Thursday, September 27, 2012

On to Alaska!

Last week my Ramblin' Man headed up to Alaska for business.
His territory includes, Washington State, Montana, Northern Idaho, and Alaska.
Mostly he conducts business from a nice comfortable office about 40 minutes from home.
But sometimes he has to check on things.
This brings him far away from me.
But he takes wonderful photos.
I thought you might like to see these that he took while in Alaska.
First stop whenever he goes to Alaska is Ketchikan.
Ketchikan is Tlingit and is believed to be named after the Ketchikan River that flows right through the middle of town.
Ketchikan is the 5th most populous city in the state and the most densely populated with a population of about 14,000, with about 3300 households.
It's main industries are tourism and fishing.
It is only 4.1 sq. miles and sits on the very edge of the Tongass Narrows waterway with very steep and roadless mountains as a backdrop.
The only way in to Ketchikan is by sea or air.
The 1/2 mile wide Tongass Narrows separates Ketchikan from Gravina Island where Ketchikan International Airport is located.
You need to take a ferry to get to Ketchikan from the airport.
This was where the 2005 highway bill that would have provided $223 million to build the Gravina Island Bridge - nicknamed 'The Bridge to Nowhere' would have been built. It would have connected the airport to the mainland so you could drive rather than take a ferry.
But it was too controversial and people objected to the amount of money that would be spent, so it was scrapped.
This is the little harbor with part of downtown Ketchikan in the background.
Sea planes fly in and out all day long, boats come and go, and cruise ships slide right up to the docks, sometimes 4 or 5 at a time.
It is a very busy little city, especially in the summer when the cruise ships come into port.
Buildings are built of wood and some are brightly colored. Most sit high on stilted underpinnings to level them out in the hilly terrain.
Most have steep stairways and all rely on cisterns for water, as there is solid bedrock underneath and wells cannot be drilled.
This is not a problem because the annual rainfall averages 153 inches a year!
The climate is mild, modified by it's maritime location, and is likened to Scotland or Northern Ireland, though with much more rain.
Winter temperatures average 33 degrees and Summer temperatures average 64 degrees.
Many buildings are built right over the Ketchikan River, giving the town a distinct and charming appearance.
Trams take you to the higher levels.
There is a wonderful restaurant at the top of this tram that looks out over the beautiful harbor and sea.
You have never had seafood quite like here. Fresh and delicious!
The beautiful water glistens in the sun. You can imagine how deep it is for a cruise ship to be able to come right up to the dock.
It is a land of steep mountains, ocean, iceburgs and waterfalls, surrounded by dense forest and snow capped peaks for hundreds of miles.
I would not want to get lost here.
But it is an enchanting place to visit.
How about you? Would you like to live here? Would you like to visit?
In my next post I will show you Juneau, the capitol of Alaska.



  1. Oops...I think you forgot to 'downsize' the last two photos ;)....Alaska is beautiful. We lived in Anchorage/Fort Richardson when I was young. Your husband takes excellent photos...tell him thanks!!

  2. Hi Danielle, thankyou for visiting and sharing. I will let Hubby know you liked his photos! The last two photos were one of those glitches that I can't seem to fix! They are actually the same photo that would not download on the first try and then showed up twice in giant size! Oh well, it makes nice blog 'wallpaper'. he he.

  3. Your husband took some really nice pictures. I would love to visit Alaska one day. Seeing his pictures makes me more excited to visit. You had me at seafood!

  4. So much going on in such a small area.
    I'd find somewhere to sit outside and dring coffee and people-watch.
    Tell your husband "great photos" and thanks to you for sharing.

  5. Dearest Karen,

    What a lovely post, like having visited myself. One day we hope to visit this beautiful area too. Our best friends went this year on a cruise and enjoyed it tremendously.
    By the way, thanks so much for adopting the angel! It will get on its way to you.
    Today we drove back and forth to Atlanta to stock up on our health food. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Costco and also Tuesday Morning. Found some lovely Moroccan mint tea there. My fresh mint is not doing well this year, so that will help.
    Hugs to you and thanks again!

  6. Yes, I would love to visit (or maybe even live in) Alaska. It has been on my bucket list since the TV show Northern Exposure.

    Thanks for sharing your husband's pictures! (Why didn't you go with him?) <3

  7. It's so nice to hear that everyone would love to visit Alaska and some have lived there, too! And Stacy Lyn, I would have gone if I could have, but he was on business and with a co-worker. :( I did go in 2005 and it was beautiful. xx

  8. I would love to visit Alaska. The painted wooden houses are so beautiful against the conifers. Your husband does take gorgeous photos, please say thanks from me. And I was thinking the same as Stacy Lyn, you should go along next time! (Maybe you could cash in some dog-sitting credit for the wee daschunds?)


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