Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Sugar Coated World

I woke up to a sugar coated world this morning. 

The first snow of the season. 

When I opened the curtains I was so surprised!

Although, I should have known by the dramatic clouds
the night before! 

I love how the snow reflects the light
as it dances around the bedroom while I 
tidy up and prepare 
for the day. 

Dark clouds hover over the mountains 
as I bundle up to take my morning walk
and feed the birds.

Tiny footprints on the front step.

Champ finds a stick to play with.
He loves the snow and gallops
around like a pony!

Our cottage is snuggled into the snow covered trees. 
These windows look out from our bedroom
shown earlier. 
The rest of the house is hidden behind the trees. 

Lovely leaves of Oregon Grape. 

There was no newspaper this morning. 
Our mountain road is very steep and slick
when it snows and the carrier will not attempt it. 

We have 4 wheel drive and studded tires on
my little gray Ford Ranger for that very reason. 

Years ago, when my children were in school, 
I would have to drive them when it snowed, 
as the bus would not come up our steep mountain road. 

One unseasonably snowy day
before my 4 wheel drive,
 I drove the children to school in the old station wagon,
(4 children - 3 different schools),
but then couldn't drive back up the last 
 icy, steep hill to our home.

I had to park at the bottom and 'take a hike'. 
It was very still and bitterly cold. 
Back then there were no houses along the way
and it felt very isolated. 
I was halfway up the very slick road
when I heard a loud crashing in the woods
alongside me. 

There was nowhere to hide and with the road
so slick, I could not run. I braced myself
and kept walking, hoping that if it 
was a bear, I would be able to scare it off. 

As the crashing got closer, 
I said my prayers, heart thumping.....
and then I heard a mournful, 'Moo-ooooooooo'!
It was a lonely steer, thankfully
fenced off with barbed wire. 

I had no idea the fence was even there
or that there were cattle inside! 
I walked over and gave my new friend
 a pat on the head and he escorted
me up the hill from his side of the fence.

I wish I had a treat to give him :) 

Snow on Douglas Fir. 

 A lovely holly. 

Time to go in- 
Baby it's cold outside! 

Mt. Rainier peeks out from the clouds. 

My scrabble letters in the kitchen window. 

Ling Ling scurries to find a dry spot on the deck
after playing in the snow. 

My Mother's dancing verdigris frogs get a mouth full. 

My caged Angel stoically stands by. 

A frosted cabbage with frozen droplets. 

The end of a beautiful day. 

We don't get much snow here in Western Washington State, 
except in the higher elevations,
(but of course, now that I have said that, we will :)
and some years we get very little. 
When we do, it is a lovely surprise. 


I hope that all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, 
had a lovely day. 
Thank you all for your dear wishes. 
We had a wonderful day 
and I am happily exhausted. 
My Ramblin' Man and I have enjoyed
a quiet weekend in front of the fire, 
eating pie for breakfast
and leftovers for dinner. 
I am not ready to start decorating for 
Christmas quite yet, but I am thinking about it :) 

Wishing you a lovely, peaceful weekend, Dear Friends. 


  1. These are all incredibly beautiful photos Karen. When you don't have snow all the time it must be wonderful to experience it when it happens. No chance of snow where I live.

  2. ear Karen
    You are a wonderful storyteller and a skilled photographer!
    Very cozy post! Wonderful room and surroundings!

    Wish you a good Advent!


  3. Hi Karen,
    it looks so wonderful all sugar coverd! Thank you for all those so peaceful pictures! Love Champ playing in the snow, and Ling Ling must have had fun too!
    Wishing you a wonderful week, enjoy this Winterwonderland and have a light filled 1. advent!
    Sending Love and hugs and blessings,

  4. I love snow! But it doesn't snows in my city, I see only when we travel to the mountain, these are all beautiful photos!!
    Wish you a good day

  5. tolle bilder und inspirationen!!! danke und einen schönen 1. advent, liebe grüße von angie

  6. How beautiful!! We didn't have much snow last year, I hope we'll have plenty this year, just for the sake of my girls. :)

  7. just beautiful, karen. enjoyed your story of the bear/steer! :)

  8. It's so beautiful, even though it is cold! xoxo

  9. hola amiga querida!! llego la nieve y el frio!.deseo que tenga un bendecido domingo

  10. Loved seeing your sugar coated garden. The first sprinkling of snow makes everywhere look so clean and light. Your pictures capture the beautiful peaceful scene.

  11. I am happy you had such a lovely day. Pie for breakfast sounds such a great idea. Your snow photos and home are absolutely beautiful!

  12. Your first snowfall is so pretty laying on the trees and your garden ornaments and such. The view of the mountain are spectacular. I enjoyed your story of walking up the icy mountain road with the cow. So cute, and I'm glad it wasn't a bear!! It is milder and we're getting rain here this afternoon. The weather is up and down from one day to the next. Have a wonderful week. Hugs. Pam

  13. You have such beautiful scenery all around you!

  14. Hello dear Karen,
    What a pleasant little winter's tale you have woven!
    I am lying in bed resting and catching up on blog friend's holiday coming's and going's.
    We drove to VA then to the Jersey shore, then back across the state almost to PA then back to the shore then home to MD. As if that was not enough driving, husband has a new bus route to drive tomorrow, so we went winding up and down country roads for 90 minutes after we got home, peering at tiny little numbers on mailboxes.
    Miss Josephine finally had ENOUGH and meowed at us anxiously till we settled in to play with her.
    Think we may attempt a Christmas tree this year. Didn't have one last year since little Miss JoJo Bean would surely have hossed her little kitten self up the thing. Humm...
    Happy Thanksgiving Monday!
    xo, m & jb

  15. I love this chronicle of a beautiful snow day, Karen! One of the best things about snow, is the lovely lighting it creates...your bedroom is so restful. Wonderful photos!

  16. Lovely pictures Karen! Your bedroom is beautiful, especially that wonderful vanity. The holly looks so pretty in the snow, and so does the cabbage. I had to laugh at the little frogs with their mouths full of snow!

  17. I had no idea that you lived on such a steep road!! My goodness that story made my heart just stop! So glad you heard a MOOOO!!!! And how beautiful is your snow Karen!! Just so pretty covering your garden!! So glad that you had such a nice weekend full of food and kicking back!!! Sorry I missed your last post...we were greeted last week with the stomach flu!! Wishing you a happy week dear friend!!! Nicole xoxo

  18. Lovely snowy scenes there from the other side of our fair state. We got snow too on Saturday. It probably snows here more often but usually not that much. I love seeing your shots of Mt. Rainier. The dogs look to be enjoying the snow. Also loved the Frogs and those bright red berries.

  19. Yay for your pretty snow! Your photos are beautiful & I loved your bus story. I was on the edge of my seat when you were talking about what might be coming through the woods!! Lol That holly with the snow on it - just gorgeous.

    I think the majority of my decorating is in good shape so will need to start taking some pics to share. Can't wait to see the decorating you share when you get yours up too. Stay warm & snuggly. Xo

  20. Dearest Karen,
    Fresh first snow always looks so pretty. You made lovely photos for sharing that beauty.
    Stay cozy and warm and what a memory of when the children were little...

  21. Hi Karen, I adore your photos of your beautiful Winter Wonderland Garden.... Gorgeous...Stay safe & warm... Hugs May x x x

  22. Hi Karen, wow that Mt. Rainer is so beautiful! My daughter and I would just love it there! Every time I see the mountain I just want to paint it. I love the way the snow looks in the woods. We have been lucky and haven't had any snow yet! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing those photos. Take care and enjoy the week.

  23. It is all so beautiful!! I am glad that you can get in and out of your house safely with your truck and that you won't have to walk home again - I hope! Stay nice and warm. xx

  24. Your post made my heart sign, Karen. All that snow! I don't get a chance to see the snow here unless we go up to the mountains, about an hour away. Your story about when the kids were little was interesting. I remember those days taking three kids to three different schools when it was raining heavily. Oh, how your angel looks beautiful all covered in snow. And can I just say that the picture with the red holly against the white snow is truly lovely. Mt. Rainier looks so close.......or maybe it's that fabulous camera of yours.

    I can't wait to see your Christmas décor. Oh, and I love your bedroom with the aqua touches you have in there.


  25. Everything looks so beautiful and so peaceful. Thanks for sharing your winter wonderland with us.

  26. Lucy you, I woke up in a pizza oven

  27. Dearest Karen, you have a way of putting a smile upon my face at the end of a day. :-)
    How lovely are your photos! I stand amazed with those of you who beautifully grace your cameras. All the little details in every photo shot.
    I need to relax more when taking pictures for my blog. I think about it too much. :-)
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful bedroom. So warm and relaxing.
    My husband and I have been enjoying our leftovers a well, but their getting old. I plan on making a pot of ham and beans with my spiral ham bone tomorrow. Yum!
    Thank you for this lovely post.
    Joy! Debbie

  28. So you got some of that white stuff too -- WOW Mt. Rainier is so grand and beautiful the camera shot is awesome.. I love your bedroom so inviting and comfortable.. lovely white surrounding so much like a winter wonderland.. keep safe and warm!

  29. Don't you just love the first snow? There is something so beautifu and enchanting about it :)

    Your pictures always make me feel like I am right there in person drinking in the beauty of your home. The cabbage is quite lovely with the snow and frozen droplets.

    Thank you for blessing me with your pretty posts. Hugs to you, Karen!

  30. This is an absolute winter wonderland, Karen!!! Makes me want to play in the snow!! :)

  31. I so enjoyed this post! The snow covers your place like a magic fairy carpet. It is beautiful. The photos were wonderful and I'm glad you've now got 4WD. Great story!

  32. Your weekend sounds perfect Karen. Sitting in front of the fire with your husband is the best way! How pretty your house and surroundings look with a dusting of snow. It's grey and dark in The Netherlands. We could do with a bit of white magic over here :-)

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  33. I love getting a glimpse of your corner of the world, Karen! The snow covered pictures are sooo pretty. I see why you love your cottage in the woods so very much. I'm glad the story of having to leave your car at the bottom of the hill, had a happy ending!
    Happy Christmas decorating!

  34. Karen, seeing those pictures makes me as happy as the dogs! The first snow! I love a white holiday season. Your winter wonderland is so beautiful! You are the one who is bringing back my childhood memories!!!!
    Have a wonderful and happy time

  35. I really loved this post, especially your tale of hiking up a slippery road and having the steer to walk with you. Precious moments that you will always remember. My friend and I had a similar experience when we were teens. We were in the far north at her cottage, and we were walking through woods where there was no trail (I would never do this now). We heard crashing through the trees and were speculating on what it would be. We thought it would be a moose, but it was a small herd of beef cows! We were so surprised! The farmers there let them wander all summer and gather them together in the fall. Your snowy pictures are beautiful, and your dog is like mine with the stick "Let's Play!!" ... he loves snow too and it just gets him racing and being so silly. Wendy x

  36. Stunningly beautiful photos - and what a story about the steer! So glad it turned out to be a peaceful beast.


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