Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fields of Gold

Every year at this time, the fields blossom with wildflowers. Buttercups, Purple and blue Phlox, Lupine, Iris, Daisies, Forget me Nots.

But the flowers that are sprinkling the fields with gold right now are the Buttercups.

Drops of liquid sunshine

Fallen from the sky

To light up even the gloomiest day!

Yellow Buttercup and Blue Phlox
Sun and Sky

Brought to Earth

Along a Country Road.

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  1. So much beauty, so liberally distributed to us for nothing! My daughter still likes to "test" if she likes butter or not by rubbing the buttercup under her chin.

  2. Love those bright bits of yellow buttercups too! Thank you Karen, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #33!

  3. Lovely! Harbingers of spring! Aren't these wonderful to see? We have fields of daisies on the Olympic Peninsula these days, and wild roses are beginning to bloom.

  4. Wow! there are many buttercups in your photos. I like them very much. There are various kind of buttercups in our country too.

  5. Beautiful photos! I love buttercups...always seem so happy.

  6. Nice photos of a beautiful area. So different than the desert landscape that I live in.

  7. What a beautiful view you have! <3

  8. Very bright and cheerful, Karen. I like the title and narrative of your post, too. Lovely, both photos and words :)

  9. Thank you for all of your nice comments! I am so happy that you stopped by to visit me! xx


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