Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Musings on a Late Fall Day

My maple tree is losing it's leaves. It is like watching it cry. In color.

The mist moves through the mountain valleys, creating backdrops for viewing. Without the mist behind, tall trees blend in.
But now they form an island.
Like all of us at times, I suppose.
Can you see them still?
There is a power line that dissects this scene.
On still, snow covered nights you can hear them hum.
It is an eerie sound.
But I must get busy.
Today I am going to town.
The season now in Washington State, is in the last of it's Autumn glory.
The road at the top of our little mountain makes you dizzy looking down.
But my eyes are drawn to the surrounding hills.  
The hills are peppered with bright orange Maple trees. There are still a few leaves on the tips of the Cottonwoods. I can see the perpetual raindrops on my windshield that we have this time of year, along with a cedar sprig from the tree under which I park my little gray pick-up truck.
As I reach the bottom of the hill, I turn left and this is what I see.
This is a "4 way" intersection.
Three ways are gravel dead ends leading into the forest.
One way leads back home.
One way leads to the nearby ridge.
One way leads to the river.
This way leads down off the mountain and towards town.
I stop to take photos of this horse rolling next to lazy cows under a glorious golden Maple tree.
Flaming cherry trees guard the entrance to a white farmhouse.
Trees as brilliant as tropical flowers deceive us with their beauty, a temporary mask to the starkness yet to come.
Brilliance lies at our feet in homage of Nature's sun-god of creation.
Nourishment for a new year to come.
Nature ends it's season of growth with fireworks unrivaled by mere mortals.
Beauty to hold in our hearts during bleak Winter months to come.
Almost to my destination, I remember Nature's brushstrokes will be much more subdued next time I pass this way again.
So I drink in the colors until they fill my soul.


  1. Very beautiful pictures, Karen. Our leaves are all gone now. Autumn never lasts long enough:)

  2. What gorgeous photographs, Karen. They are indeed nourishing. I like the idea of drinking the colours in. One thing I love about the Northwest is how there are so many evergreens - that comforting deep green backdrop stays all winter.

  3. Oh it was so nice to take this drive with you. Your area is beautiful and Herefords lazily relaxing I love it. Your photos are beautiful. B

  4. Dearest Karen,
    You do have absolutely brilliant colors of fall. Due to the many maple trees and those huge red cherries are gorgeous. The must be old ones looking at their trunks.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Lovely fall shots, Karen... I especially like the resting horse and cows... oh and the maple leaves creating a yellow carpet. I had wanted to drive Chuckanut Drive last weekend, but hurt my back at work two weeks ago and thought I should rest instead. I hope to take a drive up around Bellingham tomorrow, but I'm sure the color will be gone.

  6. What a lovely post, Karen. Instead of just hurrying on to your destination, you enjoy the journey and share your experience with us. Thank you! <3

  7. Hi Karen,

    You live in such a beautiful area! Thank you for the autumn tour and those fabulous shots of the mountains. I'm trying to savor what is left of the colors.

  8. So beautiful, Karen. As I type, I look out the window to grey skies and snow. So nice to see your colorful photos!!!
    Thank you for your comment over at my little blog - I am always so touched by all the wonderful help I receive from my blogging friends!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. wow...what beauty you have captured! thank you!

  10. Gorgeous sceneries, Karen. All of them!


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