Monday, December 15, 2014

Decking the Halls

We've been busy little elves here - decorating, 
shopping, and preparing for Christmas Day. 

My sweet Ramblin' Man even took me out 
on a little drive to see all the decorated homes. 

Complete with hot chocolate! 

Our little cottage in the woods gets no passers-by, 
but we like to add some seasonal touches - 
just for our own enjoyment. 

The family will be joining us on Christmas Day, 
so we like to make it warm and welcoming
for them, too 

Come along inside for some seasonal cheer, 
won't you? 
I will put on a pot of hot chocolate:)

Let me take your coat....

My Dear Father made the coat rack as 
a gift one long ago Christmas. 

A collection of red plaid woollies is 
a necessity during hunting season :( 

Two of these were my Father's and 
wrap me with his love every morning
when I venture out to feed the birds. 

Maggie takes a nap on a sunny morning......

We have had unseasonably warm weather lately. 
It was 66 degrees last week and this week has 
been in the 50's. 

We have been taking advantage of the lovely weather
to get some yard work done and to gather greens 
for decorating. 

We have had some strong windstorms to go along 
with our warm weather which has left us 
with plenty of windfall! 
(To gather and to clean up :)

Our tiny tree....

I have been sewing new pillows -
the smaller pillow is new, the larger one
was sewn a couple of years ago. 
Both were made out of vintage crocheted table runners. 

My vintage picnic basket holds presents. 
The thermos is sweet with gathered greens. 

The tree was elevated with an upside down
galvanized wash tub. 

I used vintage 'pearl' necklaces for garlands. 
I bought 4 crystal guardian angels
for my 4 children when they were young. 

Glittered glass pine-cones were a recent purchase
from the sweet shop featured in my last post. 

The nativity is in a safe place. 

I have to protect it from jumping cats. 
They would rather jump onto the window sill :)

The bisque porcelain is hand painted with lovely detail. 

It has survived 4 children and many Christmas celebrations
without a scratch.

A beautiful day. 

A pine-cone orb that I crafted last year. 
My Christmas cactus blooms in the window. 
This cactus is at least 15 years old! 

The scene reflected in the mirror. 

The entry table with its woodland vignette. 

My small collection of log cabins. 

As a child, I lived in a log cabin with a 
beautiful stone chimney, knotty pine walls, and open beam ceilings. 

As a child, we also vacationed in a log cabin 
in the White Mountains
of New Hampshire.
It belonged to my Father's boss, Mr. Butler. 
We called it 'Butler's Cabin'. 

I even had a log cabin play house, 
with furniture crafted from 

Log cabins are very dear to my heart. 

Of course we can't forget Santa in our Christmas 

I handcrafted this little fellow years ago from 
a pattern out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. 

I actually made 10 of them to give as gifts one year! 

The rocking horse was a childhood ornament. 

It is these sentimental keepsakes that give 
special meaning to the holidays. 

I've kept my mantel classic and simple this year. 

A favorite, hand-painted plate of cardinals. 

A hand-painted music box - 'The Nutcracker' - 
a gift from my Dear Mother. 

One of our last Christmas's with her, 
she bought all the girls in our extended family
tickets to see 'The Nutcracker' ballet
at Mccaw Hall in Seattle.

She gave me this beautiful music box that same year. 

Golden mosaic votive holders for Advent. 

Thank you for your sweet visits, my Dear Friends. 

I hope you are enjoying these short winter days and long
nights leading up to Christmas. 

I know this is a busy time for everyone and I appreciate 
the time you have taken to visit my little corner of the world. 

Thank you for your dear and encouraging comments on my 
last post on behalf of my daughters. 

Knowing that you have them in your thoughts and prayers
means the world to me and to them. 

You are all truly special. 


Next time: I will show you my Nordic Inspired redecorated kitchen <3 
Until then, take good care.  


  1. Your home is gorgeous Karen! You had me at your front door!! It is stunning! And I love that you have some of your fathers shirts there wonderful to have those things to wrap around you. Something that I would cherish as well. And your vignettes are all so very beautiful! Those log homes are awesome as is that santa you made! Wishing you a very blessed and merry week ahead friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. It's so sweet and cozy. It reminds me of an Alpine lodge; I love all the wood. That's a special coat rack from your father, and I love the entrance. xoox

  3. My dear Karen,
    your Home is wonderful... don't know, where to start ... your Entrance looks beautiful, just like coming to Santa's home ;O) I love all your ornaments, your Nativity is georgeous, I love your tiny Christmas Tree, your Home is so warm and filled with Love!
    Wishing you a wonderful 4th adventweek and sending Love and hugs and Blessings to you and your Loved ones!
    Claudia xo

  4. I love all of your woodsy decorations, it fits your house beautifully. Plus, I'm partial to those "north woods" accents too. Lol! I love your warm wood & tall ceilings too.

    Your tree is so pretty & what a wonderful touch to add the picnic basket for gifts. Love that!!

    Your nativity is so pretty & has obviously held up well from the kiddo years! Lol Good job Mom. ;)

    And that Santa ((squeal)) - I could just eat him up!!

    But that music box from your Mom is so beautiful & I bet incredibly special.

    Thx for sharing! So fun to hang out at your house for a while.

  5. Dear Karen
    There are so cozy and nice Christmas decorated at your!
    I love your gran vines around the door!

    Have a nice day!

  6. Oh Karen it is truly a beautiful welcoming sight there are going to be wonderful memories made in this beautiful love filled world. Hugs B

  7. ALL of your decorations are so very very beautiful!!!! Your home looks so welcoming, especially with all the lovely things at your front door. Far too many things to comment on, but know that I love it ALL!!!!! I hope that your guests will have wonderful time at your home and that you will too! xx

  8. Looks absolutely wonderful - charming and welcoming! You LIVED in a log cabin? Wow! (We don't get too many of those in the UK). It is unseasonably warm here too - though we did have a lovely, crisp, frosty morning last Saturday.

  9. Hi Karen, I love how you decorated your house for Christmas! Your tree is so pretty and all of you little touches you have made throughout your house. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs, Julie

  10. Hi Karen,
    Your home looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas. You're just an old fashioned girl at heart and I love your sweet memories and treasures. Your handmade Santa is gorgeous and I love your pillows fashioned from crocheted pieces. Thanks for taking me on a tour of your lovely cottage.

  11. Your kitchen sounds intriguing. Love the cottage...and I decorate for myself too.

  12. i like your pine cone wreath and the little log cabin display. so cute. :)

  13. Karen- It is like a step back in time to visit your sweet place. I love it all-from the entry to the tree on the upside down galvanized bucket. What a sweet music box from your Mom and how wonderful you were all able to go with her to The Nutcracker one Christmas while she could still enjoy it with you.

    Your little log cabins are just darling. They have always fascinated me, too. xo Diana

    ps. I guess I don't know-what part of the country do you live in? I see it is still pretty green there....

  14. I always love seeing your beautiful home, Karen! How lovely it is all decorated for wonder the family loves to gather there! You have some wonderful, special treasures...and that card rack to display Christmas cards is too fun!

  15. You have some lovely Christmas decorations. I am very impressed that everything has been so well cared for over the years. I hope your children cherish them as much as you do. I wonder if one day those crystal angels will be on their trees for their friends to see.

  16. Oh this is really Christmas time! Lovely and cozy at your place and I really love all your Christmas decorations...
    Have a beautiful week, take care!

  17. You do know how to do Christmas! There are a lot of similarities between your front door and mine. I hope to show my decorating soon, but the days have been so dark and rainy. I just love so much in your home, and so much brings memories of my own youth. The lumberjack shirts at the front door reminds me of my friend's cottage where I spent summers, and they too had heavy plaid shirts that we all wore out in the bush (and I'll bet your Dad's shirts are the two on the left). Everything in your home exudes warmth with the beautiful vaulted ceiling, woodstove and all the little touches you tuck in here and there. I'll bet you can't wait to open your doors to your family on Christmas day! They are very lucky indeed to have you ;) Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven with us Karen. Wendy xox

  18. I really enjoyed the tour of your beautiful home. Your decorations and so many lovely keepsakes are wonderful and make your home a special place to be. Have a blessed week. Pam

  19. your home looks so cozy and inviting with all the decorations.

  20. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely display of so many cute things, like the log cabin with the tiny green trees.
    Your wreath and pine cone orb and so many things are treasures. Yes, it very much is also about the sentimental value that is attached to all those things. With love and care, by several generations. Don't you feel yourself hugged by your dear Father when wearing his woollies? The same like I felt after having repurposed my Godmother's sheets and sleeping on them... In a way we are still united and very much so in LOVE!
    Sending you hugs and stay cozy. We had lovely weather this weekend but today when I had to drive one hour away, I had rain... mild weather though!

  21. Everything is lovely, Karen. I hope you all enjoy a magical Holiday Season together!

  22. Dear Karen

    It all looks very cozy and inviting. The pillows are beautiful and the little log cabins quite magical. A beautiful house. Here in Germany we also spring-like temperatures. Your two sweet daughters, I wish all the best.
    Lots of love Rita

  23. Your home is beautiful all adorned for Christmas. I really love the music box. I love the Nutcracker, especially the snowflake walz.

  24. There are so many beautifully arranged things in your home Karen that I can't think of any one thing, I would want to do them all. Your home must be the most welcoming place to come in the holidays! Enjoy the rest of your week my lovely xx

  25. Karen,
    Your dad's plaid jackets made me smile. I used to wear this red plaid shirt all the time, and I really miss it. These that belonged to your dad are really treasures. Your Christmas tree may be small, but so beautiful. If you get a chance, stop by tomorrow and see all of our trees. I love the Santa that you made and how special that you made 10 of them to give as gifts. The Nutcracker music box is precious from your mother. My children are going to see that on Sunday. Your home is certainly decked out for Christmas, and it looks very warm and cozy. Thank you for sharing all your Christmas goodies that are dear to you, Karen.


  26. Karen, your home is so warm and inviting. I so enjoyed my visit with you.
    Your fathers coat rack is beautiful.How wonderful that you still have it to enjoy.
    I love your pretty little tree, especially all lit up at night.

    Merry Christmas!

  27. Olá amiga, hoje quero agradecer a Deus pelo dom da sua vida, e desejar a você e sua família
    um feliz e santo Natal, cheio de saúde e alegria!!!
    Que seu coração esteja preparado para receber o Menino Deus!!!
    Um grande abraço, Marie.

  28. I am in awe of your beautiful home, decorations and decorating skills. I need to take notes :) I love log cabins also. If I can't have a thatched cottage in the UK then I would love a log cabin in the states. Always so warm and inviting as is your gorgeous home. Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New year to you all.

  29. Dear Karen, your house is so you - filled with warmth and love! It is a very wellcoming and inviting place, a hide in corner!
    Have a happy happy holiday season, a wonderful Christmas with your family - send you all my best

  30. I love everything about your home. It sure does look warm and welcoming. So sweet that your family will be joining you. Your card display is my favorite from the tour. Such a neat idea.

  31. Your home is so pretty and warm, all of your Christmas touches are just darling. I really love the sleigh at the front door. Have a Merry Christmas, thanks so much for your visit.


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