Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Girl

We celebrated a birthday on Sunday.
A precious daughter.
Our middle child.
A child no more.
Now grown for more years than I care to admit.
Where did the time go?

Big blue eyes, button nose, long black hair.

A smile to light up even the gloomiest of days.

Sweet and Tender Hearted.

A joy to all who know her.

Our birthday Girl.


  1. Lovely little post. And that cake is a mile high!

  2. Happy birthday to your little girl - which she will always be! <3

  3. Oh - one more thing - you must teach your blog buddies how to make a cake like that! <3

  4. A belated birthday to your beautiful daughter. She looks a lot like you, I think.

    And - what an amazing cake! How many layers must it have?!

  5. Thank you, all for stopping by and for your sweet comments. The cake was actually a bakery find! It was chocolate inside with the lightest, fluffiest frosting in between the layers, like chocolate whipped cream! Mmmmm, mmmmm! If I had tried to bake it, it would not look like that! It would be lopsided and have crumbs in the frosting! he he! xx


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