Friday, September 14, 2012

Choosing Kindness

I haven't done much that is blog worthy lately. Mostly just maintenance chores to take advantage of the beautiful late season weather we are having.
I've been painting and staining outside. Of course I have the floor of the deck done, but now I am working on the rails and the stairs.
My housework has been piling up on me. But I am tired of housework. I am tired of cooking. I am really tired of doing laundry. And the chore I hate the most is cleaning the bathrooms.
But these are minuscule concerns compared to what is going on around me in the world. When I am spending my days painting, I have lots of time to think. But I really don't know what to think about the state of this world.
What is going on?
It's a helpless feeling.
Maybe I have been watching too much television news.
Maybe I am reading too many newspapers.
I just don't understand how we can kill each other in the name of religion. What religion condones war? What religion condones hatred? What religion condones persecution and killing?
I don't get it.
Do you?
Our brave young soldiers are putting themselves in harm's way to fight for freedom in this world.
But freedom is a concept not readily embraced.
Sometimes....some things are a lost cause.
We can't fight someone else's battles.

That is true in all aspects of life.
You can't control anyone but yourself.
That is where the power lies.
It all begins right there.
You have the power to make the choices each and every day.
All acts ripple outwards, originating with you.
Peace and Love?
Or Anger and Hatred?
You can send turbulence out into the world, with angry and self important reactions.
Or you can choose a life of peace and serenity, with love and understanding.
Refusing to add to the misery.
It all ripples outward like a pebble thrown in a quiet pond.
Every single day we have a choice.
The hope of the world begins with each of us and the choices we make.
One small act of love and kindness can ripple outwards and expand upon itself.
Therein lies the power.


  1. I just read your 'about me', I think it's beautiful that you're married to your high school sweetheart. Hopefully one day it will be the same story for me!

    I love the photography on your blog, I could look at the photos for hours!


  2. Thank you, Abbie for your lovely comments. I do hope you have your 'Happily Ever After'. xx

  3. Amen. First thought...I just told my husband that I would maybe get the bathroom floors tomorrow ;)....I hate hate hate bathrooms...he does the sinks/showers/toilets (good military training) but I do the floors...and right now all is clean but the nasty floors...oh well...I would rather be doing other things also.

    Second daughter is a news hound...she loves to know what is going on in every corner of the for me...I don't even read the newspaper/watch the news/ world or local. I always say that it is enough for me to take care of 'my little corner of the world' in a way that is pleasing to God...and all of it to His glory...and the rest is up to God...he carries through on the ripple effect according to His plan. You are so spot on with what you say here.

  4. Dearest Karen,

    This is such a beautiful and philosophical post... straight from the heart. You and I think that way but this world is about POWER and even if that's the minority, they constantly seek to scare the population of this world. Uprooting and unraveling the peace that has been created by most of us.
    So sad that those that protect us and the freedom and peace of this world are being put in danger by news leaking out too soon and from people that have no respect for them.
    Let's hope and pray that we will regain more of this peaceful and secure feeling soon!
    Hugs to you,

  5. I understand your feelings as well. So sad to hear what's happening now worldwide. But as it says in the Bible, til the end of time, there will be wars and rumors of war. No good. Love the photos you posted as well. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Been away from the blogging - so sorry and I have missed a LOT of your posting.. first of all AMEN to this post .. indeed!
    Beautiful Photos and words.. I am left touch to the heart.. thanks.. gotta run - taking care of my Dad and I am still away from the internet - I am going to try and get a post done.. Thanks for keep in touch!

  7. Well said, Karen. Maybe more people should read your blog to get the message! <3

  8. So very true. It is heartbreaking and disturbing to read about or watch what human beings do to one another in the name of [fill in the blank]. I often think of the people of St. Kilda, a very remote island far off the coast of Scotland. They were totally cut off every winter and when the first ship came to them in the spring, they would ask for news of the rest of the world. I think to myself, they got along fine without knowing what was going on. They focused on their society and doing the best for themselves. And sometimes I want to be like that too.

    I also agree that kindness ripples out, and that we each have a choice. I think it was Mahatma Gandhi who said, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." Yes indeed.

    Such gorgeous photographs! As always.


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