Friday, December 5, 2014

A Gift of Roses -

When my sweet Ramblin' Man wants to buy me flowers, 
he most often brings home roses. 

Is there any flower more beautiful? 
Roses by candlelight are so lovely. 

Can you see Whitey Bear lying in the doorway? :)

Sometimes on special occasions such as Mother's Day,
I am blessed with more than one bouquet.

Whitey Bear, again - stretched out on his doggie bed.
He is my constant companion. xo

How beautiful are these?

Roses can cheer up even the dreariest day!

A favorite print of young girls arranging and contemplating roses.
This lovely scene reminds me of my two daughters.

Roses are appropriate for every occasion.

Red roses are lovely for Christmas.....

And are classic for Valentine's Day.

I always gave my Mother roses for her special
I still do.

Roses are classic for weddings.
These were arranged for my son and sweetheart's
rehearsal dinner this past summer.

I love to dry my roses for gift-giving, too.

They make romantic wreaths
and lovely potpourri.

They look so pretty.....

Fresh or dried.

A single fresh or dried rose gracing a wrapped gift
or bundle of books tied with ribbon,
is so lovely.

No matter if you give a single rose,
or a dozen, roses make the perfect gift.


"I'd rather have roses on my table
than diamonds 'round my neck"

- Emma Goldman -

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  1. Oh such a beautiful bountiful display of roses, just lovely!! I hope you are enjoying your holidays, filled with joy!!

  2. Beautiful, Karen...I just love roses, too! Love your drying rack!

  3. Hi Karen, how lovely and romantic to receive roses from your husband! They are beautiful. Have a nice weekend.

  4. just beautiful. thank you for sharing them.

  5. I've never seen an ugly rose- they are all beautiful to me. They also smell wonderful!

  6. just beautiful!!!!!!! looove your roses!!!!! angie

  7. Beautiful Karen and your sharing those special memories and honour your Mom and her special days still with roses is very special. I always knew you were a wonderful person. Hug B

  8. Hi Karen,

    Your roses are all so very pretty and yes even dried they are just as beautiful. I have some drying all around the house. Whitey bear is sweet

    Happy weekend

  9. You do a beautiful job of drying your roses.

  10. beautiful beauitful -- my favorite photos today of all of these beauties is number 2 and 11..
    Number 2 -- is so romantic looking and 11 is so soft and sweet and I love that bucket or what ever it's called....

  11. Hi Karen,
    Since Josephine ate part of a lily and ended up in the hospital when she was a kitten, I requested "only roses" from then on. They are not toxic to cats.
    ((hugs)) m & jb

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! The dried roses would make a gorgeous gift also. Love your photos! I'd like to invite you to link with Today's Flowers and invite you to be a Guest Friend. You can find the link on my blog and details can be found on the home page. No pressure, just thought I would ask. Have a great weekend :)

  13. Dearest Karen,
    No diamonds for me either but don't dare to take away from me roses and angels... Roses do make a setting or photo so perfect. I'm hoping to get some next year from our own garden. When I came out of the hospital, Pieter had a bunch of fresh roses for me waiting at home but their quality was so inferior that it makes me sad. Yours look great and for sure it is also the climate, here if they are not treated consistently withing the same temperature range, they will wilt in a hurry. Transport can be tricky from the source to the stores and if people don't heed this golden rule they will perish.
    Glad you captured yours in lovely photos for enjoying them even longer after they're wilted.
    Hugs to you and wishing you a cozy 2nd Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

  14. Just gorgeous, Beatrice. Your roses are so stunning I especially love the dual coloured one. And hello to Whitie Bear!

  15. Dear Karen,
    your Roses are wonderful have so many different ones, I also love the picture with the Ladies and roses, such a beautiful one!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings, my Friend!
    Claudia xo

  16. Your husband had wonderful taste! Those are lovely roses gracing your table as well as the ones drying.
    What a sweet way to dry your flowers.
    Have a blessed week-end.

  17. Wonderful! Roses are always gorgeous.

  18. Such a sweet and thoughtful hubby you have. Your roses are all so beautiful. I be they smell so good. So clever to dry them for potpourri. Glad to know you are still enjoying your pillow. Hope you have wonderful weekend, Karen!!!!

  19. I love roses too, your bouquets are so lovely! They add wonderfully to occasions. I also live in the PNW, I mainly grow vegetables, and also roses and other flowers.

  20. So many beautiful roses!! It's good that you took beautiful photos of each bouquet you received (and gave!). Love the look of the drying rack full of the dried blooms. You are a lucky lady ;) Wendy x

  21. Simply Beautiful....the roses are Gorgeous... Love this post... Hugs May x x

  22. Your Ramblin' Man is so good to you, Karen. The roses are beauties...all of them! I love the picture of the two girls, too.

  23. So very pretty. And such a lift in winter!
    Enjoy your weekend, Karen.

  24. Karen- Those are ALL gorgeous roses. I love that you have dried them, too. Your guy sounds like a keeper!!!! xo Diana

  25. Such lovely roses,I agree with you, fresh or dried always beautiful. My Mr France is not a giver of flowers, but he is so generous in so many other ways, So if I want flowers, I gift myself.

  26. I love the light in that first image!!! Good thing there are so many sorts of flowers, as I do not much care for roses...

  27. I couldn't agree more. Those yellow and pink roses are so unusual! I also feel that a rose should have a scent - and so many florists' roses don't...

  28. Oh my gosh, I just left this rose quote on a friend's blog yesteday. Karen, I am drooling over this post and your roses. Yes, they are the most perfect flower. And of course you know red is my favorite, but I love them in all colors. Your husband gave you such beautiful roses with the yellow and pink all swirled together. And that picture - it reminds me of my girls too! I love it. When I saw the dried roses, I smiled thinking back a bit. One day when my son was little, he had a dozen red roses behind his back and surprised me with them. Afterwards, I took those roses and dried them and kept them for a very long time.

    Is there anything prettier than roses or any gift more special? Your post stirred my heart today, Karen. Thank you.


  29. your roses are gorgeous. I like to dry them too.

  30. Beautiful roses...the colour is fantastic! Happy you!
    Have a lovely weekend and take care!

  31. Aren't those gorgeous...such an exquisite colour! I know you'll be enjoying to the full. A post altogether lovely. Thank you!


  32. Golly Karen!!!! Just look at all of your beautiful bouquets you have!!! I am with you on roses! They will forever remind me of my grandmother as there were always roses in vases cut from her garden on the table! Wishing you a beautiful weekend friend! Nicole xo

  33. We both have such sweet hubbys! Nothing is sweeter than a gift of roses. Today my hubby brought one in from our rose bush that's blooming! It sure has a strong sweet scent! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Holiday hugs, Diane

  34. I did a happy dance to see you linking with Today's Flowers. Thank you so much, your flowers are stunning :-)

  35. Nothing compares to roses!
    Beautifully photographed!

  36. These are beautiful, frame-worthy photos and roses, Karen!

  37. So many pretty roses, they are all beautiful arrangements.. Lovely photos.. Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  38. Roses are the flowers of love. Beautifully your rose images. I love roses too much, love Karen.
    All the best

  39. I love your pictures. Roses are so pretty in all their different colours. For a second I really though there was a bear in your cottage!

  40. Beautiful roses ... Rose is something special ... As you are to your husband! I love the way you dry them - rose is beautiful when dried ... the texture of the petal becomes more visible in a different way.
    Blessings to your week, Karen!

  41. hi dear frien !! unas maravillosas rosas para regalar !que tenga una bendecida semana

  42. Roses are my favorite flower. Your pictures are lovely, esp the beautiful ones for the rehearsal dinner and the sweet yellow/pink ones in the first photos. The ones drying on your rack are so pretty; I have a bunch of yellow roses from Thanksgiving tied upside down to my dining room chandelier to dry.
    Your sweet dog looks so content.

  43. All of your roses are beautiful and what a lovely thing to receive them from your lovely husband! They even look so beautiful when they are drying the way that you have them arranged makes them look like the most wonderful display! xx

  44. Stunning roses! I generally don't have "real" flowers in the house because our cats tend to eat them or knock over the vases creating big messes.

  45. Your roses are so beautiful! I love love love roses!! They are my favorite in the whole world. I've always thought maybe I was too cliché because of those being my favorite...but I feel better knowing you love them too!

    Have a wonderful week dear Lady! xoxo

  46. I am always just in awe of your pictures. I do love roses too and your photos are just wow!

  47. Sigh. Those roses are such a gorgeous color! I love seeing Whitey Bear here and there in the photos. I also love the print of the two girls. Your home looks so inviting!


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