Monday, April 16, 2012

A Wonderful Sunday

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I woke up this morning to light rain, but the sun is peeking out now through the fast moving clouds.

It leaves patches of bright sunlight, chasing away the dampness and warming up the house.

As I brew my tea and fill the toaster, I think about my lovely Sunday.

A day spent with loved ones.

A trip to see a Father in the nursing home, with a Sister and a Niece, and a beloved Daughter.

Two Mothers. Two Sisters. With Two Daughters to see a much Loved Father and Grandfather.

A stop at the market on the way home for some fresh ingredients.

Some simple cooking.

A little writing.

An evening stroll to admire new daffodils planted last fall.

A little treasure, found on the way.

And some beautiful bedside reading.

A wonderful Sunday.


  1. That does sound like the perfect day. I recently read "Gift from the Sea" because a friend of my Granny's gave me a copy - I'd remembered my Granny had always found strength in that book. I'd expected to find it outdated, but not a bit of it. Women are still struggling to balance self / family / material life / spiritual life...

    I'd be very interested to know more about what you made of her essays.

  2. Hi Christine, I am also finding the book is not at all outdated. I had thought the same thing when I started re-reading it again. I will have to write a post on this excellent book and let you know what I think of it! Thanks for your input! xx

  3. It does sound like a perfect Sunday. I spent my weekend reading and doing yard work. The reading was relaxing but the yard work not so much.

  4. I was traveling...again. Not as exciting as it sounds when you do it all the time. Glad to catch up with you, though. Please do share your thoughts on "Gift from the Sea" one day - I'd like to hear more. <3

  5. Reading, yard work, and traveling... all good things!

    As soon as I am done with 'Gift from the Sea', I will be sharing my thoughts!

    Hope you all have a pleasant week and thanks for visiting me! xx


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