Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas 1962

I have this great old Reader's Digest from my childhood. Every year I bring it out and have fun reminiscing as I browse through it's wonderful pages.
I thought you might enjoy taking a peek, too.
Come along with me as we turn back time......
This is my favorite ad.
Three lovely ladies, kicking off their pretty little pumps as they take a Coke break.
Notice the sweet little hats - that leopard hat is quite stylish, don't you think?
Here is your early version of a movie camera.
Nearly every family had a movie camera then and played the movies on reel projectors with a screen.
We would beg my Dad to 'Play the Home Movies, Pleeeease! ' He would set up the projector and hang the roll-down screen. Our favorite was the one when my beautiful Mom was outside on a summer day walking towards him.
Picture her looking like the lady in the coral colored suit. French twist, little skirt. Now picture her trying to look 'becoming' as she walked towards the camera.
Now, picture her getting chased by an angry bee.
Nuff said.
We would laugh and laugh.
(No she didn't get stung!)
This is a full page ad for Sears Appliances. I have a stove similar to the one on the top right! Mine is a year or two older!
Wouldn't this make a great garage sale?
I love this ad with the gold Cadillac and the beautiful couple walking across the cobblestone courtyard. Oh, don't you wish you were them?
Cadillac's were very large and impressive then - back in the days when there was plenty of room on the road!
Check out those white wall tires.
Now these are very stylish appliances, don't you think? I do like the concentric circles and the nice wooden handles. Oh, and look at those little ball feet.
I was surprised to see this ad, because I owned a little red Comet, just like this, once.
I was expecting my first child and my Dear Blue Eyes, bought me a second hand car, an adorable little Red 1962 Comet.
I loved this little car and would take the long drive over the countryside to visit my Mom (we lived in Oregon) and have lunch with Blue Eyes at his job at the local grocery store.
But after a while, my little Comet starting acting up.
The lights would suddenly go out on a dark country road. (I had to drive home with a flashlight, once.)
It wouldn't start sometimes.
And then it stalled and I got stranded at the bottom of my Mother's mountain road days before having the baby and had to walk up hill to get help.
I don't know what ever happened to that little car, but I was glad to say goodbye.
 Although, it was adorable.
This is a very festive ad for 7-up.
I really like the woman's hair 'sparkle'.
Love the big punch bowl, too.
Here's the recipe:
2 pints cranberry juice
1 quart apple juice
10  7-ounce bottles 7-Up
2 trays 7-Up 'ice' cubes
Chill fruit juices and 7-Up.
Prepare 7-Up 'ice' cubes by pouring additional 7-Up into 2 ice cube trays. Freeze. At serving time, combine cranberry juice and apple juice in a punch bowl.
Slowly pour in 7-Up. Add 'ice' cubes.
Makes about 35 punch cup servings.
I guess they didn't have the big 32 oz. bottles then. You'll have to do the math.
Here is another great ad that brings us back to days gone by. Can you imagine how much gas this guzzler must have used?
I really, really like the shop windows.
Notice the long white gloves on our lady, daintily holding her purse while our gentleman loads the beautiful packages.
I guess they allowed sidewalk parking back then!
And have you ever tried to get your man to go shopping with you?- Never mind force him to wear a suit and have him so pleasantly load all your packages while you dangle your purse from your delicate gloved fingers!
Oh, but we can dream.....
I'm noticing a theme here, are you?
Appliances for women, fancy cars for men.
But I do like that vacuum cleaner. It really does have style!
This article shows the effects of all those car ads!
And this poor woman - Mother of 15 'Little Me's'; this is an ad for a Maytag washer.
Yea, that washer would be traded in for a plane ticket to Hawaii and I would be outta there!
I'd leave a nice note though, suggesting the hiring of a maid. And three nannies.
Before I would agree to come home.
And I would demand this incredible little red convertible as payback for raising 15 kids, and a nightly drive to view the sunset.
Just me and the Mister.
But no hanky panky.
15 is enough!
Hope you had fun taking a peek back in time.
What is your favorite ad?


  1. Loved it! You are so lucky to be able to look back on your childhood this way. <3

  2. I have smiled all the way down the page!
    Seems like yesterday but it really was so long ago when things were just so different. What I wouldn't give for some of those times.
    I remember reading Reader's Digest growing up. We couldn't have it until Mom was done with it though.
    Thanks for the memories!

    I had forgotten but I had a very similar hair dryer to go over my huge curlers. :)

  3. Hi Karen,

    It was a lot of fun to take a peek at your Reader's Digest! I'm happy to say it was printed before I was born ... lol. Sometimes I wish we could really turn back the clock and slow things down.

    1. Dear Donna, Me too! Especially this week! :( Thanks for taking a peek. xx

  4. So neat! Thanks for sharing with us. I love the fashions from the 60s. So chic and timeless! It's funny to see the appliances and kitchen tools from the 60s. Everything is so different now!

    PS - I thought I had already followed you, but I hadn't yet! So I just signed up to follow you on GFC so I won't miss any posts :)

    1. Dear Tammy, welcome to Beatrice Euphemie! Thank you for following! xx

  5. What a trip down memory lane (though I wasn't very old in 1962)! The ad of the three women drinking Coke reminds me of how as a very, very special treat, sometimes my Granny and mother would take me (and themselves) for a snack at the mezzanine restaurant of Lipman's Department Store in Portland. I really felt nothing in the world could have been more de-luxe. My Granny would have worn her white gloves, and my mother would have looked not dissimilar to those stylish women in their hats and snug-fitting dresses, although she and my Granny would likely have made what they were wearing, as well as my own clothes.

    The woman with 15 children is just too much for me to contemplate!

    And the ad with the 7-Up punch seems to crackle with sexual tension. Were those days really like on Mad Men?

    1. Dear Christine, Thank you for your sweet memories of your Mother and Grandmother! I, too remember my Mother, Grandmother and Aunts wearing white gloves and 'Jackie' (Kennedy) styles. Yes, it really was like 'Mad Men'. You were lucky if you worked in an office and weren't regularly patted on the fanny. Thank goodness for the women's movement! xx

  6. This is SO fun! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. the movie camera...of course! Always want something faster, better! Coca cola ad was fun too. Love the fashionable clothing the women were wearing!

  8. I happened upon this post - just delightful - and all the ads are very familiar to me. We were married a year and a half after this issue came out - we drove Comets - we had big bonnet hair dryers - we had electric skillets and watched big Cadillacs drive down the street. Gloves were not worn as often the next year, though for high school dances the girls usually wore long gloves, and we all wore hats and gloves to graduation. Cokes were a special treat - very special and we sipped them to make them last longer.

    1. Hi JoAnn! Those were the days, weren't they? I have the same memories - love those pillbox hats! xoxo


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