Friday, March 9, 2012

A beautiful March day

We have had beautiful sunshine for the last three days.

Every day I gather my wheelbarrow and the dogs and I head up the driveway.

The Indian Plum trees are starting to leaf out. There are tiny white flower buds encased in translucent green cocoons.

The bright sunshine illuminates the ferns growing along the forest floor.

It is very still.

I work all day making neat piles out of fallen branches.

The sun keeps me warm as I listen to the birds.

It's late afternoon and the shadows become long.

Sound carries from far away.

I hear the distant drone of a small plane, the piercing cry of a woodpecker.

I finish my work, wheelbarrow in hand.

The dogs and I head for home.

The end of another beautiful day.


  1. Your views are breathtaking! What a wonderful life you must have. Spring is so close isn't it-everything is starting to come to life again.

    Thank you so much for your kinds words on my blog.

  2. Thank you Cynthia, yes, Spring is coming and we are all looking forward to that. I do love my life, but like everything, hard work and patience are required! I do hope you have happier days ahead. xx

  3. To be outside like that - surrounded by trees and sunlight and your furry friends - what a day! I can't wait to get home to Louisiana to have a day like that. What an inspiration you are! <3

  4. The clouds that come off the mountain are really amazing! I think they are called "lenticular"? Your wood-gathering reminds me of old fairy tales. I'm glad that you have a nice wolf-free house to go back to.

    I took a photo of new shoots on bare branches very much like yours yesterday!

    Thanks for your beautiful blog, Karen. When is your next column coming up? Please let us know!

  5. Hi Stacy Lyn, thank you for your sweet comments! Safe travels, home is waiting! xx

  6. Oh, Christine, thank you, you are my inspiration!

    Speaking of wolves....the television has been running public service announcements about recognizing the difference between a wolf and a coyote. Also similar announcements about what to do in bear country, sponsored by the Grizzly Bear foundation. (They have been working to re-introduce these species into the North West.) I think that if I start seeing and hearing wolves and find a Grizzly in my back yard, I might consider getting a couple of Russian Wolf Hounds! Or three or four!

    Yes, they do call those clouds reticular! Do you have them in Scotland? They form around Mt. Rainier whenever we are expecting rain.

    Thank you for your interest in my next column! As a matter of fact, my next one is coming out Monday! I will post a link!

    Hope your weekend is full of happiness. xx

  7. Hi Christine, I mispelled the cloud formation, Lenticular,.... reticular,.... I know it is some kind of particular, he he xx

  8. Hi again - the only way I know the cloud name is from the Cloud-Spotters Handbook, he says they look like lentils! I'm pretty sure we get them here sometimes too. I'll keep a lookout.

    I'm really looking forward to your column on Monday. How cool that I can read it right here in my kitchen in Scotland!


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