Friday, June 1, 2012

Vintage Style Recycled Wraps For Special Gifts

I put together a little gift basket for my sweet sister-in-law who lives 3000 miles from me, in New England where I grew up.
I have been working on crafting and gathering little gifts for her for quite some time.

The first thing I made for her was the Hand Colored Art Nouveau Journal. (You can see how to make these under 'Crafts' on my side bar)

I wanted to wrap it creatively, so I used the crossword section of the newspaper.

As a last minute personal touch, I included her birthday horoscope. I glued it on the cover page over a cut out of the newspaper crossword puzzle!

Some vintage millinery dogwood blossoms and sheer french ribbon dress up the graphic wrapping. When you are using newspaper for wrapping, find interesting graphics or photos to display. I have used the real estate section featuring million dollar homes for the second gift. You know, just in case she wins the lottery and wants to move here. You never know.

And remember the photo magnets I made? (You can also find the directions under 'crafts'.) Well, I put these in an interesting chocolate box that I recycled.
I wrapped a sheer brown french ribbon around the box.

I made her one of my special 'Boudour Bottles', too. (Directions under 'Crafts'.) I found the rusty heart in a shop a while ago. The 'label' is an interesting Jeans Clothing tag with it's hanging ribbon wrapped around and re-tied. The little ribbon and charm on top are vintage.

To wrap the handmade soaps from a shop, I put them in a wooden fruit basket lined with tissue paper.

You can find the fruit baskets at

I then placed the basket inside the mesh from a produce bag, tied it with french ribbon and added some dogwood blossoms.

This is a cute way to recycle those little mesh bags that hold lemons, limes and avocados.

This interesting photo from the newspaper was used to wrap around the Boudoir Bottle.

First the bottle was securely wrapped in bubble wrap.

Then it was rolled diagonally in the newspaper photo, wrapped in a scrap of netting, and tied with french ribbon and dogwood blossoms.

Pike Place Market Tea is wrapped in craft store advertising from the newspaper.

A summer T-shirt is rolled in brown paper bag and wrapped with the 'Classified' section and tied with brown french ribbon.

Lastly, a vintage style hankie is wrapped around sweet scented potpourri. Every gift box should have something scented to delight the recipient when the box is opened.

Everything is tucked inside a sturdy cardboard blueberry crate and tied tightly closed.

Sweeter than Love

Then everything is tucked into it's shipping box for the 3000 mile journey!

I hope this gives you inspiration to wrap your own gifts using recycled boxes and wrappings from around the house.

Sturdy fruit crates make excellent 'gift baskets', berry baskets and chocolate boxes make unique gift boxes, and newspaper wrapping gives an interesting vintage flair. Netting produce bags and vintage silk flowers are worth saving to add that special touch.

Just add your very own creativity!


  1. This is amazing, Karen. I'm so glad you shared this. I have been saving little gifts for my mom and now I know how to make the package extra special. Thanks! <3

  2. What beautiful and original ways to wrap gifts! Your creativity never cease to amaze me, Karen. I've never used newspaper but I keep old road atlases and maps, and sometimes use those as wrapping paper - especially if I can find a place on a map that's significant for the person I'm giving the gift to.

    Lucky sister-in-law!

  3. Thank you, Stacy Lyn and Christine! I love that idea of using maps, Christine, and I hope your Mom enjoys her gifts, Stacy Lyn. xx

  4. Love your use of newspaper... we've done that (and comics for kids gifts) for years... I have trouble spending $10 to wrap a gift and know that money will be thrown in the trash...

  5. I know what you mean, Madge! Thanks for peeking in! xx


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