Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Entertaining Guests

We had guests for dinner on Sunday.
Hubby's boss and his lovely wife.

I would love to show you the table set with delicious food, pretty dishes, candle light, the ice cream sundae, complete with whipped cream and a cherry, for dessert.

I would love to show these things to you.

But the truth is, I forgot to take pictures! I was so busy and so focused on making my wonderful guests happy that I forgot the one thing a good blogger always does - take pictures!

But that's o.k. Because stopping to take pictures would have been impolite.

So let me just say, it was a lovely dinner with wonderful company. The best kind of entertaining.
But what I can show you is the very clean house.

That is another nice thing about entertaining.

You get to enjoy the aftermath. The lingering fragrance of fresh flowers, scented candles, delicious food, freshly washed floors, and guest's cologne.

The cleaning up ritual is a contemplative experience for me. While gently washing special serving pieces and delicate glassware, snippets of friendly conversation and happy laughter come to mind and are pondered and savored once again, forming new memories.

And, of course there are always the last minute forgotten details. These colorful striped taffy sticks, wrapped in old fashioned waxed paper, were supposed to decorate the ice cream sundaes! Oh, well.....now they are a special treat for the next impromptu visitor. I have a feeling that is going to be one of my daughters, as I am pup-sitting this weekend for my daughter J's mini-dachshunds.
Peanut and Weenie Baby.
 They've been coming here since they were little puppies.
Whitey will enjoy the company.

My cats....not so much!

But for now peace reigns.

Whenever I entertain, not only do I love the process of attending to all of the little details that make things cozy and memorable, but I also enjoy the time afterwards when you get to sit back and relax. The house is clean, there are usually some tasty leftovers, and there seems to be a happy glow about the place.

You get to enjoy all of your hard work once more. With happy memories to make it all worthwhile.

Of course I had to buy just one little keepsake for all of my efforts. Something that I knew would give me a little joy when all was said and done; a little bobble to catch the light while I sit here in my favorite place contemplating the joys of entertaining.

While my pansies peer at me from around the corner!

They say Hello!

These little Johnny Jump Ups wanted to add their cheery voice to the greetings!
Soon the hot weather will force these little beauties to retreat and we will have to wait until the cool weather of fall to see their bright and happy faces once more.
So it was a special treat to share them with our guests.

Both temporary visitors that bring smiles.

Do you like to entertain?

What is your favorite way to entertain?

Or do you like to be entertained?


  1. Everything looks so warm and welcoming.

    I like to entertain but in a more casual way. When we have guests over our favorite place to entertain is the patio. We grill, enjoy the view of the backyard, the flowers, and good conversation with friends.

  2. I love having guests! I agree, one of the best things is enjoying the clean house afterwards. All those little details always seem to finally get looked after when people are coming over. Doing the dishes after is one of my favorite parts too. Even though the dishwasher is broken, if it's family I have them help out and the great conversation just continues!

  3. Interesting, Karen - I find the cleaning up phase a time for contemplation as well. Yes, I like to entertain, but only for close friends and family. I am not one for the big "gala" events. <3

  4. You house looks wonderful! We have such similar taste in decorating. I always love it when the house is neat and clean for company - unfortunately, that's not the case right now! ;-) This Summer, we are actually having lots of company for a change and that will be fun.

  5. Thank you SQ, Courtenay, and Stacy Lyn for visiting my 'clean house'! I love all of your comments on how you like to entertain; everyone has their own unique style and preference according to their personality. I wish I could have all of you over for dinner! xx

  6. Your house looks so beautiful and welcoming. I will confess to becoming more and more nervous about entertaining as the years have passed! I love having a clean house but if it's not people I know well I feel nervous - though I try to overcome this by focusing on making them feel at ease and welcome. Once they've arrived and settled in, I can usually relax.

    We used to host a lot more get-togethers. A few years ago we had a crêpe party on Mardi Gras. I loved making the invitations by hand. Although it was blizzarding on the night I was amazed that people still came! We involved everyone in making the crêpes and it was good fun. Many years ago we hosted a party where everyone was invited to wear something in their closet that they never normally get a chance to wear and that was a hoot! People sort of became their alter-egos.

  7. Thank you, Dianne, and yes I think we do have similar tastes! I read about your upcoming entertaining on your sweet blog. You will have a housefull! I am sure everyone will be so delighted to share your lovely home. xx

  8. Thank you, Christine, and I love your party ideas, especially the one with everyone wearing the unusual clothing! I do get nervous entertaining, also, and wear myself out trying to make sure everything is just right. But it is nice to share once in a while with special people, a nice evening, and that forces me out of my comfort zone and it is also a good reason for some spring cleaning! xx

  9. Thank you, Loredana, for your sweet comments! xx

  10. Your posts are so delightful, I feel like I'm right there enjoying your house and surroundings with your guests.

    I love to entertain too, love the setting up and the cleaning up afterwards and remembering the good times - and love the quiet to think about it all.


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