Friday, December 21, 2012

Almost Christmas

Last weekend I finished my Christmas shopping with my two daughters, Heather and Jennie.

No, they wouldn't pose with Santa.


But they did let me snap this photo.
Here they are in front of my favorite store, all bundled up against the cold.
We had so much fun!


I'm also done with all of my decorating!

Come along and I'll show you around!
This little village sits on my kitchen table. I found the vintage crocheted table runner when I was out shopping with my girls. It had just the right sepia tone to go with my new winter village. The village came plain and I added glitter and gold stars.


The runner reminds me of snowflakes.


Another little winter scene under glass on my Hoover cabinet.
Scrabble letters spell out 'Joy'.


I've added simple holiday touches to my cabinet.


A precious Angel.


A bottle brush tree in a jar.


My 'Frostie' root beer bottle.


 A kitchen shelf displays snowballs in a pressed glass compote with a crystal snowflake overhead.


My Mother's wedding compote illuminated by a mercury glass candle on another kitchen shelf.


Candle jars with crocheted snowflakes rest on the windowsill next to a large hand blown blue glass ornament.


A small collection of vintage Christmas tins brightens up another small shelf.

Even the pantry goods get a little holiday spirit.

The living room window was not to be forgotten!

It's so nice to relax by the tree sipping hot cocoa in the evening with the Mr.

While watching the crescent moon rise over the snow covered hills.

I hope you are enjoying these last few days before Christmas with those you love.

Do you have your decorating and shopping done?



  1. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my Christmas post. Husband did want the procedure done b4 end of year, not me....he put it off! Sigh! I did get the remainder of my cards out today and bought our ham for Christmas eve. Decorating the tree tonight. Need to do a bit of baking tomorrow for a gift for son and wife, biscotti, since they like to drink coffee! Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  2. Dearest Karen,
    Today we drove to Atlanta for some food shopping, as usual. On the way back it took me one hour more due to the heavy traffic. Yesterday would have been far better I guess but I had blood work done at the doctor's office... Glad we got home safe. You are all done for the Christmas season and in a very homey and rustic style I would say. Love that very much. What I absolutely hate is all the cheap mass produced commercial junk that is made in China... You at least have a keen eye for beauty and find vintage things that you nicely pair up with family heirlooms and such.
    Enjoy your Christmas time with your family within the cozy warmth of your home!

  3. Here all is pretty much ready for a very quiet Christmas. We may make some Christmas cookies yet, if we have company coming. We did make peppermint bark, a new thing for us. We're getting a few more bags of coal for the fire (we do have some wood). The only thing I need to do now is start a jigsaw puzzle!

    Karen, I wish you a very peaceful and happy Christmas. Your house and decorations are so pretty! xx

  4. Dear Karen, I agree with Mariette, your decoration is very natural and real, enjoy your family in this days and thanks again for sharing your house with us


  5. Such beautiful daughters! And how lucky you are to be able to shop with them!
    Everything looks wonderful, Karen!!! Did you make the crocheted snowflakes? That is something I hope to try making one day.
    I still have a little baking & candy making to do. We do not exchange gifts anymore, but we'll be getting together for a family dinner on Christmas - I can't wait! :)
    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Hi Karen,
    I know that bench your lovely daughters are sitting on:-) Your house looks lovely, the compots are beautiful, how nice to have your mothers:-) Your snow dusted view is the perfect Christmasy setting, what a view!!! You must see a lot of wildlife up close!
    Merry Christmas!

  7. Nice post Karen. I hope that you'll have a wonderful Christmas time with your family!!

  8. Such pretty daughters you have Karen and how lovely your house looks....and the amazing!

    I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Madelief x

  9. Your daughters are beautiful, as is your home! The view through your windows is wonderful, like a postcard winter. It never snows where we live, besides it's summer here now. The only way we could have a white Christmas is with a big hail storm and we'd rather not have that.

  10. Your daughters are lovely! And your house and decorations are magazine-cover perfect. Happy Holidays!

  11. Lovely house and such natural decorations...loved it!
    Enjoy ..
    wish you a very happy merry Christmas ;) have fun :)

  12. These decorations are beautiful! (:

  13. What beautiful daughters!! I love to read about Christmas preparations all over the world. Thanks for sharing yours. Love the little house!
    Hope you have a happy and blessed Christmas. Joan

  14. Hi Karen, You have two Stunning daughters & your home is amazing, Love all the beautiful festive cheer.. I wish you & your lovely family a wonderful Peaceful Christmas & A Happy New Year to all... Hugs May x x x

  15. Your daughters are beautiful and your home looks so warm and cozy for Christmas! Have a good one! xox

  16. Karen, Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family. Hope you have a lovely time, together in happiness and love, and with some goodies on the table and a few presents under the tree.

  17. Looks like you and your daughters had a lot of fun! Your house looks so festive and pretty!

    I just finished my shopping this morning actually. Nothing like last minute gifts!

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Merry. Christmas and happy new year !!!
    Bonne fete !!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  19. What a great way to end the shopping season - with your beautiful daughters. I love your decorations - they are so wintry that you can leave them up throughout winter.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Karen! <3

  20. Beautiful daughters, beautiful decorations, beautiful view... :)

  21. Absolutely beautiful images! Beautiful daughters, too! (Are you in the Washington or Oregon Cascades foothills?)

    1. Thank you, Evelyn xx Yes, Western WA Cascade foothills!

  22. Your daughters are beautiful! As always, I enjoyed the photos of your lovely home and the snowy winter setting. Wishing you a healthy, happy new year!


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