Sunday, June 24, 2012


Every year at this time, our little town has a Carnival.

For as long as I have lived here, this little traveling Carnival has arrived like clockwork, to usher in the start of summer.

I can assure you, every piggy bank in town gets emptied out when the Carnival rolls into town.

We have many happy memories of excited children waving from the Ferris Wheel or Merry Go Round. Hubby always won at least one stuffed animal per child at the concession stand. This took quite a few quarters. Rolls, in fact.

Because if one child has a tiger, they all want a tiger. And they want 'different' tigers than their brothers and sisters.

The children would win their own as they got older. I wonder what ever happened to them all? Oh, now I remember, it was our dog, Heidi. She once chewed through a whole collection of stuffed animals in one night. But I am getting off track here. Heidi needs a post all to her own someday.

Mother's of little ones especially like these small town Carnivals. Gentle little whales go round and round. Climb inside a strawberry and twirl and dip. Take a colorful hot air balloon ride rising and falling in the lazy Summer air.

Not only is this little Carnival bright and colorful, but the air is scented with the most delicious things. Hot Buttered Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Fries. Cheesy, Gooey Nachos, Lemonade and Ice Cream.

The Carnival is such a happy place, filled with children's laughter and shrieks of joy, delightful and delicious scents, and bright, cheerful colors.

I hope your Summer is as happy as a Carnival!

Meet you at the Ferris Wheel!



  1. Oh that looks like good fun - though I'm not much of a ride-taker these days, apart from the Merry-Go-Round. It's so nice to see something that looks as if it is reassuringly the same as it ever was. And you had lovely weather too!

  2. We have a local carnival that arrives soon too.The ladies from the village Lion's club still bake homemade pies, corn on the cob is a big seller and the Bingo tent is just about my speed. I'll leave those faster rides for the younger set!
    Have a great week.

  3. The same carnival was in our town just last week! It is a tradition in our small town and enjoyed by all.

  4. I always enjoy the county fair here. Granted, compared to the Mid-South Fair I grew up with in Memphis, it is small - but fun. The first places I want to go: to see the goats, sheep, horses and the rest of the livestock. Then I want to visit the crafts buildings and finish off with all the edible goodies!

  5. Thanks for taking me down memory lane! It was so exciting when the carnival came to town each summer growing...always at Salt Lake Park! Sweet post!

  6. Thank you all for going down Memory Lane and visiting the Carnival with me! I so enjoy reading about your sweet memories of days gone by. xx

  7. We have a parish fair every year and I still love going! Can you believe there is something similar at the Tuilieries Gardens in Paris during July and August? City kids like carnivals, too! <3


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