Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

It was a beautiful sunny day.

After days of clouds and rain.

Our only sunshine at the end of the day, when rays would drift below the clouds to illuminate the tops of  trees.

Glistening raindrops.

Pitter Patter.

And then, beautiful morning sunshine.

Streaming in through happy windows.

Shining on sweet faces.

Making me smile.

And landing on the ground in drops of gold.

I hope you are having a sunshiny day!


  1. Yes, thanks to your beautiful pictures, I have had a sunshiny day, too! <3

  2. Rain here but there is sunshine in our hearts! Your photos are so gorgeous, especially those amazing pansies. Do you keep them blooming by doing loads of deadheading every day?

    Thanks for this beautiful post, Karen.

  3. Hi Stacy Lyn, glad you have sunshine, too! xx

  4. Hi Christine, Thank you! No deadheading required (at least not yet), they are Glacier Pansies that I planted in the fall! The smaller sized ones bloom the best! (And sometimes reseed) xx


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