Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Cheer

Hello, Dear Friends! 

Can you believe that Christmas is just
a few days away? 

I know that you all have been very busy
and I want to thank you, once again
for taking the time to visit and leaving 
me such sweet comments. 

I have been busy, too, but I think
I am catching up finally. 

I promised you a tour of my kitchen, 
so grab a cup of tea and come along.......

As we enter from the living room, 
my red floors and green chairs
make decorating for Christmas very easy!

I have sewn new pillows and table runners 
out of some lovely reproduction French grain-sack fabric
that I found over the summer. 

I knew the red striping would be perfect for Christmas! 
The checked pillow was sewn from woven dish towels. 
I just love the feeling of the heavy, textured fabric. 

I have been admiring the French-Nordic Country decorating style
that I have seen all over blogland, and also in some magazines,
and that was my inspiration. 

The sweet Santa doll was sewn by my Dear Sister
and given as a gift one year. 

A greenhouse ornament gets center stage
 atop some galvanized containers. 

I've added fresh greens to the top of my hutch. 

Some of my vintage finds....
the card was from a dear friend in Scotland last year. 

It's nice to have this little alcove as part of my kitchen. 
It has come in handy for extra seating during large gatherings,
and also serves as a bright spot for crafts, drawing,
or simply to read the paper with a cup of tea in the morning.

Hanging on the beam....
another gift from a dear loved one. 

The snowman was hand crafted by my Dear Mother and Father
one Christmas as a gift.

Have a seat and I will show you the rest of the kitchen.

My new table runner that I sewed to match the pillows.

Every year I craft something to give away as
favors for Christmas Day.

This year I made decoupage candles
using wonderful French napkins.

I lined the rims with silver glitter glue
and tied a pretty sheer ribbon.

So simple - the candles are storm candles
found in the home goods store.

My captured Chick-a-dee......

I saw a similar idea in Better Homes and Gardens.
I used a pretty holiday wreath pick, some fake snow,
and a ceramic bird my Mr. bought me on my birthday:)

The Kitchen Queen is bright and glittery
for the season.

A milk glass compote holds some holiday pretties.

The silver star has been my Mr.'s since he was a child.
I found this idea in 'Jeanne d' Arc Living' magazine.
Have you heard of it? It is swoon-worthy!
It is only sold through shops,
but there is a blog....
The website to find out where to buy the magazine is:
I found my copies in a favorite local shop.

Silver and white and candlelight...

I made the cotton-batting Santa long ago.
His face is a sticker!

My son, Dustin gifted me with the beautiful
Fenton Angel a few years ago.

I saw the idea of putting the bottle brush trees
in the silver baby cups on this beautiful blog:

The cup on the right was mine as a baby.

My hardworking little cottage kitchen has
open shelving and white appliances
to complement my beloved vintage stove -
(a 1961 Hotpoint that still works perfectly).

I've added some simple holiday touches here and there.....

Just some touches of red using candy, things I had on hand,
 some vintage finds and special Christmas ornaments.

Glittered 'strawberry'  walnuts
 and an autographed apple
are treasured gifts from my children when very small.

A recent vintage 'find' - a Prince Albert tobacco tin.
The beautiful milk glass vase ( a birthday gift from my
sweet Sis), will hold red roses for Christmas day.

The Santa 'shelf sitter' was another hand sewn gift from my sister.
Vintage tins and candy canes brighten up the corner.

My hanging fruit baskets hold cedar sprigs and tiny red apples.

The heart of my kitchen...

The beautiful vintage crocheted potholder was another recent find.
The spice tins were long ago gifts from a dear one.

It's amazing how many ordinary things can be used to add
some Christmas cheer!

Even the stove gets some snowman friends.

This little one was captured in a canning jar :)

The shelf above the stove holds last year's favors....
What is left of them.
I made dozens of these little graham cracker
 'Gingerbread Houses' to give away.
I wrapped them in parchment and stored them in large tins
and they survived the year.

I've added some holiday touches to the deck, too.
The garland has white lights at night.

Even the hummingbirds are in the spirit!
We have Anna's hummingbirds that winter over here
 in Western Washington State.
We usually have very mild and wet winters here
 due to the moderating Pacific Ocean.

Although....we can also get fierce storms
 out of the gulf of Alaska and Canada.
Thankfully, these are not frequent.

Can you see Ling-Ling under the table?
She is still trying to catch a hummingbird.
They just laugh at her :)

Thank you for visiting me in my Christmas Cottage Kitchen,
Dear Friends.
I truly wish we could sit at the table and share a little cup
of Christmas Cheer together!
I will be stopping by in the next couple of days to catch
up with all of you and I hope your week
is full of love, light and laughter in
those rare special moments when you get to relax.

Take good care.



  1. I wish I could share a cup of Christmas cheer there with you, too! Your home is truly welcoming and lovely! And you have dressed it so lovingly with all of your personal touches for Christmas! The alcove is so charming, and I love your red floors and your old stove. The birdcage on your deck is lovely!

  2. Dear Karen,your home is decorated so wonderful ! I love the Snowman in the Jar, so sweet :O)
    A home, filles with so much Love :O)
    Enjoy the season,
    sending Love and hugs and Christmas Blessings,
    Claudia xo

  3. Your kitchen looks so warm and cozy. It's nice to see all the details including that wonderful vintage stove. Love your pillows and table runner too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. All of your home, your kitchen, your decorations, the candles you made, everything is so beautiful and wonderful!!! Happy Christmas! xx

  5. I love how warm and inviting your cozy cottage kitchen feels Karen. I just want to snuggle in your breakfast nook and sip tea and gaze out your window at the view. sigh.

    I LOVE your pillows and runners!! They feel French to me (love love love) and they're so festive with their ticking stripe. You have such sweet touches for the holidays....a little here...a little there - just homey perfection.

    And don't get me started on that centerpiece with the chickadee (squeal!!). I'm just loving the terrarium/snow globe look for decorations this year. You did a gorgeous job on that Lady!

    Thanks so much for the peek and inviting us in. If I could I would stay all day. ;)
    God bless. xoxo

  6. What a beautiful wonderful post. I see you have been sewing up a storm and the things you made are all just lovely. That is a really GREAT runner! I love the Jeanne d' Arc magazine, too. I have two of their Christmas issues. If I want some serenity I just sink down with a cup of coffee and look through those magazines.

    I had an old HotPoint in one house we had, too. I LOVED it- it was gas though and when the oven was on there was a "escape grate" on the back of the stove and it would just roast you out of the kitchen...but it was a wonderful stove. I am sure the new owners couldn't wait to rip it out and replace it-lol

    That captured chickadee really catches my eye. They are my favorite winter birds. I never saw one until I an adult and moved to WI. So cute!

    Have a wonderful rest of the week. Coming down home row here----finally- xo Diana

  7. Dearest Karen,
    Your kitchen, the heart of the home, looks very attractive! Love the table runner and pillows for the season.
    Also fell in love with your glass conservatory! Not a greenhouse... I've spent too much time of my life in them; working hard. But a conservatory, added to the home has always been my dream! Enjoy your mini.

  8. You have a beautiful home and your touches add just the right amount of Christmas cheer. I used to have a stove just like yours and I miss it!

  9. How beautiful! I love the candles your decorated and that looks like a Mitford snowman on your stove. I have a few Mitford items that I got at the Halmark store years ago. You home is beautiful! Happy holidays, Diane

  10. Lots of lovely glimpses of Christmas in your cozy home. I like the way the candles look on your wonderful table.

    Wishing you a beautiful evening....

  11. GOLLY KAREN!!!!! My mouth is hanging on the floor! I can not get over how stunning your home is!!! The decor is straight out of a design you nailed every vignette and your homemade touches are gorgeous!!!! I am just smitten with every single photo and it all feels so rich and homey! The perfect place for a family to gather! Wishing you a blessed weekend dear friend! Great JOB!!! Nicole xoxo

  12. Your home and especially your kitchen has such a warm, inviting, cozy feel, Karen. I love your sewn pillows, all your handmade items and gifts from loved ones. Merry Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  13. Karen, you have a lovely kitchen. I wish I could be as crafty as you are..most of my attempts fail..but I keep trying. Some people have the touch and some don't- you certainly do. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Blessings!

  14. Olá amiga, hoje quero agradecer a Deus pelo dom da sua vida, e desejar a você e sua família
    um feliz e santo Natal, cheio de saúde e alegria!!!
    Que seu coração esteja preparado para receber o Menino Deus!!!
    Um grande abraço, Marie.

  15. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful Christmas Cheer, dear Karen.
    Everything looks beautiful and festive!
    I have said it before, but I just LOVE you're kitchen stove. I would enjoy decorating that all up, for sure.
    Your candles turned our lovely. I remember making candles with my grandmother Maxie, a couple of years during the Christmas holidays, what a fun time that was.
    Aren't those cats something, thinking they can catch a hummingbird! Haha

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year.

  16. So much CHRISTMAS at your place and I love everything! You give me so much inspiration...
    Have a beautiful weekend, take care!

  17. Hi Karen, I love the way your kitchen looks so pretty and cozy and I loved the tour. I love how your made the pillows and the runner for the kitchen. It is a talent to be able to sew. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Julie

  18. Thank you for the tour, everything looks so cozy and warm! I love your new pillows and table runners, and those candles are such great gifts for your guests. So pretty! I can just see the love and care that goes into all your special touches.
    And so hard to believe you get hummingbirds at this time of year! Beautiful shot!
    Blessings to you, and have a very Merry Christmas with your family Karen.

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year to you all Karen.

  20. I enjoyed that tour very much. Your kitchen is welcoming and all the Christmas touches show how much you cared that everything was festive. Meryy Christmas to you and yours!

  21. I love your alcove by the kitchen ... And the lovely decorations and the coziness!
    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Karen!
    Nina xx

  22. How wonderful your bight kitchen is decorated for Christmas! I love the style of course, but I love that seating area by the windows! Your pillows and runner are wonderful! I took a moment to see your last post too. So very cozy! So many wonderful personal touches. I love the look of your front door, and your family will too! Your little cabin rustic vignette is my favorite. No wonder you live where you do! I don't know anyone else who grew up in a cabin! I also admire your lovely pillows made from crochet runners. SO warm and festive, all. Have a beautiful family Christmas! Thank you so much for your visits and comments. It's wonderful to know that you stop by!

  23. What a warm and festive house you have Karen! Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Sparkling New Year!

    madelief x


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