Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Morning Reflections

It's a beautiful Monday, full of sunshine and a light breeze that makes my wind chimes sing.
We have been so sun deprived here. Only 4 days of sunshine in the whole month of March!
But the forecast is for another storm to come in tonight, bringing with it wind and more rain. So I am enjoying this one beautiful day, sitting here listening to the birds singing and enjoying the warm sun.

We had a very rainy weekend, but on Sunday I took a little drive to see my Dad at the nursing home. It is such a pretty drive and I stopped to take some pictures along the way. This is a fallow field with some wild mustard blooming. You can see just how wet it has been by the rather large puddles here and there.

Directly across the road are strawberry fields. We are going to need a lot more sunshine for them to set fruit! There is a little fruit stand all ready and waiting to deliver the sweet strawberries to us, come June.

These two sheep curiously look on as I take pictures in the pouring rain. They seem to be enjoying the new spring grass growing in their lush meadow.

I went in to visit Dad and it is always bittersweet. He is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's now and doesn't even open his eyes or acknowledge I am there. I stand over his sleeping form, looking at the family pictures on the walls, reminiscing about happier times. I kiss him on his pale forehead and tell him I love him, and walk out into the cool Spring rain.

I travel back along the country road, stopping to take pictures along the way. At one time there was a railroad line here. The Burlington Northern Railroad took out the tracks in the early 80's and turned the line into a hiking trail. This bridge is a lonely reminder of those long ago days. Now it serves to cross the road for hikers and love struck teenagers with a can of spray paint. Somebody really loves Heidi.

This beautiful old bridge crosses the same creek that flows at the foot of my little mountain, many miles away. Another relic from the railroad days left behind for walkers to enjoy.

The creek is running high this time of year with Spring run-off from Mount Rainier's many glaciers.

All along the way, flowering trees create a fairytale landscape.

I had to pull in and investigate this lovely old barn. Once upon a time, serving the farmer well. Now left to gracefully age into the lonely landscape.

It has a beauty all it's own.

As I approach my own little mountain, the sun peeks out from the clouds, illuminating the new red roof on this lovingly cared for barn. The alder trees are tinged with pink, as the catkins are beginning to bloom. You can see the snow level is still very low.

I climb my steep mountain road and at the very top along the little wet lands, the skunk cabbage are blooming. Such a pretty flower, with such an unfortunate name. But if you could wade in the water and take a whiff, you would agree it is an appropriate name after all! They attract a certain kind of fly used to pollinate the flowers. Bears find these a delicacy.

And here I am at the end of my journey, at the gate that leads to home. My daffodils are starting to flower and the wild plum tree is in full bloom. Today I will work along this driveway, to clear the fallen branches that still line the way, enjoying the rare Spring sunshine and thinking about my Dear Father, and upcoming plans for Easter as time moves forward with new memories to create.

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  1. What a lovely post, although as you say very bittersweet about your father. I'm glad you can feel good about going to see him. I'm sure on some level he must know.

    Your blossom looks absolutely amazing! I would love to stand underneath those trees and just feel the blossom all around me.

    Good luck with the ongoing cleanup! I'm glad you had some sun at last. In Scotland, we have had SNOW!

  2. Karen,

    What a pretty drive. I love the countryside you have where you live! I'm sorry about your dad having Alzheimer's. My grandpa suffered from that. Take heart and know that your dad loves you very much. It's not easy to watch a loved one suffer so. Take care of yourself.


  3. Hi Christine, thank you for your kind comments. Yes, those trees look so inviting! We had one day of sunshine and now it is back to cold and wet. I'm not surprised you have snow, there was snow here today, also, along the coast. Sigh..... I know spring is coming, but my patience is wearing thin! xx

  4. Hi Cynthia, thank you for your sweet comments. As you know, Alzheimer's is like a thief, stealing the very essence of what makes a person unique. I do have faith that he is aware on some level. Your thoughts are very comforting. xx

  5. I'm sorry to hear that your father is ill, but I did enjoy reading about your day.

    Strawberries in June - how odd! Strawberry season in Louisiana is April, when the weather has warmed.

    Oh - and I am the one who loves Heidi. She's my best friend. <3

  6. Hi Stacy Lyn, thank you for your caring comment. Yes, Strawberries are in June, here, we have very cool Springs and high elevation. My mouth is watering from some sun ripened strawberries! Lucky you!

    I knew somebody loved Heidi! You'll have to frame that picture for her! xx


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