Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Golden Light

We have been having unsettled weather lately. In one day it is not unusual to wake up to sunshine, and then go to bed with torrential rain, with everything in between.

But every evening despite the weather, the hills turn gold when the sun sets below the clouds.

The golden light illuminates hills that you wouldn't ordinarily notice.

Bringing to light secret hideaways for wild things.

Despite the rain, my succulents have been sending out their flower stalks.

The hummingbirds have been visiting these every day.

As the sun sinks lower, the light moves higher and turns from golden to rose. 

The rosy hue lights up Mt. Rainier's many glaciers. Hundreds of feet thick, they balance on the rocky core. Precariously.

Rose colored spiral clouds spin around the mountain's atmosphere.

Foretelling future rain.

And one of my favorite things;
Raindrops on Roses.

What are your favorite things so far this Summer?


  1. It is beautiful where you live! How I wish rain would come our direction - hopefully in the next couple of weeks the summer monsoon will begin.
    I love stepping out in the early morning to listen to all of the birds. Such a joyful sound! :)
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Thank you, Zuzu. I hope you get rain soon. I know wildfires are a worry this time of year.
    Yes, I love listening to the birds sing in the early morning. There is no music quite as beautiful, is there? xx

  3. Beautiful series of shots, the light is gorgeous!

  4. Dearest Karen,

    Guess the raindrops on roses are one of my favorite summer things too. First off it means there's survival and no lack of water and it looks so romantic!
    You live in paradise girl! What a view you got and what a pristine nature. We've worked in mountainous ares for years but here in Georgia it is quite different in our area, only hilly.
    Love your pets on the side bar.
    Have a great day and sending you love,

  5. So far this summer, I suppose rain would be my favorit thing. I always love the rain, though, no matter what time of year. <3


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