Friday, March 18, 2016

Vintage Easter Cards - Five on Friday

Whenever I am at a flea market or antique shop,
I always look for vintage post cards. 

Not only are the images lovely, 
but it is always interesting to read the sweet
sentiments on the back. 

These simple tokens of affection 
bring us back to the days before 
instant messaging, email, and i-phones, 
when people had to keep in touch
 the old fashioned way. 

For Five on Friday, I would like to share
five sweet Easter postcards that are 
all about 100 years old! 

This one is especially precious 
with the charming little children 
gathering wildflowers. 

Lovely penmanship. 

Addressed to Miss Elizabeth Moore.
March 23, 1918

I just came from downtown and you
should see all the pretty
Easter decorations. 
I know it isn't like you saw in Chicago
but it is nice just the same. 
Give your momma and grandma
my love and keep a share yourself. 

Mailed from Spokane, WA to Twisp, WA. 

A lovely painted rabbit holds a bundle of catkins 
on this pretty card. 

Dear Sister : -
Hope you may have a happy Easter. 
I have had one of my very bad spells
but am better now. 
The weather is fine
and we have made 
lot of gardens and are
sowing oats today. 
With love. Virginia

Mar. 26, 1910. 

Keezletown to Gresham. 
I am guessing it is Oregon. 

A lovely blessing on this card with Lily of the Valley. 

Hello Annie, 
Well how are you? I am fine. 
Didn't you get my card? 
I sent it long time ago. 
Why don't you write?
Annie there is a dance in Hasty
this Friday night. 
I am going with August, and there
is one in Clearwater the 30th.
You better take one of them in
with Louis. 

From Mr. Fred Marlswardt.

No wonder Annie wasn't replying - 
this was posted Aug. 20 - 1912, 
months after Easter! 

This was true snail-mail in Clearwater, Minn. 

The stamp was upside down, too. 

This cute card has lovely gilding. 

Say tell Ma to call me up by phone
when she comes down.

From Woodridge (?) Wisconsin

April 12, 1911

Sweet violets, colored eggs, and a white bunny
wish Glad Easter Greetings on this pretty card. 

Dear Miss Muarny,
Wish you a happy Easter. 
Greetings from 

From the beautifully named, Larkspur, 
in Marin County, Calif. 

Stamped ' World's Panama Pacific Exposition
 in San Francisco'

Curiously, the postal stamp is for Mar. 24, 1913. 

Perhaps the Exposition was yet to come. 


It is astonishing that these little cards have 
survived so long. Their authors are now long gone, 
but those moments when they put pen to paper
to reach out to friends and loved ones 
across the miles 
live on for our enjoyment. 


Thank you, Dear Friends, for the sweet
 Happy St. Patrick's Day wishes. 

Ramblin' Man and I celebrated with our 
corned beef and cabbage dinner. 

It simmered for 4 hours and filled the kitchen
with the most wonderful fragrance. 

We had some green hard cider 
and I lit a green candle. 

It was so good - with a bit of orange zest. 

Leprechaun's left a pot o' gold for dessert. 

Cheers! Here's to another year filled with Irish Blessings! 


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  1. What fabulous Easter cards Karen. It feels like they have only just sent them! A totally different world. Have a great Easter. B xx

  2. What a fantastic post! I absolutely adore these post cards, reading them has really made my day, thank you for keeping them, and even more for sharing them with us today
    hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. Karen these cardas are so cute and the table setting is really nice.
    Have a lovely weekend

  4. Oh my how wonderful. These are such a great collection. Social history right there.

  5. Such history, loved seeing and reading the postcards.
    You certainly celebrated St Patrick's Day in style, loved the green cider! Your meal looked delicious.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  6. These cards are truly beautiful ond so nostalgic! It's a pity thar the habit of sending Easter cards no longer exists.

  7. These are such sweet cards. I like looking through old cards too. There's that lovely sentimental simplicity in the messages both on the card front and from the senders. Postcards were such a popular thing to send back then. I like the spontaneity of some of those messages ;)

  8. Amazing isn't it how old the cards are and how they have made their way here and there until they got to you to be celebrated with us today. What a story they tell. Glad you enjoyed St Patrick's Day. Have a good weekend x

  9. Hola Karen querida,, que bonitas tarjetas , me encanta su estilo vintage

  10. I love that bunny with the catkins. They are all very sweet and it's great to read the messages. I have a load of old postcards I collected when I was a child and I've thought about posting them to people today. Mush nicer than an email.

  11. Such beautiful cards, each with their own personal story quite charming. Your corned beef and cabbage looked amazing. Have a great weekend.

  12. I loved the Easter post cards and reading the messages, it is difficult to imagine a time when that was the only form of communication, but it really wasn't all that long ago. I'm glad you had a Happy St Patrick's Day, I love how American people embrace it so. Have a lovely weekend xx

  13. I really enjoyed the pretty Easter post cards. I'm so old fashioned that I still send out cards at Easter. Deb

  14. The cards are such wonderful finds. I love looking for old postcards and Valentines but rarely find one. And that soda bread looks very yummy! Hugs, Diane

  15. Karen, the cards are so unique and lovely. And I enjoy how you have them displayed. Very interesting. We have some old Valentine cards from my hubby's parents.

  16. The postcards are so pretty and real treasures. You've displayed them beautifully. I love receiving cards and still send them on these special occasions especially to my aunts. They really appreciate the old ways of communicating with letters and cards. You enjoyed a lovely St. Patrick's Day meal with delicious food, a nice drink all creatively served. I do hope you have a good weekend.

  17. Vintage post cards are so beautiful! I especially love the Easter ones. Thanks for sharing yours.
    My hubby and I had the same dinner! I was even going to make that bread recipe (found online) but decided on buying a sour bread loaf instead. I'm glad because Rick later said he didn't like the soda bread. Have a great weekend, Karen!

  18. Karen, your postcards and their sentiments are delightful. My favorite is the bunny and the catkins. *I'm glad Virginia is feeling better!

    Your Irish supper looks so inviting. I usually make one for St Patrick's day but this year we dined out.


  19. Greetings dear Karen. As I write this we have glorious fog outside and it reminds me of Gig Harbor and the beautiful area you live in. I so enjoyed this post and being taken back in time. Your postcards are so lovely. And, what a fabulous dinner you made for St. Patricks Day! I love all of Ina Gartens recipes. Enjoy your week. Hugs, Pat

  20. What sweet Easter post cards. Very well preserved too.

    It looks like you had a very nice St. Patrick's day meal too.

    Happy Spring and Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  21. You know, I never look at postcards while thrifting, but after this post I will! How special to look into others lives through their mail. Your dinner looks yummy. I just love Irish soda bread and will be making some this weekend. Happy Weekend!

  22. Old post cards are so interesting to read. Cryptic messages that make one wonder about the people behind the writing. Your Easter cards are so lovely.

  23. Glad you enjoyed your St Patricks dinner with Ramblin Man! Your cards are so pretty!!! Thank you for telling us what the messages said, it was hard for me to work out the writing, so I was glad for your "translation". I think it is wonderful that people have been sending these cards and that there have been Easter decorations for all this time! So often I hear from people that "we didn't do all this decorating when I was young" but these confirm that people did! I like that!!! The gilded card is especially pretty isn't it. Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a good weekend and a good Easter! xx

  24. Karen, these old post cards are so sweet! I love the sentiments on them and alway enjoy seeing the hand writing which was, for the most part, beautifully done with pride. Although a couple of these cards were tricky to decipher. Have a great weekend!

  25. What beautiful cards Karen. I can remember years ago watching the postman walking slowly years ago as they read the postcards before they were delivered. It's a shame that postcards are sent more and rarely nowadays and instead a selfie is taken instead and sent. Have a wonderful weekend my lovely xx

  26. Love it Karen! I love finding old linens & pottery at antique stores - but I think now I will hunt up seasonal postcards too! Love the age to them & precious sentiments. And even some from my area - Minnesota & Wisconsin. I bet the one is from Woodruff WI. ;)

    Love your sweet Irish meal together too. Blessings on your weekend Hon. Xoxo

  27. I also feel so charmed by vintage postcards, once, as a young girl, I used to collect them, but yours are truly gorgeous and your Easter corner is so very cute !

    With much gratitude I wish you a most wonderful weekend ever,
    sending blessings of joy to you, sweetest friend of mine,


  28. 'Top of the morning to you', Karen! What a lovely collection of vintage postcards, such fun reading all the messages... Love the language "I am having one of my very bad spells" Well I wonder how that would go down here, "Mum's having one of her very bad spells and doesn't feel like cooking dinner!' I could try that tonight, shame I've missed the Irish feast at your place otherwise I would invite myself around!
    Wren x

  29. Sweet Karen, this has to be one of my favorite posts from you! The postcards were simply delightful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the messages.

    Your corned beef and cabbage looked oh-so-tasty! That is one of my husband's favorite meals.

    Have a beautiful weekend! Love to you!

  30. Sweet images! I love the vintage cards the best!

  31. What sweet cards. we look for vintage ones too! My husband would have loved the corned beef and I would have loved the cabbage, happy St. Patrick's Day.

  32. As usual, I forgot to take a photo of my corned beef, etc. Now I'm glad, because your composed creation puts mine to shame. I just sort of dumped it out on the plates. I did, however, remember to take a photo of the green pistachio cake and pistachio ice cream, plus the table. I'll post them with the recipe for the cake on Sunday. It was a copycat recipe, so I'll give credit.

  33. Aw, Karen...I got so much more than I bargained for at your Five on Friday. Don't you just LOVE those old cards? They are all fantastic! The penmanship is so gorgeous, too. My father wrote beautifully- old script and he was hired by an insurance man to write out his insurance forms for him when he was a young man.
    As much as I grew up Irish and had Irish food I could never develop a liking for corned My son loves it and this year, hubby can't eat so I didn't even have to make an excuse to not fix it. lol YOURS, however, looks pretty xo Diana

  34. Since I'm one of those who still enjoys snail mail, and has pen friends, I found your post really interesting. Such lovely cards and a look into some private lives ...... Never in their wildest dreams could they have known that what they were writing then, would be shared across the world a hundred years on !

  35. Such beautiful and precious Easter greetings!
    Thank you for sharing, Karen, and have a lovely weekend! xx

  36. How neat to find those lovely cards. Even better that you were able to make out the writing on the back of each one. Although they have since passed on, you kept their writings alive. Thank you so much for sharing. Truly enjoyed reading!

  37. Karen, your vintage Easter cards are wonderful. And I liked the one from Larkspur, California, as my cousin lived there. It's really a lovely place.

    Have a restful Sunday.


  38. Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day :) wonderful decorations and I loved those vintage postcards, a step back in time and a look into their lives, if ever so short and sweet, but still very enjoyable. Wishing you and your family A Very Happy Easter.

  39. Your vintage post cards are wonderful Karen! Each one tells their own story. Happy belated St Patrick's Day. I'm making my corned beef today.

  40. The vintage Easter cards are such a sweet glimpse into a slower and, perhaps, kinder time. Lovely.

  41. Dearest Karen,
    That indeed was going back in time but with lovely thoughts that traveled however slow but delivered happiness no doubt!
    Your St. Patrick's meal looks delicious and all of your photos emit homey happiness.

  42. Having seen your name on many of the blogs I visit, I just had to come and see you!

    What a lovely post, I always like to send postcards ...
    How lovely to know that these have survived through the years.

    Your meal looks lovely and I can just imagine the wonderful aroma.

    All the best Jan

  43. Wow. These are really special. I love seeing things like this.

  44. A beautiful collection of Easter cards Karen. I enjoyed you showing us the backside too :-) Nosy as I am!

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  45. Such fun seeing the postcards and the things they wrote on the back's of them too, awww the good ole days!!

  46. My dear Karen,
    what a lovely post.
    All these vintage post cards have survived, that´s great. I think here in Europe with 2 world war´s in the last 100 years that wouldn´t be so easy. I have a box with old photos from my grandparents and grandma´s school report from 1912 but a lot of people have lost everything during the war, all the memories are gone, shame!
    Maybe you can find family members, grandchildren of the card writer. Maybe among them is a very famous person, who knows? That´s very exciting.Wouldn´t it be lovely to give a postcard back to a family member, just like a very late message in a bottle.
    Nice pre-easter week for you, hugs Barbara


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