Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Sunrise on Mt. Rainier, illuminating lenticular clouds.

I am taking a break from the Garden Show Series
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called, Five on Friday. 

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Today I am posting 5 photos of Mt. Rainier. 

Moon Rise over Mt. Rainier at sunset 

14,411 ft. Mt. Rainier dominates the Cascade Mt. Range
here in Washington State,
and produces its own weather. 

It is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes
in the world due to its large amount of glacial ice.
A potential eruption or lahar could bring down massive 
amounts of mud and rock into populated areas -
with a potential of burying the Puyallup Valley 40 ft. deep.

We are high above, protected by large ridges of mountains,
and not in the path of danger.  

If you would like to learn more about this beautiful, 
but dangerous mountain, you can read about it Here

Dramatic sunrise over the Cascade Range
As a young Mother, my husband and I moved onto raw land
overlooking this view, to build our dream home. 

You can read about our journey Here
and under 'Our Life Together' on my side bar.

Hole in the sky above Mt. Rainier
This was not an easy journey,
but this beautiful view made it worth
the struggle.

Lenticular clouds portend a coming storm

Living here on the edge of the wilderness may be quiet and lonely
in human terms, but there is always something interesting and dramatic
going on in nature.

I live by nature's rythyms and have learned to read her signs.
I have a profound respect for this beautiful place that we call Earth,
and a continued realization of how fragile this planet can be.

It has been my priviledge to live here
despite the hardships,
for I have learned the true
meaning and value of nature's beauty.


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  1. Whhhooooooaaaaaaaaaaa..Those are GORGEOUS pictures Like something you would see in National Geographic. Amazing! xo Diana

  2. Oh my gosh that photo of the moon rise over Mount Rainier is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!!!

  3. my goodness. these are all beautiful - and awe-some...

  4. Your pictures of Mount Rainier are so beautiful!! I am glad that you are not in the path of any danger, but I hope that you never have any need to be glad of that. Thank you so much for joining in! xx

  5. Wow what gorgeous photos of the mountain and thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I am truly amazed at how many "looks" your mountains has - such beauty, my friend :)

    Happy weekend to you. Hugs!

  7. Love those lenticular clouds! Wow!

  8. Wow such beautiful pictures! Such interesting clouds, they look like flying saucers!! I remember when Mt St Helens erupted. We were living on Vancouver BC and heard the bangs, everyone thought there was explosions in the harbour. Unreal.

  9. Live volcanoes fascinate me, but scare me at the same time. Such beautiful shots of your mountain, and those clouds are amazing. The second shot of the lenticular clouds look like they were carved from sandstone. I have visited only one volcano (Mt Etna, Italy), and that will do me for quite a long time. I was happy to be away from there with all the horribly scary stories our tour guide was telling us! What amazing things you must see from your home every day Karen. Enjoy your weekend! Wendy

  10. Hola amiga querida !! Que maravilloso amaneces !!! Espero que tengas un feliz fin de semana

  11. Oh Karen!!! So very beautiful in every way! I am always inspired by your journey among nature! These photos are stunning!!! Wishing you a glorious weekend with this mountain to gaze up at!!!! Nicole xoxo

  12. Oh WOW Karen. gorgeous views of Rainier, especially with the lenticular clouds. I have always wanted to see some but have never had the privilege.

  13. Dear Karen,

    Such amazing photos - love all the beautiful signs of nature with the sunrises and the gorgeous clouds.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  14. Dearest Karen,
    That are five spectacular photos and you are so right for having such a privilege, living near such beautiful mountain views is a blessing. You at least appreciate it and therefore enjoy and cherish your special place built by love.
    Hugs and happy weekend.

  15. Amazing, wonderful, magical photos!
    I have never seen clouds like that. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. A truly beautiful place in this earth. Thank you for sharing your view. I am not surprised you have learnt to read nature living where you do

  17. I so admire your beautiful view that you enjoy every single day, Karen! I know it was a struggle when you and your hubby were young, but it's so rewarding, and you are blessed.

  18. Absolutely breathtaking photos. That mountain just brings to my knees with it's beauty. Those clouds are amazing too!!

    I love your story and agree so much with counting blessings. Even through those hard times it's so clear how your love for one another and your faith saw you through (& protected you all from a tree too!) ;)

    Thanks for sharing sweet Lady! xoxo

  19. Those Lenticular clouds look like alien space ships in disguise. Are you sure we are not being visited by"foreign" visitors!

  20. Karen,
    I had to show my husband these pictures because he has climbed Mt.Shasta three times. He has seen Mt. Rainier and flown by it many times. We both thought these pictures were incredible. We couldn't get over the lenticular clouds hovering over the mountain, such a beautiful sight. What a great post this is today. Thanks for sharing this wonderful mountain with us.


  21. I have never seen a Lenticular cloud before except in photos. They are stunning shots, especially that first one. I didn't realize that Mt. Rainer was so dangerous but glad you are not in its path. May it always rest easy.

  22. Oh my gosh, those photos are fantastic! Such wonderful beauty and colors! You are blessed!


  23. You are so incredibly lucky to have found your gorgeous land to build on and bring up your family. With such amazing views and stunning skies above Mt Rainer to enjoy each day is just perfect. I have never heard of lenticular clouds before, but seeing the shots you have taken over time are mesmerizing. Take care xx

  24. They are amazing photos, Karen. What a beautiful place you've chosen for your home! I enjoyed reading your story too. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad I found yours xx

  25. Hi karen,
    Thank you for this post - As you already know, I am so fond of this view and find Mt. Rainier as one of the places / natural monuments, I'd love to see in real life. Those ellipse formed clouds are very special - Mt. Rainier truly creates its own weather!
    I like the story of you and your husband following your hearts and settling by this view!
    Thank you for the pictures you share of the nature around you ... Having grown up in countryside, the forest and nature are close to my heart,
    Nina xxx

  26. Dear Karen,
    thank you for those wonderful pictures! Hope, you had a lovley weekend!
    Love and hugs and blesseings for a great new week!
    Claudia xoxo

  27. I really enjoy your pictures of Mont Rainier. You're so lucky to live so close to it.

  28. So worth it to be able to enjoy beauty like this every day! Gorgeous!

  29. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!! What a mountain what images, what a sky - you made great shots, my friend!!!
    Have a happy time

  30. The first one is my favorite! Those lenticular clouds look like UFO's lurking over the mountain. So full of magic & wonder! :)

  31. The word is just BEAUTIFUL...amazing!
    Warm hug,

  32. How beautiful, Karen! I have never heard of lenticular clouds before...they are awe-inspiring...

  33. Oh Karen...I had never read your posts about your journey as a young family, and I just finished reading them. What a beautiful, intense struggle! You two had a beautiful dream and you saw it through. My life over the past 45 years with my hubby has often had its trials (severe financial distress; homelessness and near-homelessness, more than once; bad choices and their repercussions; bad breaks) but we have ended our journey with no home & no realized dream! If we had focused on that earlier, we could have made it happen, but we kept thinking there would be plenty of time. That is always the "big lie." I know God has always been there for us, and I have a strong faith. I have a lot of regrets...wishing we had done things differently at so many junctures. But, in the end, life is what it is. :-) You can't go back, only forward. I have so many blessings I am grateful for! I loved reading your story. It made me feel so very close to you. I'd love to sit at that table in your beautiful home and share stories one day! We will just have to keep being blogger friends, and sharing what we can in our short comments. :-)

    Great photos! I understand why the land where you live is so precious to you. I always worry every time I see that volcano! :-) I will try to quit doing truly is beautiful!

  34. Gorgeous!! I do think of all the bloggers I visit, you have to have the most beautiful spot to live! (except maybe Poppy in Crete, that's pretty great, too!)
    Sorry I'm behind on some of your posts, trying to catch up!


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