Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Style Easter Decorating

I had a little fun yesterday, decorating the house with a few little Easter Keepsakes. Every year I buy one new keepsake to add to my collection. This year it was these little blue egg cups.
You can't see them very well, but they have soft white polka dots. There were only 4, so I bought them all.
The egg 'wands' in the vase are real painted eggs that my daughter gave me one year as a gift. The hand painted vase was a vintage store find, as was the sweet little doily.
It has an embroidered basket at each end. Perfectly appropriate, I thought! I had it stashed in my sewing room with the price tag still on it. $3.00! I can't even remember when I bought it. Now it will stay with my Easter decorations.
The blue platter is part of my vintage Franciscan Ware collection. I started collecting that dishware years ago. Now they are so hard to find.
I made this little egg 'tree' out of a couple of branches I found in the back yard. I put some florist foam in the blue metal bucket, stuck the branches into it, and covered it with moss.
I glued little white silk flowers on with hot glue.
The glass hand painted eggs were a craft store find.
 I placed it on another vintage doily embroidered with baskets. I found the crystal egg at an antique shop for a couple of dollars. I think it is real lead crystal. It's very heavy. I practically ran out of the shop with it, knowing I had found a real bargain! The little eggs are candy covered chocolate. Hubby thinks they are fake. Shhhh! He is a candy thief!

I made these little bunnies years ago when I had a little shop with my Mother. We sewed up a storm, back then. These managed to come back home with me and have survived many little hands.

I love candy tins. This one has pretty springtime flowers. The Jelly Bean tin was a gift from my sister-in-law. The rabbit is terra-cotta and the little carrot tag is from some long ago Easter gift.

More bunnies and 'fake' Easter eggs in a miniature basket on the table in front of the daybed.

My Kitchen Queen hosts some colorful metal picket fence baskets and candle eggs. Peter Rabbit guards my other secret candy stash inside the metal painted egg. (These I will share with Hubby)

A precious vintage bunny from my childhood. He has pink eyes.

And string whiskers.

I hope you have enjoyed my Vintage Style Easter Decorating. I had so much fun reminiscing with you. I hope you are having fun decorating and planning your own Easter Celebrations.


  1. I love your decorations! A collection like that, that comes together over years and years is the best. I'm also just trying to pick up (or make!) one new little thing for each holiday so my collection keeps growing, but without spending a fortune. Your home looks so welcoming!

  2. Love your home and the Easter decorations! Felt like a little visit...thank you!

  3. Thank you, Courtenay and Dianne for your nice comments and thanks for 'stopping by' for a visit! xx

  4. Love those little chicks in the egg cups... I have a set of that 'Coronado' by Franciscan, but it is a mix-n-match set, some of each color (yellow, turquoise, cream, terracota. Love that!

  5. Your home looks so festive! I lost all my Easter decorations (and everything else except Christmas decorations!) in Katrina. :( But, this year my daughter and I made panoramic Easter eggs as we used to do when she was little. I think the traditions are what make holidays special, more than anything else. Your children will remember your cozy home for Easter more than what you actually put up in the house. Though, your decorations - accrued over a lifetime - are very special. <3

  6. Hi Madge, I am jealous of your set of Coronado! Thanks for stopping by! xx

  7. Hi Stacy Lyn, I am sorry to hear about your losses to Katrina. I tried to find references on your blog to that time, but don't know where to look. That must have been a very frightening experience.
    You are right about traditions making holidays special. I would love to see your panoramic Easter eggs! xx

  8. always love reading your keeps me close to you i love your vintage bunny & you Hoppy Easter

  9. Hi Donna, I wish we didn't live so far apart! Hoppy Easter to you, too! xx

  10. Hi Mom! I remember when you made those bunnies for your shop. I loved sitting in that shop with you during the day and stealing pieces of candy from the bins downstairs. *grin* All of your Easter collections rush back so many great memories.


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