Monday, June 4, 2012


It has been so drippy and gray here for the last few days. It has also been very cool. We can see our breath in the morning and evening air.

The foothills are hidden by the drooping clouds.

My roses want to unfurl, but are held in suspended animation in the cool, chill air.

It is only when the setting sun dips below the cloud cover that we see it's colorful presence.

Cool temperatures outside call for warming up on the inside!

My daughter, J, stopped by for a visit on Friday night and helped us put some home-made banana bread to good use!

That was after big bowls of home-made minestrone soup. Soup is just the thing at the end of a cold and wet Northwest day.

(You can find these in my recipe section)

Daughter J also brought along some friends for poor Whitey, who has been missing his companion, Little Bear. Weenie Baby and Peanut stayed for the weekend and were good company for not only Whitey, but also Hubby, who spent the weekend burning storm debris from this winter's ice storm.

It was easy for them to stay warm! Notice Hubby's heavy canvas coat - that is Northwest gear, nearly year round.

Well, at least until after July 4th. That is when our summer's begin.

In the meantime.......

We do a little complaining. But just a little. If you can't deal with true Northwest weather, well you had just better pack up and go home. To Florida. And take me with you. (please?!)

Just kidding.

I have too much to do here.... On  rainy days there are always alterations to do. Especially if you have daughters!

Sweet little dresses and tops, all finished and awaiting final fittings.

The 'Girls' forgot their warm sweaters, so they came inside with me while Whitey stayed with Hubby at the fire. The Girls do love their comfort.

Later, we went downstairs and made some rib-sticking macaroni and cheese for Hubby's dinner. (Recipe under 'Main Dish')
Well, I did the cooking while The Girls waited for a hand out! 

It was just the thing for a cold, wet Saturday night.

Sunday morning was still cool and wet. It was a good morning to catch up on my nature journal. This entry was 'Buttercups'.

Later, my youngest son, D, and his lovely girlfriend J came for a nice visit.

Time spent with loved ones goes by much too fast!

But we consoled ourselves with this - Strawberry Shortcake! (Follow the recipe on the Bisquick box!) Daughter J once again showed up right at serving time. Mmmm - strangely coincidental, don't  you think?

So although it is raining cats and dogs outside right now, we are cozy inside. Living in the Northwest, I am used to a little rain. I put on my 'big girl' pants and boots and wait it out. Because I know as soon as that sun comes back, I am living in paradise once more.

And needing real 'big girl pants' until I can work off all of this home cooking out in the gardens once more!
I hope you are getting some sunshine where you are. And if you are, would you send some my way?
I would be so grateful!


  1. Hi Karen,
    It's so beautiful where you live, and I see that we have many interests in common! I wish you could send me some of your rain. :)
    I'll be sure to pop over and visit again!

  2. This may sound odd, but rainy weather is my favorite kind of weather - especially if I can wrap myself up in a blanket and listen to it from the porch. <3

  3. Hi Zuzu, thank you for your sweet comments and for stopping by! That is one thing about rain, you either have too much or too little! I think it is heading your way! xx

  4. Hi Stacy Lyn, oh, that sounds wonderful to wrap up in a blanket on the porch. I do love the sound of rain. So soothing! Thanks for sharing and stopping by! xx

  5. I bet the smell of the forest in the rain at your house is sublime. If it makes you feel any better, it's been in the 40s, foggy and rainy all day long today here in Aberdeen! I've been making hot water bottles and even had the heat on for a bit at lunchtime.

  6. Hi Christine, no it makes me feel bad that now you are experiencing the same! All the more to appreciate when the sun does come back! xx

  7. Wow, you're such a great cook! I love minestrone soup, mac & cheese and strawberry shortcake. Comfort food on a rainy day. Love the roses with the rain drops and sunset photo. Your nature drawings are very pretty. Everything is just lovely :)


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