it! Looks like lots of fun!

  7. First I want to start off by saying I am so sorry they lost......I wanted them to win!!! I love how your son and his wife decorated! Those drinks look amazing! And your crew is just the cutest ever Karen! Life is good especially since you get to be with all of your kids to have moments like this!! Happy week friend! Nicole xoxo

  8. Well, it certainly looks like it was a grand day even tho your favorite team didn't win. They are certainly die-hard fans, even down to the colors of the drinks. This series of pics really made me smile!!

  9. Dear Karen,

    Looks like a fun Super bowl party and I enjoyed seeing all your lovely family photos.
    The manicure with the colours is cute.
    Happy week

  10. Looks like you had a fun time, even if it didn't turn out the way you wanted! Yes, we did watch the game!

  11. Dearest Karen,
    No not us... Tried to catch up on some much needed sleep deprived weeks.
    Good for you that you had such a great time together.

  12. It looks like it was a wonderful party except for the loss. My spouse had it on.

  13. So sorry about that interception. What a killer that was.

  14. My husband is still trying to get over the loss, he's been a loyal Seahawk's fan since he was in elementary school. I'll have to show him this post, he'll love all your decorations and those donuts!!! Like you say though, there's always next year and Russell Wilson still has a lot of years ahead of doubt this was not his last Superbowl!

    What a gorgeous family you have! Love the manicure, I need to do that next season.

    Thank you so much for your email, that was very sweet and thoughtful of you:) Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  15. Wow, that's what I call true fans! What a great-looking, fun family you have Karen. Looks like you all had a wonderful time, sorry about the loss. I have to admit I was only really interested in the expensive commercials! haha.

  16. Your family really did themselves all out! That is terrific, even though their team lost. What an exciting game though, leaving a few people with their mouths left open.
    A do not have television, but we were able to pick the game up on the computer.

    Thank you Karen, for your visit to my place and for your sweet comment.


  17. Oh what fun!!!! Have been once in San Francisco for a superbowl party and it was such much fun! So I can imagine how your party was!!! :)!!
    Lovely pictures!
    Have a fantastic time

  18. Looks as though you had an amazing time!!! Great fun to all get together and support your team! xx

  19. Just love this Karen - right down to the skittles and the lucky stone! Lol You did your team proud as wonderful fans. You have such a beautiful family too. Sorry again about the game results - I still can't get over that ending, but hold on to dreams of next season. Although my hero Aaron Rodgers and the Packers may have to beat your Hawks up a bit then. ;)

  20. Looks like it was a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! I was really rooting hard for Seattle, so the ending was painful to watch :)

  21. What a fun post! I thought I was on the wrong blog at first as I didn't recognise your house in the first picture, of course!

  22. Hi dear friend !! Todo el mundo viendo el súperbowl...
    Espero que tengas un bendecido día

  23. Karen,
    wow, this bunch was really into the exciting game. Your son and daughter-in-law did a lot of work hosting the party at their house. I loved both Heather and Jennie's outfits, and of course the painted nails are delightful. I'm not into football too much, except when my son is playing, which he did for many years..... and then I watched every game. :~)

    Have a great rest of the week.


  24. oh, and I wanted to mention that your daughters are just gorgeous. Their smiles must light up a room, and Jennie's eyes are mysterious and lovely.

  25. Oh what fun! I love that the theme was carried through with everything, even the nail polish! :-) Sorry your team didn't win. It must have been a great night anyway.

    I wanted to thank you for two things, Karen....for joining the Springtime in Magnolia book club! I can't wait to see your book reviews! And for visiting piece-fulness and commenting on the photos of the Tucson quilt show. It was a lot of fun, and I always come away so inspired! I love the 30s too.


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