Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Country Drive in Winter

On a recent visit to my daughter's to help her move, 
(she and her husband just bought a new home)
I headed home just as the sun was setting. 

Come along with me as we travel towards
the beautiful Cascade Mountains, 
over quiet farmlands
to my home in the foothills. 

Even in winter, we can find beauty in the subtle
colors of earth and sky, 
and the lovely, lacy patterns of 
bare branches. 

We have had very little snow here in Western Washington
State this winter, even in the mountains, due to mild temperatures. 

This has left the ski resorts empty and 
the snow pack lacking, which fills 
our reservoirs with water when it melts
in the spring. 

A low snow pack also means high fire
danger in the mountain forests this summer. 

An old silo stands tall on the horizon. 

Beautiful white fencing corals a pretty sunset. 

The top of Mt. Rainier peeks 
over cloud shrouded foothills
as we turn a corner. 

A lovely view as we complete the turn. 
My foothill home is the last hill
on the right.

An ancient barn stands bravely by the road. 
A rare, small, F1 tornado took down a companion barn
two summers ago. 

Once part of a thriving dairy farm, now this barn gracefully
ages into the landscape. 

This handsome farmhouse was recently completely restored. 

On a clear day it has a view of Mt. Rainier
and the full Cascade range. 

Gazing out the window with a cup of morning
coffee must be very special, indeed! 

Can you see the top of Mt. Rainier peeking above the clouds?

Another little farmhouse that has recently
been restored. 
I love that they kept the majestic tree in the back. 

The top of Mt. Rainier rises over this working barn's roof. 
This is one of the last dairy farms still operating
on the plateau. 

I love this tree - a Black Cottonwood. This particular
beauty is a favorite roosting spot for Bald Eagles. 

As the light fades away, 
the drive through my old logging town leads
to my mountain road. 

One last glimpse of the setting sun before
I start to climb the mountain road. 

Thank you for coming along on my country drive, 
Dear Friends. 

Now that my daughter will be living so close, 
I will be taking this drive more often.

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  1. Really wonderful images. LOVE them!


  2. Really wonderful images. LOVE them!


  3. Wonderful photos, Karen!
    Perhaps I love them so much also because many of them could have been taken here where I live (Finland).
    Except for the beautiful mountains... I so wish we had mountains! Well, we did have them a billion years ago, I just came too late. :D

  4. How lovely that you now live closer to your daughter, and thank you for taking us on this ride home. Such delightful scenery.

  5. Wow! Some of your photos look like works of art. And one looks like it would be perfect made into a jigsaw puzzle. You could join Good Fences today with the beautiful white fences. Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Dear Karen,
    WOW........what a wonderful ride, so wonderful pictures and what colours in trhe sky....Georgeous!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  7. Thank you, my dear, for taking us along :) The views where you live are breathtaking - so beautiful and peaceful.

    That last picture looks like the skiy is on fire. Blessings to you, dear one. Hugs!

  8. Gosh you live in one gorgeous area! When I visited my brother and sister-in-law a few years ago and drove through the countryside around there it just took my breath away....especially when I saw Mt. Rainier nice and clear on one of the days. Absolutely majestic.

    And the sky in your photos was just amazing!!! Thanks for the lovely little trip. xo

  9. Hi Karen!
    Making great-niece a sunset colors blanket for her June HS graduation. But she says No Cool Colors. So. I have to be a bit creative, like adding some brown -like the brown in your last photo. Just sighing in pleasure.

  10. beautiful skies and clouds! lovely views all around!

  11. I always love the photos of your area, is SO beautiful there! Thank you for sharing with us!

  12. What a beautiful drive. It's very scenic with the farmland and lovely homes plus the beautiful mountains in the distance. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  13. Looks like a lovely scenic drive to your daughter's place.. The sky shots are beautiful! Have a happy Thursday!

  14. WOW! So many different colours in all the sunset images. Very beautiful drive to see all these sights.

  15. I went with a smile through all your pictures,
    then I hit the last one - WOW!!!
    Thank you for the beautiful ride :)
    Have a fine weekend and wish you daughter
    good luck in the new house.

  16. Such incredibly beautiful skies!! I hope that your daughter and son in law are very happy in their new home! xx

  17. Just LOVELY...I would love to go there, live there and just be there! Thank´s for sharing this...
    Warm hug,

  18. Such a beautiful scenic drive. I love the cloud formations.

  19. Beautiful captures on this scenic, country drive!

  20. Super trip with such wonderful countryside fences, homes and sunsets/skies. You do live in a fabulous part of the state.

  21. Karen, how I love drives in the country. I live on the edge of a country road, and sometimes I drive along just to take a few pictures of horses, cows, fences, and this very special white horse that I love. That will be nice that your daughter is moving close by. I love the old farmhouses, but I think my favorite is the majestic skies. Very nice pictures, Karen.

    Have a nice Friday.


  22. I always enjoy going along on your drives. You live in gorgeous country at the foot of those awesome mountains.

  23. I am so HAPPY that she will be closer to you!!! YAY!!! And what a stunning drive! You had me at every single photo Karen!! Golly! They knocked me out of my seat!!! You really need to blow some of these up to frame for your house friend! They are jaw dropping! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! Nicole xoxo

  24. Dearest Karen,
    So that also means you are now without the Dachshunds?... Great that your daughter moved nearby; that is something to look forward to.
    This post could have been about perfect skies, what a beautiful clouds.
    Sending you hugs,

    1. Dear Mariette,
      No, I still have the Dachshunds - I have two daughters! :) The one with the new home is the other one....They keep me busy...xo Karen

  25. I love winter skies. Your photos capture the different colours it can take beautifully.

  26. Postcard perfect! Love the beautiful sky in every picture.

  27. love beatrice, what a beautiful landscape !!! thanks for the great pictures and all love angie

  28. Greetings from Northern Finland! We have had so much snow here. Welcome to visit my blog. There are lot of photos from " Lapland" and winter:)

  29. Oh my goodness you live in beautiful surroundings. And that last shot of the sunset was breath-taking!!

  30. Hi Karen, you are blessed with spectacle of hills, farmlands and a majestic mountains. How can you not enjoy the drive along that road. The sunset photos are stunning too.

    Enjoy your weekend

  31. Dear Karen, the skies in your area seems to always be majestic with spectacular sunsets or just plain clouds shielding Mount Rainier from the view. I love the sense of space that I always get when I see your posts from the country side of Western Washington State. What a privilege to be surrounded by so much open land and nature..
    Warm regards,

  32. What a lovely drive, and how wonderful your daughter will be living closer to you. I think a winter sunset is always particularly beautiful, and you have captured a gorgeous one.

  33. Hi Karen, thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us. It is so beautiful where you live and I love the photos with the mountains! Have a lovely day and week.

  34. Such beauty everywhere -- If I had the $$$ to restore an old farm house I would jump on it..Lovely photos..Glad to know you have a daughter closer now to visit - that's always a huge blessing..
    Have super day and week..

  35. A beautiful drive Karen! The skies look very impressive. Wishing your daughter and son in law lots of happiness in their new home!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  36. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Karen! Great fences, barns and houses! And I LOVE those beautiful skies!

  37. Olá querida, passei por aqui para agradecer sua doce presença
    no meu cantinho.
    Imagens magníficas...amei!
    Obrigada !!!
    Abraços, Marie.


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