Friday, November 30, 2012

Mini Winter Berry Wreaths

I made these Tiny Winter Berry Wreaths to use as decorations, ornaments and gifts.
They were so easy to make and well worth making in multiples to keep on hand for gift giving.
Created with simple supplies that you might already have on hand, or that can be purchased at your local craft section, they are very inexpensive and versatile.
Coated with glitter, they sparkle and shine in the light.
Or they can be left natural for a rustic look.
They would also look lovely hanging from pretty ribbon.
And given as gifts.
Or hung in a tree.
The possibilities are endless.
I had so much fun crafting these! They would look lovely in soft pastel colors, or with red berries.
To create these little lovelies, all you need are:
4 small Grapevine Wreaths
 Craft Paint, (I used some latex wall paint I had on hand)
Spray Paint
 1/2 inch paint brush
1 spray Artificial 'Winter Berries' with stems that can be cut apart
Glitter Glue or Spray Glitter
Hot glue gun
Ribbon for hanging
Paint the wreaths and set aside to dry.
Once dry, add the glitter glue wherever you want some sparkle. 
Leave to dry. Overnight is good.
Alternately, if you want this process to go quick, use spray paint and spray glitter!
Separate Winter Berry Clusters and hot glue to wreath.
I added a few tiny leaves to each wreath. These were part of the Winter Berry Spray.
I then dabbed everything with glitter glue, spreading it out on the leaves.
This gives it that 'touched by frost' look.
Allow these to dry and then have fun thinking of ways to use your creations!


  1. How cute! I absolutely love the fact that they are mini wreaths. It's so charming! I like the idea of using one on the base of a vase or candle holder. Great job! :)

  2. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely idea and indeed KISS = Keep It Sweet & Simple.
    Love the way you decorate with cinnamon sticks too, it is so homey for the winter season. You have a keen eye for pretty things and keeping in mind the budget. Something I admire in you!

    1. I like that, Mariette: Kiss, so clever! Thank you for visiting and for always being encouraging. xx

  3. They're beautiful and most importantly jell so well with the wonderful setting around. The pastel colours work well.

  4. These came out great and I love all your ideas on where they can be used. I have tried to find the white berries in the craft stores near me, but haven't been able to find them. They are so pretty!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I love those Mom! They would look great hanging from ribbon on the backs of my chairs. I so wish I had your talent. :) Love you! ~H~

  6. Hello again Karen!
    I am back to thank you for your sweet comment over at my little blog. It is inspiring to hear that you too are picking up crochet! How I wish my sister were still here to help me with all my silly questions! I have forgotten everything and am starting from scratch. For instance, when I turn my work, is there a front and a back? I guess I will stumble along and figure it out eventually!
    My dream is to be able to make a few things for my granddaughters, maybe a sweater for myself, and to be able to donate lap blankets or slippers to brighten someone's day. If you can recommend a website or pattern for beginners that you have found to be helpful, I would very much appreciate it! :)

    1. Dear Zuzu,

      I love your dreams for crochet! It is such a relaxing craft and so satisfying to create something beautiful out of something so simple!

      I do find lots of inspiration from books, and also from constantly keeping my eyes open for patterns whenever I go the yarn shop or looking on-line. I don't have one source, but many.

      There are three books that I would like to recommend to beginners like us. I have recently purchased these and am very pleased with the projects and instructions, as they are very simple with the beginner in mind.

      The first one, I highly recommend is 'Ultimate Crochet Bible', by Jane Crowfoot. This would be an investment book, as it is not inexpensive, but it has clear instructions for every stitch and technique you could dream of from stitches, to finishing techniques. Any answer you have about crochet, you will find here.

      Two other books I recommend are 'So Pretty Crochet' by Amy Palanjian, and 'Totally Simple Crochet' by Tove Fevang. Both of these books have projects that are so easy, yet very up to date, from dishcloths to shawls to baskets and aghgans.

      As far as sweaters, look at magazines - 'Crochet Today', and 'Crochet' are two good ones. Some of the projects are a little 'out there' so I just look through each issue at the store or on-line and if I find something I like, I buy that issue. Also, the little pamphlet's put out by the yarn companies are also great.

      And of course there is Pinterest. If you really want to find something nice, it is out there!

      I hope this gives you some ideas, Zuzu. Happy crocheting! xx

  7. Oh Karen, these are so pretty. I love that glitter!!! :) xx

    1. Thank you, Loredana. It's all about the glitter this time of year! xx

  8. I really really LOVE these wreaths. They are so festive :)

  9. I like Heather's idea of hanging them from the backs of chairs - I think she might be as creative as her mother. :)

    1. Thanks, Stacy Lyn, I like that idea, too! Of course being a Mom, I am biased, but she does always inspire me! xx

  10. Wow! They turned out SO cute! I love the way you used them as home decor, and attached them to gifts.

  11. Thank you, Jori! Hope you are having fun decorating, too! xx

  12. O my word... These are gorgeous... Fabulous festive makes & they wont break the bank.. Will be looking out for these small wreaths in the uk... Thank you for sharing... Hugs May x x x

  13. Adorable Karen! They really sparkle and shine. So many wonderful uses for these festive wreaths.


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