Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I have always loved to write letters.
Because you have to write a letter to receive one.

And there is nothing sweeter than getting a letter in the mail.
Especially if there are photos.

Receiving cards are wonderful, too. And if there is a letter or note inside, even better.
There are so many beautiful cards these days. Or you can make your own. These handmade cards were from my daughter and I to my Dear Mother. I found them in with her keepsakes when she died. To know that she had saved them, makes my heart happy.

The beautiful embossed envelope from my sweet Hubby is missing it's card. No doubt it was beautiful and I displayed it for a while, separating it from it's envelope.

I'm sure I still have it.

I am one of those people who saves pretty cards and letters. 

My Dear Mother also loved to write letters. When she moved West from New England and left all of her friends and family behind, she kept in touch regularly by writing letters.

She collected Limoges porcelain boxes, and before she died, she gave them to me. This one is especially dear. A miniature envelope. A gift from my Father.

With a tiny card inside that reads, 'With Love'.
A perfect little remembrance of her love for writing letters.
The letter on top of my ribbon tied bundle is from her. The last one she wrote to me. Even though she lived down the street.

I am always on the look out for beautiful note cards to add to my collection. A personalized thank you, or a sweet endearment just to say, 'I'm thinking of you', is a precious keepsake.
Some of them are truly little works of art.
This little beauty is hand stitched on hand made paper. A gift from my Dear Daughter.
These colorful works of art were made by my children in school. I use them for special occasions to send to them one at a time.
I would love to know how they made them!
Museum gift shops are wonderful places to find these miniature works of art. Lovely souvenirs of a pleasurable day spent surrounded by beauty.

The Limoges stamp box was a gift to my Mother from me. And now it is mine.
I keep these little treasures in my Mother's beautiful desk.
Where I also keep a photo of them taken at the Senior Prom. My Father wore a white tux. So many years ago. This little lamp with the capiz shell shade has graced this very same spot since my Mother bought her beautiful desk from the Ethan Allen store in the 1960's.
The Ink bottle with the feather pen, and the three little quail have also resided there since then.
Another picture of my parents when they were dating, at the beach. And the wooden Mortar and Pestle we found in the abandoned farm house when I was nine, where I also found the crochet hooks that inspired my love of crochet.

I still write letters. Although not so many these days. I write to my elderly Aunts living in New England. I write to Hubby's sisters and his elderly Mother.

I write about my day to day life, a record of my life in the present.

As I sit at my Mother's desk, connected to the past.

And maybe, my letters will live on for future generations.

Writing letters is a lost art. But one well worth preserving. The romance of a bundle of letters, tied with a ribbon and yellowed with age, speaking of simple day to day lives, can never be replaced.

The pleasure of receiving a beautiful note card, perhaps with a photo or a small keepsake, such as a feather or pressed flower, can never be compared.

I hope this inspires you to write a letter today.

At the very least, it gives you an excuse for buying all those pretty note cards!
And I guarantee it will make someone very happy!


  1. I couldn't agree more. When my Grandmother was still alive, prior to her sickness we'd share many handwritten letters back and forth. She'd stuff her envelopes with secret recipes and newspaper scrapings. I miss receiving her letters. Once in awhile she would write an entire letter in Spanish. Hoping it would coax me into learning more than the Hola and Si Señorita! It never did but I still enjoyed receiving them.
    Now, with my Husband Josh's family residing mostly in Florida and New Mexico I exchange many hand written letters filled with pictures with them. He leaves the "communicating" to me, to say the least. But I enjoy it. His step-mother is very talented and creative. She will sometimes write me back using a handmade greeting card with oil paintings and calligraphy all over the card. There is something about a handwritten letter that shows a special kind of love.

  2. I think we're kindred spirits! Writing letters - such a wonderful thing to do with your time. And as always, you do it with finesse. What beautiful cards and such memories attached to that desk. How lucky you are! Thanks for sharing your ideas and memories. <3

  3. Hi Sarah, how sweet that you and your grandmother wrote to each other! I love that she tried to encourage you to speak Spanish by writing it! And it must be wonderful to have her hand written recipes! Something to pass down to your sweet daughter. I can relate to being the one who does all the correspondence with the in-laws. It must be so sweet to get hand made greeting cards from his step mother! Thanks for sharing. xx

  4. Hi Stacy Lyn, of course writing is in your blood, just as in mine! Thank you for your sweet comments, as always. xx

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  6. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful writing desk and cards with us. I have saved many precious cards and letters, and would give anything to have more than about five from my darling Granny. She wrote us (and later me) without fail every week.

    You may or may not believe this, but yesterday I was in the Art Gallery and found a card that called out your name, and this morning I was intending to send it to you! So look out for something in the post.


  7. Hi Christine, isn't it wonderful that you have those cards and letters from your dear granny. They are such precious reminders of her love.

    Thank you for thinking of me when you were in the art gallery! I still have the beautiful card you sent me and a lovely frame for it, but it has two sections. I was wondering what I could put in the other side, and now I will have something, both precious keepsakes from a dear friend! xx

  8. You DID inspire me to write a letter. Thank you for that. I do so love to receive one myself.

  9. This is such a beautiful mail art :) I love writing letters, and this is great idea. I love vintage too :)
    Following you now.


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