Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Day with My Daughters and a Very Sweet Shop - 'Madame Hatter'

Saturday morning I met my two daughters at Crockett's Public House
for a delicious breakfast before a day of shopping. 

A toast to the season with Pineapple Mimosa's. 

Sweet and brave smiles. 
Both of my girls are going through 
difficult health issues. 
and Jennie has just been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Despite these challenges they remain cheerful,  
determined, and strong. 

They are my heart and every moment 
I get to spend with them is precious. 

They have a wonderful sense of fun and we 
always have a good time together. 

The restaurant was a busy place and we had 
a delicious breakfast in lovely surroundings. 

It was a cloudy day, but unusually warm for December. 

As I walked out to the parking lot in this historical town, 
these birds on a wire caught my eye. 

Aren't we all 'Birds on a Wire' - balancing life
through the winds of change? 

Restaurant workers taking a break. 
I worked in restaurants for years 
when I was young. 

I know what hard work it is. 
Don't forget to tip your wait staff :)

We started out at a big Christmas Fair with booths of 
merchandise at a large venue, but we were disappointed, 
as it has changed from a craft fair
to a commercialized venue for import
We battled through the heavy crowds for a little while
and then found ourselves wanting to flee the noise, 
jostling crowds, and confusion. 

We ended up in the sweet little town of Sumner, WA
with its 'Hallmark Movie' Christmas shops. 

We arrived right before the Christmas Parade! 
But we were in need of a calming glass of wine.......
so we sat out the parade while we chatted and nibbled
on tasty appetizers.

Afterwards, Jennie bid us goodbye, and Heather and I 
did a bit more shopping. 

We ended our day at one of Heather's favorite shops, 

 Every time we shop in Sumner, she takes me here. 

It is French inspired and the beautiful displays invite 
close inspection. 

The charming proprietress, Kim Lee. 
She manages to run this darling shop while raising three children. 

Everything is so lovely.
Even the ceilings are beautiful. 

I paid close attention to what Heather admired. 

I will be returning.......

with Santa :) 

If you are ever in Sumner, WA, be sure to visit 
this charming little shop. 

It was a lovely day, and all too soon it was over. 
Every day I spend with my loved ones
is a wonderful gift. 

Thank you, Dear Friends for coming along with me. 
I hope you know how much I enjoy your sweet visits. 

I also hope you are enjoying this beautiful Christmas season
despite the hustle and bustle. 

I am way behind in decorating, but I hope to have 
things done by this week and give you 
a little peek. 
Until then, take good care, my Friends. 


  1. Karen, your daughters are as beautiful as you!
    I cherish those times I am able to spend with my two daughters as well.

    That little shop is precious! It reminded me of the little shop my mother owned some years ago. DeeAnn's Dolls & Fine Collectables, was her enchanting shop. I have Beautiful memories from then.
    I will pray for your daughters and their health issues. It is always a comfort knowing others are holding you up in prayer.
    I look forward to a peek into your Christmas.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a lovely day out with your gorgeous family! I know what you mean about some craft fairs that have become too commercialized. I much prefer the one off items from proper craft stalls. The shop looks amazing, full of little surprises that are perfect for this time of the year! Enjoy your Christmas decorating, I have only just finished mine which is late for me. Take care my lovely xx

  3. Jeepers Creepers, Karen! I am so sorry to hear that both your lovely daughters have serious illnesses! Like Debbie, I will pray -most powerful medicine I know. How lucky they are to have such a tight knit family to support them. Not to mention groovy little shops to poke around in. ((wink)) Wishing you a blessed second week of Advent. xoxo, m & jb

  4. I am sorry to hear that your daughters are having challenging times. I hope that perhaps the new year will bring some better news for them both. What a lovely day out for you all, it looks as though the shops that you visited are lovely! xx

  5. How beautiful and sweet are your daughters Karen! Spending a shopping day with them must have been so wonderful, especially for a mother like you. And this is a charming little shop indeed! Hope you have fun with the Christmas preparations, time flies!
    A warm hug from me

    1. And of course, they will be in my prayers Karen.They are young and strong, don't worry!

  6. Oh I am so sorry to hear of your girls' health concerns, they will certainly be added to my prayer list. And what a wonderful day you had, delightful!!

  7. How lovely to spend time with those sweet daughters of yours, and I also am very sorry about their health problems. They are such beautiful girls and I know you must be very proud of them. Your photos are always such fun to see. I loved visiting these places with you, thank you so much.

  8. karen, i am so sorry for your daughters' struggles! gosh... so beautiful, so young and such diagnoses! bless you all. their smiles beam, regardless. :) i think they have good genes. :)

  9. What a wonderful day you spent with your beautiful daughters, Karen. I'm so sorry that they are going through health issues, but how great that they keep their spirits up. Yes, don't we all have our struggles and the birds on the wire, keeping their balance is a good comparison to our lives.

  10. danke für die inspirationen, liebe grüße von angie

  11. Looks like a very enjoyable day.
    Sorry to hear about your daughters' health problems, although the arthritis is probably not such a serious problem since she is an adult before it started. (Aarrgh! Mixed tenses!) Both women need to be careful with their diets. I am surprised they are drinking alcohol at all, especially for breakfast. Arthritis sufferers do not drink orange juice here, too acidic. No doubt the daughter with the cystic fibrosis is having to make big changes to her lifestyle. I wish her well and hope she has plenty of support when she needs it. Is there an association you can join so you can know how to help?

  12. My little family went shopping on the weekend too. The shops we went into weren't nearly as nice as your pretty shops! Something we plan on changing next year. You have a couple of beautiful daughters with gorgeous smiles! Looking forward to seeing your decorating (mine hasn't started yet either). Wendy x

  13. Prayers for your beautiful daughters!

  14. What a perfect way to spend the day! I'm so sorry to hear about the health problems both of your daughters are struggling with. They are such beautiful girls and you're so lucky to be as close as you are.

  15. That shop really is amazing. I could get in lots of trouble in there! And your daughters are both beautiful. They have the sweetest smiles and most beautiful eyes! Enjoy your week! Holiday hugs, Diane

  16. What amazing shopping you have there! Amazing pictures and just for the ideas if nothing else! Your daughters are both just beautiful and I am so sorry that they have had the diagnosis they have received. As a mother I know you would gladly take those on for them if you could. It is awful to see our children suffer at any level. Sounds like they are both doing good though.

    Blessings to you., I don't have a single thing hauled out for Christmas yet either. I am so far behind and coughing up a storm the last couple of days. UGH- I hope to get lots done this week. xo Diana

  17. Your daughters are so beautiful and you wouldn't know by their big smiles that they are going through some serious health challenges. I've never heard of adult CF before. You are blessed to be able to spend some time with them shopping etc. I really miss my daughter being here and we were just talking about that yesterday saying we'd love to be able to go shopping (without the kids!) together. I still have some shopping to do but the weather isn't cooperating at all. Blessings. Pamela

  18. This looks like a wonderful day, Karen! Your daughters are so lovely...their sweet spirits shine through! I am very sorry to hear of their health issues...two of my children have serious health issues, too. I know as a mom how worrying it can be. I will keep your daughters in my prayers...xoxo

  19. What a lovely time with your daughters, Karen! They are both so beautiful. It is hard to see our kids go through difficult health issues - or any issues at all, actually. We want to spare them of those hard bits. Looks like a wonderful day spent with them.

  20. Your daughters are such knock outs Karen. Your love for them shines like a beacon. I love the way you write about your family.

    I'm SO sorry to hear about their health trials. I don't understand why life can be unfair at times. But I'm a person of faith and I believe in a purpose for all. I have a special health story that I may share sometime in the future. Please know loving faith filled thoughts & prayers are sent to you all.

    I loved the peeks at the amazing looking restaurant & fun shops!! I love that you're like me & my mom & will take a break & sip some wine, a treat, soak it all in.

    God bless. XO

  21. It sounds and looks like you had a beautiful day with your daughters - what a blessing to be able to make those memories together :)

    I am so sorry to hear of their health issues and will certainly keep them in my prayers. What a joy to have two daughters that are determined to be cheerful and positive - that is a true blessing.

    Love and hugs to you, dear friend!

  22. I will certainly be praying for your beautiful daughters. They are much too young to be struggling with such hard health issues I know your faith will be a great example for them...What a special day you had with the two of them....Hugs...

  23. Sorry to hear about your daughters' health issues but glad to hear they have such a happy and positive mindset. They are both gorgeous by the way, much like you. Looks like a very special day for the three of you

  24. Dearest Karen,
    Lovely post, despite the heavy-hearted 'verdicts' as I call those serious health issues... Life does not seem fair at times, especially not to such young women as your two beautiful daughters. They look radiant and guess that's what will keep them going! You can feel so proud of both of them.
    Isn't that sad when you expect some nice craft booths and there is only 'China' import in big volumes... It kind of spoils the moment, the anticipation for what you 'girls' had set out to.
    Wishing you a blessed 2nd Advent and there are certain things in life that only can be dealt with by prayer.

  25. Dear Karen,
    what a wonderful post about you and your two wonderful daughters! Sad to hear about their health issues, they wil be in my prayers too, dear friend!
    It is great, that you have had such a beautiful day together! It is the most important, the family, spend time together as much as possilble ... Christmas decoration can wait one day longer ;O)
    Wishing you and your loveld ones a wonderful adventweek,
    and sending Love and hugs and blessings to you!
    Claudia xo

  26. Such lovely photo's of you and your daughters Karen! So sorry to hear they both have health issues. It's good to see them so happy on your photo's.

    The shop looks beautiful! I think Santa can find lots of beautiful things in there :-)

    Have a lovely day!

    Madelief x

  27. I will be praying for your beautiful girls dear friend!!! I can see the spirit and strength in their eyes...I have no doubt that they will be good as they have such a wonderful family to lean on! And this shop looks absolutely amazing!!! I wish I lived near because I would be there in heartbeat!!! Sending you Christmas wishes Karen...I'm running around like a mad woman these days so I am so sorry to have visited late! Nicole xoxo

  28. Karen,
    How fun it is to have a shopping day with your daughters. They are beauties. Me and Jess will have a shopping day on Sunday and hopefully find a few goodies for Christmas. This shop is delightful. There are so many cool things in it. I really love unique, one of a kind items. The birds on the wire are sweet, and they are looking at all the Christmas shoppers. Oh Karen, isn't this the most magical time of year? I love it all. So glad you had such a nice outing with your daughters. They will always remember it.


    1. I'm so sorry to hear of your daughters' health issues. I hear that rheumatoid arthritis can be painful. I will be saying a prayer for them.

  29. Your daughters have such lovely style and their positive way of seeing things is an inspiration.

  30. What a lovely post about you and your daughter! Love to follow you on your little Christmas shopping Day!
    Have a lovely weekend and take care...

  31. Dear Karen,

    The light of your warm feeling for a life full of harmony is like a sun full of feelings. Because you can create great feelings even just by your love for your family.

    Warm greetings to all from my family.
    Yannis Politopoulos

  32. Olá querida, passei por aqui para agradecer sua doce presença
    no meu cantinho.Obrigada !!!
    Força amiga...estarei colocando vocês em oração!!!!
    Abraços, Marie.

  33. Dear Karen,
    Such a lovely day you have had with your beautiful daughters - It is a joy to spent time together like this :) I'll be carrying Heather and Jennie in my prayers - finding ways of adjusting some things in their daily lives and routines, that are needed - finding help and encouragement, and even thought the chocking news, that they might sustain peace and hope, Nina

  34. This was a lovely post about you and your daughters! And I am sorry to hear of their health issues. Sending wishes for good treatments and for hope without fear. What fun it must have been to see all those lovely shops.

    Wishing you a beautiful day......

  35. Your daughters are strong and beautiful, and very lucky to have such a close and loving family. I know so well that as mothers we want to spare our children illness and misfortune, but I think if we can raise them to know they can be resilient, and keep cheerfulness and hope, that's the best gift we can give them. You've clearly taught them that! How fun to return to the shop with Santa along - enjoy that! I am enjoying Pike's Place Christmas tea, by the way. X


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