Monday, March 14, 2016

More Spring Decorating with Painted Terra-cotta

Hello, Friends! I hope that you had a lovely weekend. 

We had very wet and windy weather,
so while the rain beat down and the wind howled, 
I did some redecorating :) 

I gathered all things gray for my mantel, 
a reflection of these late winter/early spring skies. 

These little angels are painted terra-cotta. 

A brief moment of sunshine captured in my living room. 

In an instant it was gone. 

I painted the basket on the tall cabinet with chalk paint. 
The bleached hydrangeas are from my garden.

The cabinet holds the television and stereo. 

My simple wood-stove mantel. 

A stone bird, favorite books, painted terra-cotta basket and frame 
with a beloved photo of my Dad.

You can see how I painted these Here.
This was one of the first crafts I posted
on my blog back in 2011.

Another painted frame holds a favorite photo of my dear Mom,
contemplating her birthday cake.

I miss them both every day.

The Moroccan style lantern was a recent purchase.

The velvet pansies were from a blog give-away a couple of years
 ago from Lin's blog - A Tiny Cottage in the Woods.

They were wrapped around the sweetest package.......

.......A tiny framed needlepoint.

I love displaying them every spring.

A hand-painted bunny rock keeps company
with speckled eggs in a tart tin, a stone bird,
and painted urn
in a galvanized tray on my coffee table.

The view from there.

Can you tell where Ramblin' man sits?
Clue: where the slippers and remotes reside :)

This is where I sit.
(When we're not sitting together :)
My treadle sewing machine 'desk' with my laptop
sits behind. This is Ling-Ling's favorite perch.

As I sit on the computer, I enjoy the light from
this large window.

My vintage bible.

The hand-painted plate mirrors my paper roses.

Something we all need to keep.

My gardens wait for me.

A hummingbird stops by.

You can see Ramblin' Man's path to the woodpile....

Looking straight ahead.

Flopsy carries a basket of hydrangeas on my settee.

She has on a sweet Easter bonnet.

Some apple tree trimmings have bloomed

Ling-Ling enjoys the lovely fragrance.
(The flowers, not my feet!)

Back at the computer.
My constant companion.

That stare is penetrating - I think that means, 'Feed me'.

The solid gray skies have lifted a bit to reveal fresh snow
in the Cascades.

Mt. Rainier remains hidden.

We have had a series of storms bringing high winds and rain. 
This large hemlock blew over in the last storm
and was hung up in the trees. 

You can see the open door of the lawn equipment shed below. 

 On Sunday, we had another big storm which brought it down.

I can tell you that you CAN hear a tree fall in the forest!

The lawn equipment shed was spared, thank goodness.

We are glad that it has fallen, as it was very dangerous.

Now for the clean-up....

This is the view of the fallen tree from my bedroom window
through the arbor.

Things could have gone the other way!

Small blessings.....

Another true blessing, my daughter, Heather.
She stopped by with flowers and her new pup, 'Jimmy'.

Jimmy is a Labradoodle - bred for its hypoallergenic fur.
My daughter has adult-onset cystic fibrosis and
is very sensitive to pet dander.

Her disease is under control with the help
of an excellent specialist and she is doing very well.
An answer to our prayers.

Jimmy has the intelligence of the Standard Poodle,
and the even temperament of the Black Labrador.

But the fur is pure 'doodle'! Lol!

He's only 5 mos. old, but knows how to ring a bell
when he wants to 'go out', sit, lie down, shake, and stay.

Did you hear that, Whitey Bear and Kai?

Whitey Bear asks, 'But can he talk like me?'

We are trying to introduce him to my two American Eskimos,
but it is going to take a few visits for them to accept him.
We had to keep them separated, as they are all males.

Jimmy did enjoy romping in the yard, though!

And I enjoyed visiting with my precious daughter.

So as we move into a new week, I am waiting for the
weather to clear (the forecast is for sunshine later in the week),
I'm continuing to decorate for Easter, doing a bit of sewing
that I will show you soon, and preparing to celebrate
Ramblin' Man's birthday with the family this weekend!

I hope all is well with you, Dear Friends,
and that you have some small blessings
to brighten up your week!


"It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate
gratitude with moderation."

- Roberto Benigni -
actor and director

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  1. You have turned a wet and windy day into a fruitful one with your indoor projects of lovely paintings and rearranging your home. Good thing the fallen tree didn't make any serious damage to your house. Ling Ling and Jimmy are both so very cute.

  2. Karen I love all kind of decoration and yours are so cute!
    Have a lovely day

  3. Lovely to see your evolving home and your daughter bearing gifts?
    As a parent it's awful when our loved ones are ill. Her puppy is just perfect and I'm sure he brings her lots of joy.
    Ling Ling is most definitely your shadow. Mine is my Sheltie. I am sure he was a cat in his past life as he loves nothing more than sitting and being stroked on my lap. Very therapeutic for us both.
    Have a lovely Tuesday :)

  4. You have such a beautiful home and your Spring décor is such a delight. Such a shame about the storm and the damage it has caused, on a more positive note at least you are all safe. Take care.

  5. Hello, your home is so beautiful. I love how you decorated! Jimmy looks like a sweet dog and so smart. Jimmy is my brothers name. I hope all the furbabies become friends. They are all beautiful pets. I am so glad that tree fell away from your house. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  6. You always find new and fresh ideas to decorate your beautiful home.I like the fact that you don't do it in the same way as everyone else. It has your signature and soul.So glad your daughter goes well Karen!
    All my wishes for happy and peaceful days ahead

  7. What a lovely cosy home you have visiting you!
    Your daughter is beautiful...hope she is well.
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

  8. Your home is just so very beautiful. It should be featured in a magazine. You have such a lovely touch. We had a wild and wet weekend here in Oregon too. MT Hood got tons of new snow. The sun is supposed to come out tomorrow and I am ready!

  9. Your living room looks beautiful. I love how the basket turned out. Your Siamese cat is so cute. Good thing that the tree hurt no one, hopefully the repairs on the arbor are not too bad. xoxo Su

  10. I did not know that about labradoodles! He looked like one wet dog!

  11. Your home is so cozy on a dark, rainy day! I could create in there all day. It is all so lovely. Ling-Ling is beautiful. I love having a kitty or two by my side when I am home all day.

  12. Another wonderful post of yours, dearest Karen, showing us all the cozy atmosphere of your home, increased with your beautiful Spring and Easter decorations that I love so much ... your home is filled with so much love, it's so evident, my sweet hearted lady ... in everything !
    You know, I'm so very happy to be here, I'm living a so very busy period in my life, and I'm trying to catch up with all the posts I've missed !

    May the remainder of your week be blessed with joy
    sending love across the many miles


  13. Hello, dear Karen,
    thank you for more lovely and wonderful pictures from your wonderful home! You always decorate so pretty!
    I love the picture from your sweet daugther and her new Puppy, Jimmy is such a lovely and beautiful dog!
    Thank you for sharing a pyrt of your life again, my dear friend!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings to you and your family,
    Claudia xo

  14. Beautiful! I am especially pleased to see Peter Rabbit in there, almost as glad as I am that the tree didn't fall in the other direction. Looking forward to seeing your sewing. x

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Eu amo esta época do ano e a festa da Páscoa. Você capturou um momento bonito em seu amigo casa.Parabéns me deu várias ideias, obrigado! Um grande beijo para você e um bom descanso da semana. Eu amei o coelhinho D e vestido florido !!!
    Não Sei Como escrever em inglês, mas ansiosa para Ver o resto das costuras. Beijo em todos!

  17. Love the log cabin feeling to your sweet home. The views outside are fabulous...wish my yard looked that good! I can't believe you have hummingbirds already! Hope we see some sun soon. Have a good week.

  18. I love how nice your basket came out and the garden will be pretty for spring! I look your gorgeous views.
    Thanks for joining and sharing with us at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Have a nice week.

  19. I loved all the spring lovelies around your home, Karen. You must be in awe each and every time you see the hummingbirds feed. The vintage Bible is so special, and your paper roses are gorgeous. Your Easter bunnies are so cute too. And your daughter is always lovely. Thank you for the gentle reminder to keep my faith strong. :)


  20. I always enjoy taking a peek inside your cozy home, dear Karen. Touches of Spring evoke new life and your "Faith" rock is a steady reminder. I'm glad to hear that your Heather is doing well and enjoying her pup.

  21. Oh what pretty decorations you have brought out, my fav is that stitching of the eggs so pretty, such a great frame for it. I love the skylight, to me the more sun the better, just cheers me up so! We still haven't seen any hummingbirds yet so I am patiently waiting to see them come back :) I hope you receive your card soon and have a fun weekend celebrating your hubby's birthday!

  22. Your daughter's dog Jimmy is an oodle like our crazy poodle, who is a cavoodle (King Charles Cavalier x poodle) although we always tease that we did not get enough of the poodle brain - there is certainly no attempt to ring bells over on this side of the world - lovely natured dogs those oodles! Hope the storms have now passed and you can get out in the garden!
    Wren x

  23. Everything looks so great! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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