Friday, June 7, 2013

The Earth Laughs in Flowers

Our beautiful sunny weather has ended and today is showery and much cooler. 

The last few days have been very warm by Seattle standards and I have spent my time watering and staying cool in the shade. 

This is my favorite place to wait out the heat of the day! 

But not until I make sure all of my flowers and plants are well watered and happy. 

My Japanese Maple enjoys this shady little corner. 

But wait, what is that hiding under the shade of the tree?

Let's take a closer look........

Ling Ling knows how to keep cool! 

O.k. we will let you go back to your nap, Ling Ling! 

And what are you doing to keep cool, Maggie? 

Oh, I'm resting in the shade beneath this hummingbird feeder. 

What? I'm just keeping them company! 


My pansies curiously watch, as I give everything a nice cool drink. 

Their little faces make me smile.

'The Earth Laughs in Flowers'

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Fuschia are not happy in this heat, so I keep them well watered. 

These are Hummingbird favorites. 

Like ballerina's in beautiful tutu's!

You can never have enough! 

So many different varieties. 

The roses are putting on a show, too! 

Each one more beautiful than the next. 

All with their own unique scent. 

Lavender to keep them company. 

The breeze carries the lovely perfume. 

Delicate beauty to celebrate the loveliest time of year. 

Can you have too many roses? 

Beware the thorns! 

Not to be outdone, Mt. Rainier puts on a fabulous show at the end of this beautiful day.

Mother nature sings her evening song.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

filled with all that makes you laugh and sing!



  1. my goodness, you are just surrounded with beauty! love the lushness! and sweet kitties, too. :) made me smile.

  2. How beautiful, Karen. How restful. Thank you.

  3. hummingbird photos are great.. I took one yesterday and not good at all it was also by the feeder but I was tooooo far way.. Ling Ling -- sweet photo!
    I think I had told you I tried to grow Japanese Maple but our dog years ago and not Toby eat it..err! The close-up photo of the Fuchsia photo is my favorite today..but as always I get such a thrilled to see your Mt.Rainier photos..

  4. Everything looks lovely but your puss in the pot, curled around the maple tree is classic, they always find the coolest and warmest places.

  5. Your garden looks so beautiful...would so enjoy spending time with you in your garden!!

  6. Everything is so lovely. Oh the roses - I can almost smell them. And Mt. Ranier - one can never have too many photos of a mountain. I hope Maggie leaves the hummingbirds to their daily business. :-)

  7. Gorgeous pictures. Your flowers are gorgeous and seem to thrive despite your warm temperatures.

  8. What a lovely series from your garden. The cat sure knows how to keep cool.

  9. I love the balerina and tutu.. :)
    I love your place Ms.Karen... Your house surrounded with blessings. I hope I will have a house like yours someday...peacefully.


  10. WAU Karen - where a beautiful picture series you show. Your Japanese salary (acer) is incredibly beautiful. Wishing you and your a good weekend :) Hugs Hanne Bente ♥

  11. Wonderful! You live in nature! It's amazing! Congratulations!


  12. Absolutely beautiful! What a nice spot you have to wait out the heat - and Ling Ling makes me smile. Your photos make me realize how behind I am - I was planning to do some planting today - but it pouring here in Boston - sigh.... Well tomorrow is another day, and I think the sun might shine. I love that quote - flowers certainly make me smile. happy Saturday, Karen!

  13. Dearest Karen,
    What a paradise you live in for the moment!
    You got ALL of my Maternal Grandma's favorite flower the Fuchsia. It was also my favorite but they never made it in the heat here in Georgia... So much joy to see yours in this post; THANKS for sharing!
    Our felines love to sleep in flower pots and ours do have the Eco Friendly tree rings on top for keeping them from dehydrating during the summer heat. Water still goes through:
    Enjoy your bliss of paradise!

  14. I have to admit - I did not notice Ling Ling in the shade of the maple until you took a close-up! And to answer your question, no, one can never have too many roses. Your world of flowers looks like my definition of paradise, Karen.

    I had a dream about you last night....I hope that's not weird. I came to Washington, and we ate that yummy salad you posted a few days ago....and the vegetables were brought to us by your daughter Jennie, who grew them in her garden. Funny!

    1. What a sweet dream, Stacy! I do hope someday it comes true! Hugs, xoxo

  15. Yet another gorgeous post from your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing it with us! Sweet LingLing has found the perfect spot. I'm curious to know a bit more about your roses: do I see the wild Rosa Rugosa and also some tea roses? And also, do the fuschias overwinter in their baskets? They look too big and lush to have been planted just this spring.

    Here in Aberdeen our roses are just starting to blossom. I love roses SO much!

    1. Thank you, Dear Christine for your sweet comments. Yes, you have identified Rosa Rugosa and they are very intensely fragrant! And some tea roses, too. The fuschia baskets are not overwintering varieties and were gifts from my family for Mother's Day. That explains the 'lushness'. He he. xoxo

  16. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO

  17. Ling Ling has the best idea to keep cool! The photo of Mt Rainier is so beautiful and peaceful, you are so lucky to have such a view. And no, you can NEVER have too many roses. Have a wonderful weekend. Chel x

  18. So beautiful images! The Japanese plant is really flourishing, and Ling Ling seems to be very comfy in the shadow as well :) The Mt. Rainier is absolutely awesome! Enjoy the warmth & weekend!

  19. All of your flowers are so lovely and lush!
    Love that Ling Ling has such a sweet hiding place.
    The sunset on Mr. Rainier is stunning but I love the last photo of the soothing end of day.
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  20. You have such a beautiful garden and deck! I love that picture of Ling Ling hiding in the tree pot. Cats find the best places to rest. Also, your hummingbird pictures are wonderful! Have a great Sunday, Karen.

  21. All so beautiful Karen! Lovely to see your Summer Room, Vintage Cottage Style. What a treat! All full detail! I liked the idea of the buttons and found the beautiful linens.
    This epoch is really special! What beautiful photos. The first with the rainbow fascinated me a lot. Beautiful flowers and her kitten Ling Ling looks like mine. Very coy.
    I love to see your photos. They convey me peace, and so I love to be on your blog and feel this good energy!
    A beautiful Sunday and a big kiss.

  22. Lovely indeed! Our rain only lasted one day. : )

  23. Your photography always puts a smile on my face. Your flowers are heavenly and I am still amazed at how lush and green everything is there. Ling Ling is adorable! Mt. Rainier leaves me speechless - it's truly beautiful.

    Hugs and love!

  24. Beautiful photos dear! You have really captured the wonders of creation. :)
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!

    xx, Mela

  25. What a stunning location! And the pics of the hummingbird are amazing! Love the beautiful fuchsias too, they have such a pretty ruffled shape!

  26. I always love seeing all of the colors and what a great rainbow! Beautiful! I do love the kitty cat in the pot AND that Japanese Maple!

  27. can never have too many roses!!! I love those smiling faces on your pansies and your kitty is adorable cuddled up in that planter!!! Beautiful Karen!!!

  28. I just adore your surroundings with the most beautiful flowers I have seen lately.

    Everything's growing and standing so graciously. Love every plant and every flower they bear. Lovely.

    Look at Mt. Rainier. Still snow on the peak. This make the ambiance more fascinating, isn't it.

    Happy Monday.
    /CC girl

  29. Great hummingbird photos...and LOVE those flowers! beautiful! I want to get a fuscia for a hanging basket on my back porch. I saw them a lot in Ireland when we were there, and they are just so beautiful. Sweet cat. Just love your view, too...though I know I've told you that before! :-) Stay cool.

  30. My goodness Karen your photo are undeniably beautiful. I didn't think they could get more beautiful after the rainbow pic, but each one was prettier than the next. You really take amazing photos.

  31. Haha, Ling Ling! She knows how to stay cool and comfy in that pretty Japanese Maple pot. Smart kitty! All your flowers are just so pretty. You are surrounded by such beauty!

  32. Wow, Karen, you've been a prolific blogger lately, I'm still catching up! Love the rainbow--great capture. Your pansies and roses are so pretty. Why is it that cats love sitting inside all types of containers? Haha. So cute. You're so lucky to see such lovely sunsets :)


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