Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Quiet Sunday

It's just a lazy Sunday.

It's very misty and cold today.
Cold enough to snow.

But not cold enough to stick. 
Even though we have so much to do outside, the weather has forced us to stay inside.
We are cozy in front of the fire.
Hubby sitting in front of his table doing our taxes.
While I sit at mine, catching up on my letter writing and magazine reading while watching a marathon of 'Rick Steve's Europe' on Public Television.

I call that true 'multi-tasking!' 
It's lovely to have nothing pressing to do.
To have one day to relax.
My brave little crocus are trying to bloom on the deck railing.

I can see them from where I sit. 
I can also see that the wild plum tree is blooming, slightly bent now from the ice storm.
While right in front of the plum tree, early daffodils are still going strong, despite the 6 inch blanket of snow they had last week. In the foreground are my Rugosa Roses, just starting to leaf out.

When I want to stretch my legs and get some fresh air I head out to the deck. 
 Tulips are poking up from the pots where I planted them last fall. I can't even remember what colors they are! It will be a happy surprise when they bloom!
While my pansies have kept on blooming all winter long! They are a variety called 'Glacier Pansies'. If you live in the North, these are wonderful to pot up in the fall.

I am now glad that I took the time to plant these bulbs and flowers last fall in the mild sunshine. I have flowers to enjoy now when the weather is too cold to go outside and garden.

 And later, I can reheat some of the St. Patrick's Day corned beef and cabbage I served yesterday to Hubby and my sweet daughter, H, who came to visit.

( Place corned beef in a heavy covered baking pan on top of a sliced onion, surround with potatoes and carrots, sprinkle with included spice packet, and pour a bottle of beer over all (not dark beer), Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes per lb. adding quartered cabbage the last hour. Yum! )

 Complete with Irish Brown Bread.

(You can find this in my recipe section)

And decadent chocolate cream cupcakes!

(brought by sweet daughter from a bakery)

So let it snow!

How was your Sunday?


  1. Your weather sounds very similar to ours right now. It was a great weekend to relax and catch up on inside tasks.

    I'm going to have to look for some of the Glacier Pansies to plant this fall.

  2. That sounds like the perfect end-of-winter Sunday. Your pansies are really amazing! I've never heard of Glacier pansies, but here we have Winter pansies and they do so lift the spirits.

    I was spoiled completely rotten on Sunday, which was "Mothering Sunday" here in Britain. Michael brought me breakfast in bed (French toast!), then when I came downstairs I was greeted with flowers, cards and a gorgeous pearl bracelet! I don't usually get jewellery for Mother's Day but I guess Michael and the Dafter thought I deserved extra after such a very difficult year - now what can we get him for Father's Day? I particularly appreciated the handmade card from my daughter because I know how hard it is for her to focus and do art these days.

    Then I went to church, where we were given chocolate eggs for Mother's Day; then home for a beautiful lunch; then out again to meet up with a friend for coffee at a local cafe; then I nipped across the street to see my neighbour and had a quick cuppa there. Then a beautiful Indian meal for our tea (i.e. dinner / supper), made by Michael. When we said our thank-yous, the Dafter said "Thank you for Mama!" which completely warmed my heart. Then I watched Songs of Praise on t.v., and some other things on t.v., and did lots of knitting!

    Really, the perfect Mother's Day.

  3. Beautiful pictures (and words) as always, Karen. I so love visiting your blog every day - it's like going on a mini-vacation! My Sunday was spent with my sweet daughter, too - I'm home for a month and so happy! <3

  4. Hello Karen. Found the link to your lovely post at Karen's Simple Sunday.

  5. Hi Squirrel Queen, I think you will love the glacier pansies...I found them at my local grocery store, so they are easy to find.

    Here we are with snow and the rest of the country basking in summer temperatures! xx

  6. Hi Christine, Oh, I am so happy that you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Your family is so sweet and thoughtful. Pearls are the perfect gift, but I think the beautiful comment from the Dafter, with her 'thank-you', had to be the best gift of all! It is so good to hear that you were so well taken care of, as you deserve it!

    Can't wait to see your knitting, too!

  7. Thank you, Stacy Lyn for such a nice comment! Isn't it wonderful that you are home for a whole month, and that it started out with a nice visit from your daughter. xx

  8. Hi Maureen, so glad that you stopped by! Hope your Sunday was quiet, too! xx

  9. hello karen
    what a lovely sounds the pansies.mmmh that bread looks delicious.
    great blog!!!
    have a nice week,
    greetings from germany,

  10. I love your Sunday post. Thanks for playing along with me.

  11. Hi Regina, so happpy you stopped by! (love your beautiful blog, too!)xx

  12. Hi Cynthia, Such a fun idea! Glad I could participate! xx

  13. Trying to catch up on my blog reading and I enjoyed belatedly reading this wonderful St. Patrick's Day post! I tried to buy a corned beef brisket when we returned from our trip and all the stores were sold out! I'll try again to find one since I bought fresh cabbage...

    Your deck and flowers are wonderful!


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