Monday, March 21, 2016

A Family Celebration - (With Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes)

Over the weekend we had a birthday celebration
for Ramblin' Man. 

We enjoyed a complete 'Easter' dinner
of baked ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, and rolls,
(I forgot to put out the deviled eggs and apple sauce :(
as we were also celebrating Easter
a little early with the family. 

Of course, I had to bake the 
man of the hour's favorite dessert,
Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes!

You can find the recipe Here.

With Easter Eggs :)

Here he is on his very 1st birthday. 
Quite a few years ago xo

It was so wonderful to have the house filled with
family once again. 

My four children grew up here. 

The house was always full of children, 
friends, relatives, pets, toys, .......and lots of laundry. 

Now it is just the two of us. 

With pets. And lots of sweet memories. 

It's so gratifying to toast all the love and laughter. 

And for having faith to overcome the hardships
and sorrows. 

To celebrate a long life, well-lived. 

The good, the bad, the funny and sad, 
but most important - a life full of love.

I've known this man since I was 13 years old. 
He was 15, with braces, but 
 amazingly kind, blue eyes.

We've held each other's hand through thick and thin. 

And now, once more, the house has baby's laughter. 

Our sweet little grandson. 

Love, Live, Laugh. 

Full circle. 

The house is quiet now, once again. 

But there are new memories. 

These little rabbits have seen their share
of little hands. 

I made these many years ago, 
when my own children were small. 

Now enjoyed by a new generation. 

We never know what will survive .....
sweet tokens of love. 

That's what matters most. 


Happy Birthday, Ramblin' Man. 

Thank-you for all the love and laughter. 


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  1. Karen, Happy Birthday to your Ramblin' Man! Your Boston Cream Cupcakes look so delicious. I am going to have to make those! What happy moments together with family - especially grandchildren! Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Hi dear Karen ,, qué linda celebración y ese bebé es todo un encanto ,, happy easter

  3. Isn't it lovely to have everyone gathered for a family celebration? A birthday is the perfect reason to celebrate! Those cupcakes sound delicious. My mum used to make Boston Cream Pie - I haven't had it for years.

  4. What lovely photos, Karen. Your home is so pretty & welcoming. I'll bet the kids love to 'come home'. That house is filled their memories. :) Your grandson photo is so cute. I can't wait to see my 'new' one tomorrow. Love the bunnies; especially the one with the baby bunnies in the apron. So sweet. "Happy Birthday, Ramblin' Man" Deb

  5. Happy birthday to your sweet husband. What a beautifully written post! sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Happy birthday to your husband! Reading your post made me get kind of nostalgic about my own family. I get to feeling that way every spring, when the weather gets a little warmer, I expect to hear kids laughing and yelling outside. I sure miss it!

  7. We are so much alike, Karen! I'm incredibly happy that I met you. Happy Birthday to your guy..the cake sounds delicious---I'd love the recipe. I so identify with your thoughts on being in the same house that you raised your children in...we are in the same position and I wouldn't change t for the world. There are so many memories here and even though it's smaller that some of my own kid's homes, we are comfy and happy and it is now perfect for our empty nest

    We have one granddaughter who makes us smile and we look forward to more...yes, full circle!!


  8. What a sweet post, Karen, and a Hapoy Birthday to your Ramblin' Man. Your words just touched me, because Rich and I were just 14 when we many memories of young love and treasured memories of life with our four children, and beyond. Enjoy your time together, sweet friend. Happy Easter week to you and your honey.

  9. Happy birthday Ramblin Man!!! Glad you had such a lovely party to celebrate!! Happy Easter to you too. xx

  10. Dear Karen,
    happy belated Birthday to Mr.Ramblin Man! What a wonderful birthday celebration he got with so delicious Boston Cream!
    Wishing you a wonderful, happy and joyful Easter, take care and have a great time with all your loved ones,my dear friend!
    Claudia xo

  11. Happy Birthday!!!
    I love the decorations and cupcakes too.
    Have a lovely week

  12. this is a lovely, sweet post! made me tear up... what a wonderful celebration! those cupcakes look delicious! and those bunnies are adorable! and so is your grandchild!

  13. Such a great post. Happy Birthday Rambling Man, wishing you many more. x

  14. Hello dear Karen!! I love all of your decorations and I WANT ONE OF THOSE CUPCAKES. Please the thank you :)

  15. I love this post, such a happy one. Happy birthday to the man himself, that's a great photo of him on his first birthday.


  16. Such a lovely post, a house filled with love and wonderful treasured memories. It doesn't get better than that. Belated birthday greetings to your husband.

  17. Happy Birthday to your Ramblin' Man! I love a house full of family, and those days when the kids are small and excited just to be together again with cousins is the best. You have so many wonderful memories to look back on. Yours is such a welcoming home that I'll bet it will be a favourite place for your grandkids too. Those rabbits are so sweet, it's nice to have old treasures to bring out for the next generation to enjoy. Have a wonderful week Karen and Happy Easter :)
    Wendy xox

  18. awwwww such a sweet post karen. happy birthday to your ramblin' man!!! your home always looks so warm and inviting, it is decorated beautifully!!!

    sounds like the perfect day, i like when the house is full of family and mostly my boys!!!

  19. What a gorgeous post.
    "Happy Birthday Ramblin Man"
    Your Boston Cream Cupcakes with little eggs look soo delicious!
    Loving the bunnies you crafted for your children. I'm sure your Grandson loves them too.
    Have a wonderful Easter :)

  20. There's so much love in this post! Belated birthday wishes to your husband!

  21. What a sweet post and with a great recipe too! It really is all about family and it looks like you know how to celebrate them. My hubby loves Boston Cream Pie too. Thanks for the easy recipe!

  22. My darling Karen,
    what a touching post you shared, filled of memories, of good sentiments of Life and Joy .. I wonder how cheerful your home is when your so large family is gathered !

    Hope you're having a blessed week, sweetie,
    I'm sending love and gentle hugs to you,
    with much, so much thankfulness


  23. Lovely Karen. Such special times when family come round for celebrations. Love the rabbits with their carrots. Bet your grandson went straight for them. B x

  24. A lovely celebration of your beloved husband. Knowing each other for so long is amazing. God is good. A sweet photo of your grandson and memories of the family visit to cherish. Have a blessed week. I'm going to check on the cupcake recipe now. xx Pam

  25. What a lovely & happy, love filled celebration you had for the birthday of your Ramblin' Man. Belated Bday greetings to him.

    Happy Spring and Happy Easter ~ FlowerLady

  26. Happy Birthday to your husband!

  27. What a warm and lovely post. Happy Birthday to your husband.
    I love your rabbits and the little apron filled with bunnies, so cute.
    Happy Easter!
    Connie :)

  28. Aww Happy Birthday to your husband. I love the cupcakes and the cute bunnies you made and the perfect dinner.
    Thanks for sharing this with us at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Easter.
    Julie xo

  29. Karen- What a poignant sweet post. Yes- our lives, too, have come full circle. I also made those sweet little bunnies when my kids were little...the mama with the pockets..the papa holding a carrot in his pocket. Wish I had them now but have no idea whatever happened to them.

    I loved this post- xo Diana

  30. HI Karen....
    I too love when the house is filled with my kids♥️
    Such a lovely and scalloped potatoes! Perfect!
    Have a lovely weekend...I look forward to your next post....
    Linda :o)

  31. Happy belated birthday to your man, Karen! Your house is beautiful, I especially love the photo with the bunnies on the couch and the painting above it. Gorgeous photo! And how wonderful to see your bunnies still being loved and used after many years. Have a beautiful day, Wen (coming over from Roses of Inspiration)

  32. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Isn't it so special when the kids come home again, I can't wait to have grandkids here, hope it isn't too far off in the future! I have known my hubby since we were 16, I think being together that long makes the relationship that much more sweeter, growing up together and all!

  33. Your home looks so beautiful, Karen, and as you describe your family gathering one can't help but feel the moment with you.
    Happy Birthday to your Rambin' Man. His cup cakes look delicious!

    What a joy for you with that precious little grand baby filling your home with memories. We are blessed to have four grandsons. Our oldest daughters three are with us this week for their spring break. We are making memories as we share time with them.

    Have a beautiful Easter, dear friend.
    Blessings, Debbie

  34. What a delicious post to see !!! What a joy the full house and the beloved grandson. Happy Easter dear friend and a big kiss !

  35. Love this Karen!! So sweet. Happy belated to your Mr. ;)

    Boston cream pie is one of my hubby's favorites too! Must be a guy thing. Lol

    And your grandson is getting so big. I just want to reach out and stroke those sweet blonde curls. Such a Pumpkin!

    Blessings. xoxo

  36. fun! Looks like all had a good time! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  37. Love this all Karen, but the photo of your grandson is so precious.


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