Thursday, June 14, 2012

A little Walk About

Hello, thanks for stopping by!
Come along with me and I will take you on a little stroll. The sun is shining so beautifully, leaving little dappled footprints on the woodland path right outside the door.

The ancient birdcage reminds me that feathered friends are waiting....

It will just take a moment to fill the feeder under the Hemlock tree. We have new visitors this year, a pair of Goldfinch. Like flying Buttercups. Bright drops of Sunlight flying through the air.

Follow along and we will see what is blooming up the little knoll by Hubby's tool shed. I planted some hanging baskets a few weeks ago with red Petunias and blue Lobelia. But the Petunias have been sulking in our cool, wet weather.

Although, the Columbine are very happy in their wildflower garden. Soon the beautiful pinwheel flowers of Sweet William will take their place.

But for now we will enjoy Columbine's cheerful beauty.

Is there a prettier combination than purple Allium and blue Forget me Not?

I would like you to meet my roses growing in the back yard. This highly scented double rose is a Rugosa type. These are the hardy roses you see growing along highways and in commercial plantings. They are carefree and will spread to form a large colony. It is a good thing they are carefree because they have needle sharp thorns.

Make sure you get a scented variety.


They have formed a hedge, along with wild Fireweed which will be blooming soon with purple blossoms. In the far back is the 'Snowball' hedge. I started with 3 tiny shrubs and they have spread to form a beautiful hedge. That is how I like to garden! Let nature do the work!

We are about 3 weeks behind the lower elevations. It stays cooler here in Spring and early Summer. But once the Sun comes out, we are always warmer. Warm air rises! But if it is cloudy, the mountains will trap the clouds.

If you turn around, you can see our viewpoint. This is where we spend our time outdoors. Close to the doors for those sudden showers!

Mountain weather is very fickle.

This is my favorite place. I like to sit here to drink my coffee in the morning or if I want to take a little break from chores.

It is a wild and lonely place. I don't venture too far on my own. I feel safe on the deck. And in the little clearing we have made in the forest. But I always remember that I am the visitor.

Whitey stays with me, always alert. But he needs a companion. He lost his best friend, Little Bear and he is not brave on his own.
We have applied to some rescue groups to find him a friend. A new member of the family. A friend and protector for me.

If you walk to the end of the deck, you can look out over the side yard. The Bird Bath Succulent Planter is really starting to fill out, despite the cool, wet weather. I made sure to provide plenty of drainage.

And if you look down over the rail, my herb garden grows along the base of the deck. Purple chive blossoms match purple sage.

I grow several kinds of mint, two kinds of oregano, thyme, dill, rosemary and lavender in half whiskey barrels.

The plantings are so lush this time of year that the barrels are hidden.

Maggie loves to sit on the deck rail surveying her domain.

Come with me and we will walk down to the far left hand corner.

We can peek over the fence into the forest that is carpeted with wildflowers. Hubby made a trail into the forest here.

If we follow the trail, it opens up to this.

But we are one man and one dog short of walking in the forest.

The forest belongs to the wild things today, so we must turn back.

Back to the safe and cozy house.

For some banana bread

And tea!
Would you like some?


  1. Yes! Yes! I would like some tea! And I would like to take a stroll with you and your dog and admire the beauty all around you then come back to your warm, inviting home and "set" awhile! Thanks for taking me along. <3

  2. Yes please!! I so enjoyed this little walk. Kennedy has some kid's show on in the background and the music with it was the perfect background noise for reading this post. It's funny how these moments work out sometimes.

  3. Oh yes please to a cuppa after that beautiful and refreshing walk! You seem almost to live in a fairyland, and it's hard to imagine that there is any danger. Your views are just amazing. People pay a lot of money to go somewhere with a view that brings them a little closer to heaven.

    I love Rosa Rugosa by the way!

  4. Oh and I look forward to seeing the lucky dog who will be adopted by you, Whitey and the rest of your clan!

  5. Oh, I so wish I could have you all over for tea! Thanks for coming along on my little stroll! xx

  6. Hi Karen! Thanks for the stroll! I love the allium, wild flowers, and roses. The picture of Maggie on your deck looking over the flowers is lovely. I like herb gardens, too! I grow my own basil and parsley (my two favorite Italian herbs). Pretty view of the forest. Good luck with adopting a new pet! :)


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