Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birdcage Planter and Decoupage Chair

This year we are not putting up the canopied pavilion that we usually install at the end of the deck, as we need this space to cut lumber for our bedroom remodel.

Canopy Pavilion 

I didn't want to leave this end empty, so I placed some easily movable pieces here to make this space livable in between construction times. 

With just a little paint and creativity, I achieved just that. 

I had this old birdcage that was rusting out behind the shed. 

I bought it for my Cockatiel, but he didn't like it, as it was too small. 

So I thought I would use it decoratively. 

But it was shiny gold metal and I didn't like the look of that. 

Thinking I might like 'rust' I left it outside. 

But I didn't like how that looked either. 

So I painted it. 

I like this much better!

 With my dark stained deck and chocolate brown house, this color seems to work best. 

The color is 'Moss Green', satin finish Rust-Oleum spray paint.

I only used one coat, and that seemed to be enough. 

I had bought this lovely ivy last fall and was waiting for a place to showcase it's beauty. 

I am pleased with the results! 

I moved my little bistro set down to this end of the deck. 

Located right outside the glass doors of my bedroom, it creates a lovely spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee in the shade of the trees. 

I also had this rusty folding chair that I found in The Mr.'s tool shed. 

I know that many of you love the look of this lovely, chippy rust. 

But again, with my dark deck and house, it just looked out of place. 

So I painted it, also. 

I know, I know, don't be upset! 

I am not done......

I decided to decoupage the chair back. 

I love decoupage and it is so easy to do. 

I like to use decorative napkins, as they are very artistic and thin. 

I cut out my motif, separating the layers....

Experimented with placement. 

Once I decided where it would look best, I removed it and coated the the chair back with Mod Podge, Matte Finish. 

It's best to lie the project flat for this to avoid drips. 

I propped the chair back with a plastic container. 

Carefully place your motif and pat it as smooth as you can get it. 

It is delicate, so be careful of rips. 

There will be some wrinkles, but that adds to the vintage charm. 

Carefully coat it with another layer of Mod Podge. 

Let dry. 

This is the finished effect. 

It still has a vintage feel and looks very nice with the dark exterior.

It will gradually darken and become weathered, achieving a lovely patina over time. 

Now I have a third chair to use as a convenient place to rest table settings or as extra seating for guests. 

A quiet, restful spot to enjoy our mornings. 

And easily moved when needed!

I hope this inspires you to do a little painting of your own. 

With just a little time and creativity, you can transform trash to treasure, Vintage Cottage Style. 



  1. Wowza! You are so creative! Love the birdcage planter, and you did a great job on your chair!! You have given me an idea, we do not have a covered patio, I think that covered pavilion would be fabulous!

  2. i like the ivy in the cage. very nice.

    really like the pitcher in your header!

  3. Great...great idea!!
    I love you ideas about the birdcage and the flower on the chair! :)
    they look better for sure.
    I love come to see your blog because the inspirations come when I see your houese hehe.



  4. The birdcage and chair look fabulous! I have a lot of things I want to get painted. I just need to get up the ambition to do it.

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  6. I've been waiting a while to see these projects - they came out wonderfully. I love the idea of decoupaging the back of the chair. The bird cage is fabulous, and the ivy is perfect.

  7. You nailed it Karen! Seriously! The birdcage looks outstanding! It is such a unique and beautiful vignette for your plants! WOW! And the chair is perfect and perfectly you! The whole space just really draws you in with the colors and its cozy feel!!! Drinking your morning cup here must be heaven!!!

  8. Really love how you painted the birdcage. It looks great!

  9. What beautiful additions to your home. The color is perfect for both items you painted.

  10. Great pictures - I particularly like fuglebiret with ivy. Wishing you and your a good weekend :) Hugs ♥

  11. You have a gorgeous veranda,everything is so lush and green and of course you have the skills to make it all beautiful Karen!You are very handy.
    Hugs, Olympia

  12. Hi Karen, Love, Love, Love the Birdcage...What a fabulous idea... your outside space is so inviting.. Have a great week... Hugs May x x

  13. Wow - they are both fantastic makeovers!

  14. Beautiful job on both pieces! The decoupage is really cool!!!

  15. I love the birdcage and chair! This makes me want to get a pet bird :)

  16. Love that birdcage! It does look good painted, as does the chair. We all love the rusty, chippy look, but sometimes a pretty paint job is best:)

  17. Coolish ideas here LOVE the decoupage on the chair totally My cup of tea...lovely photos...

  18. What a great idea for the birdcage and the colour goes perfectly with its surroundings. The chair is a perfect match. What a great way to start the mornings! Chel x

  19. Dearest Karen,
    You transformed that rusted chair in a perfect way. Frankly speaking I never liked and never will like any chippy and rusted things!
    You made the bird cage and the chair match your bistro set; perfect and it blends in well with all the plants and with nature.
    Hugs to you,

  20. You're so clever! You've transformed these things so perfectly, a person would never guess at their "before" life. I love that duck-egg blue-green colour.

  21. Love the color and the decoupage.
    You're right, lovely to look at and enjoy,
    but easily movable.

  22. How creative, Karen! I love how you repurposed the bird cage. I agree, the paint looks better than the rust! Normally I do like old, chippy paint, but I really love what you did with the chair! It really fits in with your theme and the decoupage is so cute. Great job! :)

  23. Love the cage and the chair!
    You have such a wonderful eye for detail! Everything always looks pulled together beautifully.

  24. Love it all! I really do feel as if I've just had a nice visit with my second cup of coffee...

  25. Would you believe that the moss green is the same color I chose to paint my once-black bistro table? I used to have it on our pool deck where the backdrop was tan, but against my brown house now, you couldn't even see it! you always say, a little paint to the rescue. I'm going to tuck that idea about the decoupage for another day. <3


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