Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Vintage Summer Linens

Now that summer is nearly here, I have replaced my bed linens to reflect the brighter and warmer days. 

Gone are the somber Golden Hues of Fall and Winter

replaced with Wildflower Prints in Blues and Greens. 

Gathered over time, I have mixed and matched various prints and stripes to give the room a summery feel. 

I sewed the duvet from two coordinating vintage sheets, making it reversible. 

Sweet little details. 

I've replaced golden drapes with wildflower prints and lovely white lace. 

Made from sheets and mismatched lace from table cloths and vintage curtain panels. 

Birdy Boy surveys the room from his favorite perch, my vintage bird cage. 

(No, he does not 'live' here - he has his own condominium, a 4 ft. x 3 ft. deluxe cage. A happy Cockatiel makes for a happy and quiet home!)

If he could talk, he would agree that this was his favorite saying. 

It graces the top of my keepsakes box at the foot of the bed. 

My bedroom chair is dressed with a coordinating vintage Laura Ashley print. 

I made the slip cover myself by simply draping the chair with a queen sized sheet, tucked in with a sewn cushion cover and a gathered skirt with elastic to hold it all together. Simple! 

The braided cotton rug is Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic that I bought a few years ago. 

The cotton print pillow cover was a lucky thrift store find. 

I've added some blue and white accessories to my vanity top to lighten the mood there, too. 

The walnut dresser is in a temporary spot next to it. 

As soon as we are done remodeling the loft above, the bedroom will be moved upstairs, along with this new dresser that we gifted ourselves for Christmas. 

The current bedroom will be repurposed into a library/den. 

This is a little peek. We still have painting, trim, and railings to finish.

 A new chandelier will replace the ugly ceiling fan!

I have waited many years....

But back to my vanity......

This was once a very ugly brown desk. 

I painted it and added the carved mirror. 

A vintage applique dresser scarf and some inexpensive porcelain boxes for jewelry, coordinate. 

The photograph is me as a little girl.

The needlepoint box holds tiny seashells gathered on vacation. 

The Angel lace embroidery in a plexiglass frame is from

Mariette has the most exquisite things in her beautiful shop.

The hand painted vase was a gift from my son when he was very young.

I will fill it with my first rose blooms.

My bedside dresser gets an update with an eyelet scarf. 

Woven cotton rugs from Ikea for bare bedside feet.

I just throw them in the wash!

I hope you have enjoyed a peek inside my Summer Bedroom, Vintage Cottage Style.

An inexpensive way to update for the seasons, by gathering over time.

Do you redecorate for the seasons?



  1. I think blue and white are my favourite colours together, it al looks very inviting and summery.

  2. You are awesome! Seriously! I can not believe that you made all of those beautiful touches in your room!! If only I could sew...I think I need to learn! And oh my does your new space look amazing! I bet you are so excited! The ceiling is breathtaking!!! And I like how you have converted that desk into your vanity! Wonderful cottage chic room Karen!!!

  3. Adorable, beautiful! I love you room! I love everything inside the room :)
    and the new space sounds great project in your house.. I cant wait to see till it finish. :)
    It's so vintage and feminine.

    Thanks for gives me ideas :)

  4. What a charming place, Karen! white and blue, wood, flowers everywhere. Lovely!


  5. Oh Beatrice what a beautiful home you have your children were very lucky to grow up in such a beautiful home with a Mother who is so talented as a decorator. You make your world seem like a little oasis in the middle of the world. Oh this is truly beautiful. Love the sheets and the furniture and well everything. B

  6. Such a pretty, summery bedroom. For the seasons I change the quilt on the bed, most other things remains the same. It would be nice to have storage space for different curtains, rugs and such, but a different quilt makes a big difference too.

  7. Oh Karen, I am swooning over your beautiful bedroom! It's absolutely lovely :) Yesterday I just redid my bedroom for the summer months and I finally decided to use the quilt my great-grandma (who was 90 at the time) hand-sewed for my husband and me. I have had it hanging on the wall, but I wanted to enjoy it on the bed :)

    Thanks for sharing your photos - it's always such a pleasure visiting you.

    Love and hugs!

  8. The summer look of the bedroom is really very charming and when I saw the first picture, I thought it was a page of a house magazine ! So pretty really! Enjoy summertime Karen and big hugs from me!

  9. very sweet cottage feel. i like that lofted ceiling in the room you're redoing!

  10. Love the "feel" of these pics! And that birdcage picture made my day :-)

  11. Dearest Karen,
    Your entire home and garden interior do so much reflect YOU! It is a rare gift as most just copy from a magazine but you have the ability to turn treasures found along many years into a personalized décor!
    Very lovely and not a bad place for the bedroom, overlooking the deck. But for sure, your new place will be BETTER. Spotted my antique angel lace and thanks for the shout out; there still is one left and I could frame ANY antique lace like that is done.
    You are a very talented lady that has great imagination for creating lovely things. Like that dresser; who would have guessed it didn't come together like that?
    Hugs to you and enjoy your summery blue settings.

  12. What sweet linens to brighten up your sweet bedroom during the warm weather. Looks like your new room will be wonderful!!

  13. Your bedroom is so lovely and inviting! I really like the summery bed linens. A very nice touch! I do switch up my sheets for the seasons and it is time to take the fleece sheets off our bed now! Haha. The architecture in your room is stunning as well. And I have a mirrored tray just like the one you have on your nightstand! Love it :)

  14. Dear Karen,

    What a beautiful bedroom you have! Love your wildflower curtains and your pretty floral bedlinen. I never redecorate for the seasons in the bedroom, but I do enjoy giving my living room a small makeover.

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  15. Look at all the beautiful details of your room! I love the lace curtains. Your new bedroom is going to be amazing.

  16. Beautiful vintage bedroom Karen, Those linens are perfect, you are so talented with a needle & thread.. the bedroom is so inviting a place to relax & unwind..I adore the lace at the window... your new bedroom will be amazing the space looks wonderful... Hugs May x x x

  17. I thought this was an international entry. Your bedroom is really gorgeous and amazing.
    Absolutely beautiful, what a stunning place you live!
    Vicky x

  18. Love all your beautiful details .... so beautiful, so beautiful. Wishing you and your a good weekend :) Hugs Hanne Bente

  19. How cheerful your bedroom looks, Karen. Inspirational and chock full of ideas for me as we re-do our bedroom. (Removing hideous wallpaper and painting!) <3

  20. So fresh and lovely! Just charming! And I particularly love the blue & white on that dressing & white are my favorite and the applique is great. (Have you checked out my Pinterest?) Have a wonderful summer!

  21. Oh Karen, I love how you dressed up the chair! Reupholstering is so expensive, but a slip cover is just what I need to give a worn out chair of ours a new look. The blue and green colors are perfect for summer, so pretty! I have a Laura Ashley bed cover in blue/violet floral print. The chair fabric used to match it but it's faded and ripped (kitty cat used it as a scratching post!) and needs replacing. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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