Monday, November 5, 2012

Autumn Wreath

This time of year there are so many beautiful Autumn leaves.
I wanted to capture that beauty and what better way to do that than with a simple Autumn Wreath!
This is so easy to do and here I will show you how.
Gather some medium and small sized leaves on a dry day and press between the pages of a phone book (or two) for a week. Weigh down the book. You will need about 100 leaves for a 12 inch wreath.
I used Russian Ash leaves (3-6").
Gather your supplies.
You will need a 12-18 inch grapevine wreath, some floral wire and cutters to make a hanging loop (or use a large paper clip), a hot glue gun and the leaves.
Fashion a hanging loop on the top - back of the wreath. Tuck in sharp ends or cut off. Alternately you can open up a paper clip so that one loop attaches around one strand of the wreath and the other is the hanging hook. Use a little hot glue to secure it tightly.
I used the back of a large cutting board for my work surface to protect my table, or you can use a heavy plastic tablecloth. I covered a smaller cutting board with aluminum foil to rest my hot glue gun.
To begin, simply put a little dab of hot glue onto the base of the leaf. Run it up the spine a bit.
Choose one of your large leaves.
Cut the stem off your leaf.
Place hot glue on back of leaf at the base.
Place your first leaf, pointing straight upwards. This should be the largest leaf of your layer. From there, place smaller leaves pointing slightly inward and outward as shown to form a small base grouping.
You will get a feel for this right away. It's most important to use your largest leaf in the center of your layer (pointing straight) and tuck the smaller leaves around. Continue around, overlapping and turning your wreath with each layer so that your main leaf is always lying straight upwards along the wreath.
You can fill in along the insides and outsides with small leaves after you get your base on.
Be sure to keep turning your wreath as you go.
I used a mix of colors in each layer, but it would look equally beautiful with all of the same hues.
This wreath would look very lovely done in maple or oak leaves. Perhaps with acorns or berries.
But I wanted to keep mine simple to accent the natural tones of my kitchen.
It only took me about an hour to create.
Gathering the leaves was done in 15 minutes on a morning walk.
Keep this wreath inside or on an enclosed porch, as any dampness will wilt the leaves.
If you gather your leaves now, you can have a beautiful wreath, hand crafted by you, to display for Thanksgiving.

This would also make a lovely hostess gift.


  1. Dearest Karen,
    You certainly do have PERFECT leaves! But this is such a KISS = Keep It Sweet & Simple style wreath. Love it and clever for cutting one cutting board with aluminum foil. You speak from experience and are very able to pass your knowledge on to others. THANK YOU!
    Hugs to you,

  2. Hi Karen,
    I love your wreath, it is perfect in it's simplity and clean lines. Nice tutorial too :-)

  3. I love your wreath, Karen. I love that you gathered the leaves while enjoying your walk.

  4. That is beautiful~ Thanks for sharing at Repurposed Ideas Weekly.
    I had hoped to use fall leaves for a project this year, but just haven't gotten to it yet.

  5. What a great idea and so easy to make. You are a very creative person, Karen - thanks for sharing your ideas with us! <3

  6. Hi Karen, the Autumn wreath is so pretty, what a great idea. Your kitchen and dining room look lovely. I also enjoyed your latest post on the Fall. You still have some vibrant Fall colors and the mist is magical. I could not make a comment on that post for some reason, so I'm commenting here for both. Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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