Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Embroidered Linen Jacket

The wind has been blowing.
The snow has been falling.
But I have had spring on my mind.

This is what it looks like from here.
But I have been busy working on an embroidered linen jacket for spring.

Something to throw on when I work in the garden.
I can also see myself wearing this on a picnic with Hubby.
We love picnics.
But I am getting ahead of myself here.
Spring seems so far away today.

I found this little jacket in my favorite vintage store. I think I paid $6 for it!
It is the softest linen. With real bone buttons. When I iron it, it releases a scent of fresh mown hay.
I love linen. And Flax. And 100% cotton. Fabric Love.
But you can see, it is very plain.

I used a dark linen floss to embroider a cross stitch onto some of the seams.
The rest of the stitching was done entirely in back stitch.

Even the flowers.

To make the back pattern, I simply used a cardboard template, 5"x8", to draw a rectangle with a pencil directly on the linen.  I measured to find the middle, then found the middle of the jacket back and lined them up.

I just drew the flowers in freehand. As you can see, they are thistles. I used a soft moss green for the leaves and stems. I also filled in with the same dark linen color I used for the cross stitching. I used blue and purple for the thistle flowers.

I then stitched the 'frame' in dark linen using the back stitch.

The jacket had lovely pieced seams around the waist and the bottom of the sleeves that I cross stitched.

I also used the dark linen floss to stitch around the collar and pocket top seam using a back stitch.
Soft natural fabrics with prominent seams work best for this technique.
Less than perfect design and stitching give it a vintage country look.
I hope this inspires you to look for your own vintage clothing to embellish. Simple stitches and soft colors add up to Vintage Love.
Now, if only it would stop snowing!


  1. What a stunning vintage jacket you have created and, yes, I am inspired! Lovely colors and design...


  2. Thank you, Southern Heart for your sweet comments. I am happy to have inspired you. xx

  3. Like Dianne, the word that comes to mind is "stunning"! You've taken a pleasing garment and made it into a work of art. I love your thistles! A little Scottish touch?

  4. Hi Christine, Thank you *blush*! Yes, Thistles for the Scottish girl in me! xx

  5. You are SO talented! I wish I knew how. What I love best in spring is silk or cotton cardigans - but not plain ones, embroidered ones. I have a few that I've always want to embellish, but I'm afraid I'll ruin the sweaters b/c I don't know what I'm doing! <3

  6. This is a fantastic post ~ when I get around to sewing my own vintage clothes {sometime this century?} I am looking forwards to embroidered them with a little embroidery and this is the perfect stitch guide for an authentic feel.

    Thank you so much for posting...


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