Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Temporary Potting Bench

These last few weeks of warm weather have me thinking about potting up some fall flowers. The winter pansies are being offered now and I don't want to miss the opportunity to have these precious flowers to cheer me all winter long.
We are doing some deck work, so I moved my temporary potting bench down to the side yard.
Here I have access to water and beautiful sunshine to work my magic.
I used my repurposed soda crate (see how I transformed it here) 
It holds supplies and tiny bottles to use as vases.

The cobalt bottle was my Dear Mother's. She loved cobalt blue and had a small collection on her kitchen window sill. I will find just the right flower for that tiny treasure.
The white cold cream jar was found at an abandoned homesite on the side of our little mountain. There was once a coal mining town near here, complete with a saloon and hotel! My children and I found quite a few bottles still in one piece, including a collection of these cold cream jars.
The white flowers are wild morning glory. Don't let their pristine beauty fool you, though. These are very invasive and every year I try to make a bargain with them by letting them grow in certain places. They reward me with these delicate flowers that last only one day.
This winsome Garden Angel will bless my plantings.
Everything I need to create some lovely potted arrangements is right here.
The garden signs were gifts from my sweet sis-in-law all the way from New Hampshire.
Soil and tin pails
And a chippy, weathered chair.
My own little corner of Paradise!
What are you planting this season?


  1. This is so lovely!

    I usually plant mums in the urn on my front porch just a bit of color in the fall, and add pumpkins everywhere! I love the bright orange against the bright blue skies of autumn!!

  2. Dearest Karen,

    No we're not planting anything for the fall... Just keeping things alive and later moving them inside the greenhouse again.
    Love your huge and healthy moon flowers. They must do better in your climate than in ours. We gathered their seeds for several years and had them line our wire fencing adjacent to the road in the wood garden. There they gave quite a show! But we lost them...
    Hugs to you and enjoy your beautiful things with memories...

  3. A lovely corner of the garden. I like that your soda crate is multipurpose. Love the blue hydrangeas.

  4. Love your potting area. I need to get out and spruce my gardens up to get ready for the fall plantings also. Thanks for inspiring me and giving me some motivation!

  5. Karen,

    Your potting bench is such a wonderful idea. I have always wanted one and hinted to my brother he could make me one :-) I can't wait to pot my fall mums.

  6. Karen, how do you manage to make the most mundane things in life seem like a work of art?! Amazing, and so soothing and beautiful to witness. Does your garden angel move about or stay next to your planting table year-round?

    This September I will be planting bulbs for the spring: narcissi, crocuses, anemones. And you've reminded me that I had better get to the garden centre to see about winter-flowering pansies!

  7. I love reading all of your plans for fall planting and experiences in the garden! Even though summer is over, there are still so many beautiful things to look forward to. Thank you for your Dear Comments.

    P.s. Christine, my angel supervises all new plantings! xx

  8. I recognized that crate!

    Unfortunately, I won't be planting anything this fall....but the good news is, I'll be looking for a house. So, maybe next year. <3


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