Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sewing Room Musings

Tonight I am upstairs in my sewing room. This is one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. In fact, it is like my own little world tucked under the eaves and away from the cares and troubles of life.
This is a room that has always been for 'girls'. It was built and created for my two daughters and they lived out their childhood inside these four walls.
We decorated this room together. We read stories here and curled hair, and pinned up hems.
Secrets were told here of childhood romances, girlhood friendships; there was homework, sleepovers, getting ready for prom.
It is a happy pink room with morning sunlight and a view of whoever comes to the front door.
Important when you are expecting a date!
Happy, memories.
 I don't come up here as often as I should. I am slowly finding my creativity again.
Sometimes you lose things along the way, but sometimes you can get them back if you stay focused on the journey.
So, my sewing room is a little dusty and cluttered , but I am ready to move back in once more.
This is a favorite room of my kitties, too.
Maggie and Ling Ling love to snooze away a quiet afternoon up here.
 No dogs allowed!
Of course they insist I have their favorite collectibles up here!
 These two kitties were once my Dear Mother's. One is cast iron, the other ceramic. They are both door stops.
But now they stand guard in front of the hat boxes.
I am here to sew together a sweet little gift for a dear little baby.
 But I don't want to give the surprise away until after it is sent, so this is all I can show you.
I have been busy crocheting in front of the fire on quiet evenings and now it is ready for the final touches.
It is so soft.
I have my 'vintage' television to keep me company while I work.
 A gift to my daughters one Christmas when it was 'new'. That was in the early 90's! But why replace something that is still useful?
Here I am watching Christmas movies on 'Lifetime'. I am a hopeless romantic.
You can see a big swatch of burlap that I bought a while ago for a table runner. But that will have to wait, as Christmas has taken over!
Once all the rock posters came down when my daughter's left the nest, I moved my collection of Victorian artwork in here.
All famous Victorian paintings of children with pets.
My life for so many years!
There were dogs and cats and guinea pigs and birds, and even two chubby little ponies, all very much loved.
These beloved works of art remind me of those wonderful days gone by.
Here is my chair, with yes, an electric heating pad for my shoulder.
It is an old injury that I always forget and I do foolish things like pick up 40 lb bags of sunflower seeds for the birds that I find on sale and load myself.
I can't pass up a bargain.
Behind me are a few of my sewing and crafting books on a temporary shelf,
 that keep me inspired.
I am looking for just the right wooden bookshelf. Tall and narrow. And white. Or pink?
The rest of my books reside inside this little cupboard that was once my children's. My vintage television sits on top.
 Kitty Kat needlework share black painted frames alongside, all thrift shop finds.
My ironing board is wooden from the 1930's.
I have two of these (one in my laundry room) and one miniature child's one with a tiny electric iron that plugs in and gets 'warm'.
I have used them as buffet tables, minus their coverings, whenever I have a large crowd.
I have a metal wardrobe rack with baskets of fabric waiting for creative inspiration. Most are vintage 'shabby chic' style sheets and thrift store fabrics collected over time.
I can't show you the whole rack.
It is messy.
It badly needs to be organized. (After the Holidays)
I do want to sew some pretty summer curtains and cushions with my finds.
I love using vintage containers to store my supplies.
Here I have enamel and glass refrigerator dishes to store buttons and odds and ends.
 I can have my 'girliest' treasures, here.
For many years I had no room of my own.
Not even a bedroom!
While building this house when our children were young, we slept on a pull out couch waiting for the day when we would have our very own bedroom.
Can you believe 8 years?
I did all of my sewing on a treadle sewing machine that also served as a table behind my sofa.
My crafting was done late at night on the kitchen table.
But now, I have my very own bedroom shared with my Dear Husband (although not quite done) and I have inherited this sewing room from my precious girls.
My little 'Cottage Style' refuge.
I can still hear the echos of my little girl's laughter.
Filling the room with memories and love.
What are you creating today?


  1. I wish that I knew how to sew! What a wonderful talent!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jori. I learned to sew back when High Schools offered it as a full credit course! I took advantage! A handy skill to have, but one I don't get to do as often as I'd like. xx

  2. This post reminds me of my mother and how she used to love sewing so very much. What a touching post :)

  3. Wonderful place to work and stay surrounded by all your materials to create. I also have some special corners for me. Thanks for sharing yours

    1. Thank you for stopping by Marina! It is so nice to have a little place all your own, even a 'little corner'! xx

  4. I am back in AZ from Utah -- my Dad has passed away and it all good. I've missed seeing your photos and plus all your thoughts you share.. I pretty place to work -- indeed! I need to get back to sewing too!

    1. I am so sorry for your loss - my deepest condolences. xx I am glad you are back! I have missed you! xx

  5. I would love to have a separate room for crafting.
    I like your seasonal blog banner. It's very inviting and cosy.

    1. Oh, I know that longing, Zosia. With three teenagers I can't imagine you have time, never mind a place to claim as your own! We do what we can, right? Thank you for your nice comment. xx

  6. What a lovely sewing room, Karen! I love that it was once your daughters' room and all the memories remain with you as you sew and create in there. Also enjoyed your Victoria artwork. A sweet glimpse into your life there - thank you!

    1. So glad to hear from you, Dianne. You are always a welcome visitor and so sweet. xx

  7. I wanted to stop by and and say hi. I've been remiss with my blog hopping - gathering up all my fine junk for a garage sale! Your sewing room is filled with inspiration - I know your creative muse will be back with a vengeance!

    1. So glad you stopped by, Diva! Oh, I wish I could go to your garage sale! What wonderful delights there would be! xx

  8. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely insight into your whereabouts and your life... Oh, we know what it means to build something from scratch. My Dad has been such a do-it-self builder and my husband Pieter too. Living with dust has some charm and it gives so much satisfaction that cannot be achieved otherwise. You do have a lovely sewing room in the end. After raising your precious girls and now staying in 'their' room, full of fond memories and happy days. At the moment I am not creating anything. Wish I had the time to sit and cross stitch... But the house calls for lots of work first and the laundry and the cooking. Trying to eat healthy also means you have to prepare it all yourself. How many hours do we have in a day? By far not enough to accomplish all we want to do!
    Hugs to you,

    1. Thank you, sweet Mariette for stopping by for a little visit. I always love to read your comments, so warm and down to earth! I do not think there are enough hours in the day, especially this time of year! It is all a balancing act, isn't it? Take good care and put that healthy eating on the priority list. Hugs to you, xx

  9. What a beautiful, beautiful sewing room! I particularly love the furniture painted white. I have a white desk at my house as well! Your sewing room reminds me of my Granny's sewing room, which had been my mother's and aunt's room before that. It was where my sister and I stayed if only the two of us were visiting, and I loved the creative atmosphere of the room.

    I'm sure you will really enjoy your sewing and crocheting there. Here I'm trying hard to finish the last Christmas knitting project, a tea cosy. xox

  10. Dear Christine, Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us of your Granny's sewing room! We share the love of white furniture, here only in this special room for me. I always love when you stop by for a chat, and have fun knitting your tea cozy. Tea does sound good this time of year. Hugs, xx

  11. "We decorated this room together. We read stories here and curled hair, and pinned up hems. Secrets were told here of childhood romances, girlhood friendships; there was homework, sleepovers, getting ready for prom. It is a happy pink room with morning sunlight and a view of whoever comes to the front door. Important when you are expecting a date!"

    Could your sewing room be anymore enchanting?! What a wonderful place to escape and filled with such amazing energy!!!

    Beautiful writing!

    1. Thank you, Wendy, what a very nice thing to say, I am touched and thank you for visiting me in my favorite room. xx

  12. What a wonderful sewing room, Packed full of happy memories.. Beautiful artwork to enjoy... Simply a Perfect refuge... Hugs May x x x

  13. Thank you, May for visiting me here in my little room and for being so sweet. xx

  14. What a great sewing room! It is fantastic to have a place to enjoy hobbies!

    The Darjeeling Darlings

  15. Thank you, 'Darlings' for stopping by and for giving us a link to your lovely tea blog and your giveaway! Happy Holidays! xx

  16. Oh I must say you had me teary eyed with this post. I have two rooms with no laughter, giggles or loud music coming from them either. It is hard but I do enjoy my sewing room full of memories like you and I am looking forward to my girls coming home for Christmas there will be giggling and laughter and when they leave more tears but only for a little while.
    I love your little sewing room. I am sure creativity will now grow here. Hug B

    1. Dear Buttons, I knew you would understand! It is a bittersweet feeling, but we have to feel good that we did our job and we now get to delight in the wonderful outcome - delightful daughters to 'come home' for special times. Hugs to you. xx

  17. What a lovely room!
    I like the wallpaper, the wicker touches, the paintings, the wooden cabinets, etc... oh, and the stack of hat boxes!
    It really is a 'girlie room'. I bet your daughters have wonderful childhood memories!
    Thanks for sharing this special place with us.

  18. Your sewing room is so lovely and holds many wonderful memories. I wish I had learned to sew. Your mother's two kitties are a sweet addition. Everything is beautiful in pink!

  19. My "creating" has been limited to painting lately (walls, not pictures!). I hope to have that dream home and dream crafting room one of these days. It's so nice that yours holds such precious memories. <3

  20. What a lovely room! May I ask what kind of sewing machine you have? xoxo


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