Thursday, November 13, 2014

Country Roads With Good Fences Along the Way

Come along with me and my Ramblin' Man
as we take a Country Drive
to see the last of the Autumn foliage along the foothills
of the Cascade Mountains here in Washington State,
even as some of you, Dear Friends, are experiencing snowy weather!

Today I am linking with: The Run*A*Round Ranch Report - Good Fences


As you can see by the windshield, it has been raining, 
but the rain has let up as we start our journey
at the top of our own little mountain road. 

Our native Big Leaf Maple shines golden on the left
and the beautiful conical shape of Western Red Cedar is on the right. 

 Maple, along with tall Cottonwood, glow
 as we descend into the valley. 
Douglas Fir points skyward. 

Some sheltered Sunflowers still blooming next to our town's youth center...

A beautiful old Kwanzan cherry tree by a cedar fence
with a large political sign
proclaiming the owner's affiliation.

A sweet little 1950's cottage with a handsome pony paddock. 

A tidy little ranch with its own tiny mountain.

Beautiful white fencing under a hole in the sky. 

A cattle shute? 

Native Alder trees (which don't turn color), 
and vintage fence with horses. 
Purple twin peaks loom overhead. 

Can you see the 'clear cut' on the lower
right flank of the mountains? Logging leaves ugly scars
on the landscape. These clear cuts are controversial 
and some say they are prone to landslides, such as our 
recent Oso Landslide which was the worst ever in the nation. 

Just this week, our state legislature passed stringent laws 
against logging on unstable slopes. 

A barbed wire fence along a marshy field
behind a large home framed by pointed Douglas Fir. 

A closer view of a pretty setting. 

Neatly laid out farmland under the same twin peaks. 

A favorite red barn. 

The beautiful pastures beyond.

Complete with 'Happy Cows'. 

We leave the farmland behind and travel 
through forest and small towns. 

An ornate estate wall contains crimson cherry trees
and a small blue playhouse. 
A magical place for a child to play! 

Understory color from Vine Maple and 
Ocean Spray under Douglas Fir. 

This vintage hotel sign caught my eye. 

Brilliant maples along a roadside walking trail.

A steep mixed forest hillside contrasts deep evergreen with burnished hues.

A water tower blends in with it's painted firs.

Golden grape vines escape their trellis along the roadside
as we turn around and head for home.

We pass through farmland once
more to discover this rustic scene.

A sudden squall shrouds the foothills.

Large cloud formations dwarf the distant mountains
as we leave the farmland behind.

A terraced stone wall elevates this Northwest style home
to take advantage of maximum views.

A lovely driveway with neat fencing, lined with cherry trees
as we near home.

The welcoming committee as we arrive home.


Thank you for coming along on our country drive! 

All of these photos were taken while in motion 
with my Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS. 

Ramblin' Man doesn't like to slow down! :) 


Since these photos were taken about 2 weeks ago, 
we have had very strong winds which have taken away our beautiful Autumn leaves. 

We had our first frost last night which has also taken my last remaining flowers. 

We lost our electricity last night with wind gusts 
over 50 mph, but today the winds are gradually easing. 
Many trees have fallen and many people are still without power
although ours has been restored. 

We are warm and cozy with two wood stoves burning
just in case it goes out again. 

Winter is coming! Keep cozy, my friends! 



  1. Wow, what beautiful, scenic photos! And I do love those barn shots.

  2. i was wondering if that color was recent! had heard some bad storms had come through and knocked out power, there. we're freezing in n. texas today, too.

    thanks for sharing the color (while it lasted) and the beautiful rural scenes you have, there!

  3. Dear Karen, the colors that the trees take on in your area are just amazing! Sooo... beautiful! It looks very rural were you live and there seems to be sooo... much land. It feels freeing to me to just look at your photos. So very different from were I live! But you are also living in a wild country. Gusty winds at 50 miles per hour and power outages? Hmm, not so much fun. I am glad you have the wood stoves. Stay warm and I hope the weather will be a little bit more peaceful in your neck of the woods this autumn. Warm regards,

  4. Hi Karen, I enjoyed our drive together... such natural beauty & fabulous homes....Thank you for sharing... Hugs May x x

  5. WOW! I just love it when you take us on a drive though your countryside and you certainly have not disappointed in this post. the fall colours on the trees are amazingly beautiful.. Love all the fences and critters along the way. Thanks

  6. Hi Karen, wow fall is really gorgeous in your area! I love and thanks for showing and taking us each for a drive with you. It would really make me want to paint landscapes living your area. I just love fall foliage. You dog is so cute. Take care and have a nice day and weekend.

  7. My dear Karen,
    ou have shown us such wonderful Autumn pictures! Coulours form indian Summer, from Gold to red, from Yellow to brown ....just beautiful!
    Thank you my dear friend,
    have a blessed week,
    Love and hugs
    Claudia xo

  8. Dear Karen
    Nice to join you. Very lovely fences , nature and roads!


  9. Another beautiful drive you have allowed us to share with you, Karen.
    Those red trees are stunning!
    I had to chuckle when you said that your "Rambling man doesn't like to slow down."
    Well you take excellent photos while on the move. :-)
    Bless you, and stay warm.
    Joy! Debbie

  10. Keep cozy is right!! I am so glad that your power was restored! Those maples took my breath away! As did so many of your farm shots! MY GOODNESS!!!! The skies are brilliant in your collection here Karen! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! Nicole xoxo

  11. hi dear Friend!! que linda avenida con todos esos arboles de color ocre .. me encanta el colorido del otoño

  12. I am duly impressed with your photography skills if these were taken while moving. Amazing scenery and fences. I loved it all and thought your welcoming committee was adorable.

  13. Thank you for taking us along on your drive over the beautiful rural roads around you. The moody skies, mountains, colourful trees, barns, fences and houses were a pleasure to see. Beautiful photos! You're lucky you have wood stoves to keep you cozy. Enjoy.

  14. Those are really marvelous shots, Karen. I love all the scenery and the fences are just the bonus. Now- I have to say- I would have a hard time voting for someone named makes me think of cock-roaches. lol xo Diana

  15. Pretty trees, many different colours enjoyed the drive.

  16. Dearest Karen,
    What a lovely colors you had before this bad storm hit your area.
    That clear cut looks like a huge spot and it is indeed so stupid. Especially with the winter rains and later all the snow melting, it's asking for trouble!
    Don't you hate such ugly 'BLUE' and often plastic play things for kids that they place in the yard? It is such a disturbing color in an otherwise beautiful environment. Loved that estate wall.
    Sending you warm hugs and hope you stay cozy and warm without problems.

    1. Hi Mariette, yes, clear cutting is not environmentally friendly, that's for sure- but now, hopefully with this new legislation things will be better - we will see......
      Yes, those plastic play things are so UGLY! Sort of like those awful blow up Christmas decorations.....Oooops! Did I say that out loud? *grin*
      Thank you for your sweet visits Mariette.
      Hugs xo Karen

  17. thanks for the road trip. It sure was beautiful. You captured some beautiful images

  18. Hi sweet friend. You know I LOVE going on a drive with you - you always show us such beautiful sights :) And once again your pictures do not disappoint.

    Your welcoming committee is precious. Enjoy your weekend, dear Karen. Love and hugs to you!

  19. I did think about you when I saw the map of this new arctic storm hitting the US. Stay warm and I don't you don't have any more damage…
    The drive was magical and we got to see so much beauty….

  20. Karen,
    Thanks for taking me along your country drive with you. Talk about beautiful colors - wow. There are so many wonderful Autumn colors in these pictures. The trees are gorgeous! You know, the cabinets in my new home are made out of the alder wood. I loved the maples along the roadside, they're so pretty. And the red bard is so charming. I really like that picture with the golden leaves.

    Going on country drives with my husband is one of my favorite things to do. I'm so glad you enjoy them also.


  21. Isn't it marvelous taking our country roads, such sights to behold and yours were spectacular. Must have been a lovely time of the day as the light seems perfect.

  22. Now, you see? Had I taken those pix from a moving car, they would have come out looking like abstract paintings. The Polar Vortex is headed your way then ours. Rats. But we have plush new carpet in the living room to keep the chill off the floor. Josephine can really build up a head of steam now as she races from room to room. "Zoom in, zoom out" applies to cats in our house, not cameras!

  23. Wow Karen, what colorful Fall photos you've shared on your drive. I always enjoy being in the car with you!

  24. This looks like autumn heaven, Karen! Wow. What breathtaking shots. Soul-calming.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  25. I can't get enough of all this gorgeous Autumn color! I know you understand! :-) Your photos are stunning! Sadly, now the leaves are gone, and you are beginning to get bad weather. Do stay warm! I'm glad they have passed legislation to keep the logging from steep hillsides. I hope the loggers plant to replace trees. It looks like they take every one in an area, which is also irresponsible. Just got on my soapbox a minute. :-) Love the beautiful fence and barn! I would give anything to have one of those cherry trees in my yard...oh well! :-)

  26. I enjoyed the ride Karen. Beautiful photographs of the countryside. I heard about the cold in the US. Hope it's not too bad in your part.

    Stay warm! Have a lovely weekend!

    Madelief x

  27. Oh I really enjoyed the ride! So beautiful! It´s so grey and dull here on the snow ahead!
    Have a happy weekend!

  28. I love that little white and yellow cottage. The trees also have amazing colours. Stay warm and safe.

  29. Thanks for the beautiful ride Karen! I love your blog so much and you have helped inspire me to finally put myself out there create blog of my own about my life in the northwoods. If you get a chance please stop by and I welcome any input or words of wisdom you'd like to share. I know I still have a lot to learn but my goal is to have my blog make others feel the way you make me feel when I visit yours.
    Have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous scenery. It feels like a storybook.

  31. I hope that the electricity is back up again now. I love that red barn, I think that I remember it from some of your previous posts! xx

  32. Oh truly beautiful around your area - I know I say that so often but I can't help my self!! Sorry about the wind - I HATE wind when it blows that hard.. it makes for sleepless nights..
    You stay warm too.. and keep stay!!

  33. Oh Karen,
    the woods are fantastic. What intense colours on the trees! Great scenery! But you know, I realy love that!
    Have a happy week

  34. Dear Karen,

    This post creates a new way to look at a country by the smile of your great photos.

    Yannis Politopoulos

  35. So many different fences. They really are everywhere when you look, aren't they? I like how some of them are absolutely dwarfed by the huge trees. It must have been a lovely day, the light looks perfect. My fav, though, is your gate and welcoming committee. No place like home, wherever we live.

  36. Karen, the colous of the leaves are stunning...I wish I could be there to take a lot of pics.
    Thanks for sharing, as always...

  37. It's so beautiful where you live. Each picture looks like a scene from a postcard. Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you.

  38. I am slowly working my way forward through the comments on each of my blog posts and came across your great comment on my Willy Nilly post on the 6th! :-) I don't know how everyone else does it...I read the comments as I print them but I work my way through every comment on every post, visiting their posts and making my comments to them, and sometimes that takes a while and I get really "behind." :-) I just wanted to let you know how interesting I found it that your parents used to live near Las Alamos...and that even in the 70s there were military police making sure a stopped car wasn't doing anything un-toward! I am so fascinated by history and love learning. Russell and I watch all kinds of History Channel programs and things along that line, and I read a fair amount of non-fiction as well. The book about Los Alamos is an easy read and doesn't deal with what the husbands were doing at all, but what lives were like for the families. Very interesting!

  39. I love and treasure these beautiful virtual drives with you. I love the row of sunflowers against the wall and so many different interesting fences along the way

  40. I also totally love your country drives, or tours through the countryside! So beautiful, and oh those fall colors. I tried to view your post today on overcoming lifes sorrows, but says the page not found, and it seemed to be missing. Will try again later to see this as it is such an important topic. Blessing to you as the holidays approach! Thanks for all of your stops by my blog, and always love seeing you there!

  41. Beautiful scenery, I love all the vibrant fall colors. Hope you're staying warm in this crazy cold weather all over the country.


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