Monday, March 12, 2012

An Approaching Storm and a News Tribune Column

The forecast says we have an 'atmospheric bomb' circling off our coast in the Pacific.

This means we could get winds up to 60 mph here in the foothills.

I am sure we will lose our electricity.

We've had snow showers all weekend. The temperature has dropped.

The storm is going to hit early in the morning.

We have filled the wood box for both wood stoves.

We have water stockpiled.

Candles and Oil Lanterns are at the ready.

We've been through this before.

But you are never quite prepared for

the sound of the wind roaring through the pass.

Bending 100 ft trees over.

The sound of debris hitting the roof, hitting the glass.

Wind whistling down the chimneys.

Wondering if loved ones are safe.

But the house is sturdy.

We always have Faith.

All will be well.

We'll weather the storm.

We are cozy and warm.

But if you don't hear from me for a few days, you will know why.

We are always the last to get our electricity back.

We live at the end of the line.

But that's the way we like it.

I have a little project to work on to while away the hours.

And won't come to pass and the storm will blow over.

And I will have a new project to show you when I come back!

In the meantime, my News Tribune column comes out today.

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. We have a Wind Advisory out for tomorrow on this side of the state but not as bad as you are expecting. Hopefully you won't lose power.

    I really enjoyed your column. That was quite the encounter. I wrote a newspaper column years ago and it was so much fun. I'll look forward to reading more of your stories.

  2. Oh I do hope the storm isn't too bad. You still haven't finished cleaning up after the last one! Nature...

    I loved your column - read the story about your "kitty" up the tree to my husband who gasped. Not the kind of thing that is likely to happen to us in Aberdeen (although we have seen hedgehogs in the garden).

    Take care xox

  3. Loved the article, what a story! Stay safe during this storm. I can only imagine how hard it's blowing up on the hill.

  4. Hi Squirrel Queen, didn't lose power, so happy about that!

    I am having fun with the newspaper column! Interesting that you did that, too! Would love to hear more about that... xx

  5. Hi Christine, we didn't lose our electricity! I think all the poor trees have no branches to lose over power lines anymore! But now it is snowing...sigh, I will be happy for winter to end this year!

    I am jealous of your hedgehogs! How cute! Are they nice? xx

  6. Thank you, Sarah! Lots of wind, but no serious damage. Now we have snow! Won't you be glad when winter is over? xx

  7. Congratulations on your article! I hope you will continue to share them with your blog pals. :) It reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder's newspaper articles before she was the author of the Little House books. I love reading stories like that because I was born & raised in the city, but my heart has always been in the country.

    Be safe in the storm - been there too, as a New Orleans girl. <3

  8. Hi Stacy Lyn, oh yes, you would know about storms! I guess I can never complain....

    I love the 'Little House' books and read them all to my children growing up. It does feel like living in the last frontier sometimes!

    Thank you for your encouraging words! xx

  9. That explains the wind I wrote about in my last blog post! It howled all night before last. Enjoyed your column very much!


  10. Hi Diane, yes this seemed to be a very widespread storm along the Pacific! I will be so happy for spring to finally arrive. Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment on my article. xx

  11. In answer to your question about the hedgehogs, we saw them late on a summer night (about 11 pm so still a bit light here) and when we came up to them they just froze and didn't move. I don't think hedgehogs have much of a personality, but they are definitely cute and I feel honoured that they made (make?) a home in our garden. I'd made a little woodpile of twigs under the front hedge hoping it would provide someone a home.

  12. Hi Christine, How sweet that the hedgehogs came to visit your garden! And isn't that so nice of you to leave some twigs out for the wild things! Since I have been making piles from our ice storm, I have noticed that the birds and squirrels just love to hide in them! I will have to leave a few for them. xx


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