Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunshine and Shadow

I woke up to bright skies today, after a very stormy Thanksgiving week that took down a 100 ft. Hemlock tree and knocked out our Internet for nearly a week. (Not because of the tree)
Our electricity kept flickering in and out and that caused a power surge which 'fried' our modem.
Many calls to tech support and two trips to buy two different modems (the first one wasn't compatible, but the second one was - after a 40 mile journey- each way, to the Century Link outlet) and finally success.

So here I am after my little hiatus, with Champ the Border Collie by my side. Can you see his floppy ear?
Today we are hanging out together, along with our best pal, Whitey.
My Dear Husband, Dennis, has hired my son's childhood friend, Ryan, to spend some quality time together with the chainsaw. The back fence line has been down since last winter's ice storm. So many trees and limbs fell in our little forest. The land descends into a steep ravine at the back and all the trees fell downward, right across the fence, taking it down.
 Today is a good day for doing this hard work. There is no wind to create hazardous conditions. We have quite a few 'widow makers' as they call those large trees that don't fall completely. These are dangerous and unpredictable and any wind at all can make them fall.

Ryan is a professional logger.

Logging is one of the main industries in Washington State, but the collapse of the housing market has put these brave, hardworking men out of work.

So stormy weather is a logger's best friend, as it brings down trees that need removing.

Our very dry summer and fall prevented any logging activity due to the danger of sparks from chainsaws setting fires. So this calm but damp weather is ideal.
Meanwhile, I am enjoying this rare sunny day to relax and renew after a busy Thanksgiving holiday.
I cooked for 8, including two pies.
It was a wonderful day, and now I get to relax with plenty of leftovers and happy memories.
The sun is streaming in, illuminating everything in it's path. I particularly love how it lights up these Chinese Lanterns, sent to me all the way from New Hampshire, grown in my Dear Sister-in-Law's garden.
She sent me a package full of treasures for my birthday, recently.
This little cast bronze candle stand was one such treasure. The little mouse is reading a book. I love his big ears. I painted and decorated the wooden tray with decoupaged oak leaves and acorns, cut from a paper napkin, for fall.
Here are my two best friends basking in the morning sun. Whitey just stole Champ's chewy bone and is guarding it jealously. These two have bonded quite nicely and play with each other all day. One game they love is 'Who has the bone?' Usually it is Whitey who steals them all and hoards them on his bed. But Champ is sneaky and as soon as Whitey is distracted, he steals them back.
They have to stay with me today because they are afraid of the chainsaw and they don't know Ryan.
These are my protectors. 
'Strangers' are not greeted kindly.  
Everyone needs to be formally introduced.
The birds are loving this beautiful day, too.
My little collection of concrete birds sits on my deck rail.
The bird feeder with 5 little birds was given to me by my youngest son Dustin on the day of my Father's funeral. He told me the 5 birds represent my Father's 5 daughters.
He is thoughtful that way.
He also gave me the two separate little birds as gifts for various occasions. He knows I love birds.
I put special treats in this tiny feeder. Yesterday I put squash seeds out and they are already gone.
The birds reward me with feathers.
 Some say that if you find a feather it means a departed loved one is thinking of you.
I find lots of feathers.
I like to think this is true.
These are from wild pigeons and mourning doves.
 Keeping colored glassware in the window is my way of celebrating the sunshine. Seeing the beautiful jewel- like colors glow in the sunlight is a wonderful sight.
But even with direct sunshine hitting the temperature gauge, the needle still hovers at barely 40 degrees. This vine wrapped bird house sits on a stand and was made by my Dear Father before he became 'lost' due to Alzheimer's. He loved to tinker in his workshop, creating so many wonderful hand made gifts. They mean more to me than any store bought gift, knowing they were formed by his own two hands with a loving heart.
I have one tiny coral hued flower still blooming in a summer flower basket. Every sunny day a hummingbird still comes to visit this one little flower.
I also have a hummingbird feeder.
But as beautiful and peaceful as this sunny day is, I always remember there are also shadows.
Photo taken from the Web
On Thanksgiving, this is what was lurking beyond my driveway gate, in the pasture across the little country lane.
We always remember that we live in a vast forest, surrounded by nature.
Nature is truly awe inspiring.
And we always respect her.
Weekly Top Shot


  1. Dearest Karen,
    You are lucky for having the modem work again. Oh, mother nature can cause all sorts of surprises for us to live with. You are so right for selecting a calm and wind still day for cutting down trees. Those giants can turn and fall any way with some wind.
    Lovely memories you have, the birds, the bird cage from your Father.
    Enjoy your treasures and even the view of a mountain lion.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Gorgeous photos, and I especially like those shadow shots!

  3. Very nice photos. Looks like you live in wonderful place. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Even when it's forced, I do enjoy the disconnect from the internet... sometimes I can get too 'connected...' Sorry you lost such a huge tree... Thank you for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #58!

  5. Glad that your modem troubles are over. There is so much beauty in little things if we know how to look.
    I guess you have to be really careful when you go for walks with your dogs if you have such neighbours in the forest. Is it a bobcat?

  6. Good to see you back!! Love to read what is going on in such a different part of the country from my little corner of the world. Many post-Thanksgiving hugs to your protectors....mine are laying beside me on the couch as I type ;)

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, even if the weather didn't cooperate. As you say, though, it provides work for those who need it. Glad that you are back on the web! <3

  8. Beautiful photo's! I love your red floor!

  9. Loved this post and the photos, Karen. I always feel as if I've had a visit with you. The amazing view reminds me of Oregon...

  10. Hi Karen,

    I'm glad to hear you were able to fix your modem issues. Hopefully, the storm didn't put a damper on your Thanksgiving holiday. I enjoy seeing nature at it's best, but hope they don't bother with your pets.

  11. Oh I love that bird feeder and the sentiment behind it. You have four sisters I assume how wonderful. Your Dad having five daughters was a blessing I am sure.
    Oh a logger is a landowners best friend we have not had to cut down any live trees for years ans the bad winters have dropped many keeping us supplied in wood.
    I am happy for your dog and the wonderful views you enjoy even the mountain lion.
    You are surrounded by so much beauty inside and out.
    Glad your internet modem problem was fixed.Incredible photos. B

  12. So very glad that you all stopped by for a little visit! I so enjoy hearing from you and reading all of your special messages. They mean so much. xx


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